2 thoughts on “Fabricio Werdum Vs. Alistair Overeem Pride Video”

  1. Werdum got screwed over! He should be one of the top contenders, like him vs. Brock for a title shot or Werdum vs. Mir, but instead Mir and Lesnar get a title shot before Werdum just because they’re more marketable. Beating Heath Herring doesn’t put you next in line to fight for the title, especially since Werdum is currently on a win streak. Getting whooped by a UFC first timer and then pulling out a submission to beat a 1-0 up and comer doesn’t put you next in line either.

  2. Mir and Lesnar should never be montioned together when it comes to top contention. Mir is light years beyond Lesnar in skill and worthiness for a title shot. Noguiera got screwed the hardest with the upcoming HW title fight, and so did Werdum, Mir, Kongo, Velasquez, Carwin..all and more are way more deserving. And take way less ‘roids.

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