Evangelista Santos vs Jordan Mein Fight Video Strikeforce Heavyweight Grandprix

Round 1: Santos to take whiffs on one leg, they begin trading leg kicks, and both men land space. I checked a kick and counters with a good left hook. Santos turned my kick with that leg, a sign that the few that he can be landed their toll. My good contact with one leg and then enjoy getting to sequence from a counter-Santos leg. My pounding a hard leg kick. My with a good, short left hook. My Southpaw switches, possibly due to the leg-kicks. Santos is My My knocks on the mat for a split second with a hard leg kick back leg. Santos lands a good counter left hook together his own and moved in. My Santos from his strikes and he’s aggressive come forward now. He ensures the My cage, but I throw a few hard counters that he is still on this show.

FightLine.com scores the round 10-9 for Santos


Round 2: My legs might be chewed by the kicks in the first round, but he begins the round with a pair of low kicks of his own. Santos tries for a head kick that beats my arm. My eyes a little hesitant to pick content themselves with single shots, while Santos tries to load up on power shots of his own. My country is a good pair of left hands. Another combination of mine, he begins to hold on to Santos at the end of his blows. My body shot good. Santos responses by a good right hand. My she turns and forced Santos, Shell with a rapid-fire combo to the body and head. My shows beautiful head movement in the pocket, slipping punches well. Standing Southpaw is my assumption of control over where things stand. He overcomes tough day Santos as the round, and the Brazilian short-buckles. Santos fired a number of strikes before the bell, but not connect.

FightLine.com scores the round 10-9 for my

Round 3: Santos tried to leg kick again and he ends up, but I think makes him twice, by two hard left. Santos beats a kick to my dome. My starting point to meet with Santos straight boxes here, just beating cyborg. Santos is starting to shut down under my attack, the young Canadian support him in the cage and goes to town with the elbow in a standing position until Cyborg wilts on the canvas.

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