ESPN UFC 91 Preview with Dana White (Video)

Dana White gives a preview of UFC 91 – Couture vs. Lesnar during an interview on ESPN.

3 thoughts on “ESPN UFC 91 Preview with Dana White (Video)”

  1. agreed kimbo didnt deserve to on the cover or on national television representing mma. i would like to see him on the ultimate fighter show……..that is getting his but kicked

  2. Dont see how he can knock on Kimbo when he gave a guy with a 1-1 record a title shot because of his populrity, talking about guys who deserve to be on the cover of espn more, what about guys who have done more to deserve a shot at the title, like Cain V., Werdum, Mir, Nogeuria, not only that, agree or disagree but there’s no other heavy weight getting any PR except for Brock, alot of careers have been set back not because of Brocks skill, since there’s not much there, but because of his celebrity status, wanna talk about a slap in the face to mma, there it is

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