34 thoughts on “Fabricio Werdum Vs. Brandon Vera UFC 85 Video”

  1. with 20 sec left they could have waited a bit longer say 5 to 10 more sec to see if vera could change his situation. another kinda ok slash crappy fight boo to ufc 85

  2. yeah you guys are all right! this ref is sucks!!! he dont know what hes doin. GO brandon. Were still proud of you. ikaw parin ang idol ng pilipinas

  3. thanks for uploading the video really longing to watch the fight it really help us a lot esp were here in the philippines……but again another bad call a really one. MABUHAY KA BRANDON!!!

  4. vera was not fighting back and he turned to the side you can’t stay like that plus there was like 25 punches without vera fighting back it was a good stoppage vera was not defending himself simple as that

  5. i meant to write when vera was getting hit with 3-4 in a row and NOT trying to pull fabz head down r sweep or go out the backdoor

  6. Bad Stoppage….Vera was just buying his time to explode out…Every Jits guy knows that….Ref needs to get a mop seems better suited as a Janitor

  7. vera was done he was not intelligently defending himself, i used to rate him but same as his fight with tim slvia, to scared to go toe 2 toe in case he gets knocked out, was not offensive at all and didnt put on a good show. wont have many more fights in the ufc if he carries on like that. A good stop and a dissapointing show(again) from vera

  8. he was defending himself how was that not defending himself intelligently? not even a single clean shot, what do you expect from a full mount?

  9. It’s a bad stop but no excuses Brandon. You should’nt be in that position anyway. Please go down to lightheavyweight.

  10. yea the ref knows theres 20 seconds left and he’s obvious he’s not getting punished let them go. Although in the kimbo fight, kimbo laid there for 2 min taking 50 elbows and punches and no call. Where’s Big John when we need him

  11. This stoppage was terrible. No damage, I have seen then stop fights on a cautionary basis ,but this was bad.. UFC is becoming known for these..Too bad becuase Brandon is a gamer.

  12. This ref needs to be fired!! Vera had a solid cross arm block and moving around and taking very minimal leather to the face. The ref has no idea what he’s looking at! I don’t even think the ref was paying any attention to time left. Let’s hope not. It’s sad the UFC let him referee after what happened in the Kimbo fight!!

  13. he was circling to prevent fabricio to have a steady posture, thats technique, can’t be careless when mounted. brandon works hard and deserve a better chance.

  14. Stoppage like these that makes me think twice about watching these in pay per view. I’ve watched UFC since the beginning and its one if not the worst stoppage I’ve seen.
    Also makes you think if some of these refs are getting paid on the side.

  15. Although this was technically an early stoppage, I do not think Vera was getting this guy off of him, and with over a minute to go, it was ineveitable he was going to get pounded.

  16. @^

    well you are right.i wish guys that can’t analyze a mma fight or a fighter’s capability should shut their mouth up and just watch the f%$@ing mma videos. vera was still defending and those hooks were landing on him but i think it should be a let go situation. he was rolling up to cover from it and to be a complete def against the blows coming on top of him and be ready for a def for the rear naked choke which can waste time and for him to be out of the situation. this referee really sucks it is even worse than the kimbo thompson call. i think i’m seeing one of those montreal srewjobs XD just a hutch not concluding to anything but it was a little discretenot like the actual montreal screwjobs

  17. Awesome stop!!! Way to go Dan!!!

    That ref saved that boy’s life!!!

    You know why Brandon lost? Because he was wearing the Philippine flag for shorts and the boy is American! He got what he deserves. If he loves the Philippines so much, why doesn’t he move there? The girls are hotter and skinnier than American chicks anyway so I wouldn’t mind….

  18. that ref. really sucks! he should be a basketball referee, His wearing a philippine flag shorts because he is proud being a filipino he knows where his bloodline came from, he got his fighting blood more from his filipino father, You didn’t know that coz your also dumb piece of crap like Dan Mirglioti, he knocked out to fighters in one night

    Andre Mussi and Mike Whitehead on WEC-13 last January 22, 2005.

    Two guys one night, both knockouts…

  19. brandon deserves a rematch!

    BUT with a fair referee………………


    pinoy ako ASTIG!

  20. Really bad stoppage! the ref should have considered the time remaining. it was very clear that Vera was defending nicely, a few hits went in but not enough to render him incapacitated. What the hell was Dan thinking stopping when he knows Brandon could take more punches than that!

    oh and “geesus” you should do some research before laying dumb comments like that! i mean what does the wearing of shorts have to do with losing the fight? its basically knowing that if a fighter wears a flag in any part of his clothing only means that he has lineage (or bloodline) on that particular country. …..basic knowledge man! anyway, i guess your still a kid, its better if you stay in school first.

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