Fedor Emelianenko Pride Highlight Video

Highlight video showing Emelianenko’s Pride career with pro fighters discussing The Last Emperor’s dominance in Pride.

17 thoughts on “Fedor Emelianenko Pride Highlight Video”

  1. I have a lot of respect for Noguera, but he has nothing on Fedor. Fedor completely dominated him in both fights, the only thing that kept Noguera alive, was his chin, many other fighters would have been KO.

  2. Maybe after watching this video i should say “wow fedor s a beast” but all i keep thinking is “wow nogueira s a tough man” cuz it s not a mystery that fedor s the best, i realised it long ago like a lot of people. But Nogueira s the only one that lasted until the end everytime they fought.

  3. Yes…and Fedor IS P4P the best, how can you not agree, he has never lost and he has fought the best. Cant wait for the Arlovski fight.

  4. Big Nog was hit by a car when he was a kid, so bad he was in a coma and wasnt gonna live. Surprise the guy can get hit w/ a semi truck and stay alive now,he’s older. But Fedor is a hero more so than Randy Couture but gotta love all the good guys in MMA, so humble!!

  5. After beat Arlovski/Barnett/Couture no single human in the planet can question the absolut supremacy of Fedor

    and he will earn the honor to wear the “Dana is my *****” shirt

  6. People keep saying he’s not the best fighter in the world… What else does he need to do to prove that he is? He’s undefeated except for that BS cut. He dominates EVERY fight he’s in. He’s beaten tons of UFC champs. He’s about to fight another soon, and he’s going to fight Barnett as well. I don’t think any other fighter was offered millions to fight in the UFC, but Fedor was. Maybe because he’s not a fighter, he’s a machine! ;)

  7. its amazing the amount of punching power he can generate and with such accuracy also being able to get out of bad sitiuations on the ground like nothing i never seen anyone that can produce that much power from the ground yet from any mma fighter.

  8. I have to say to all of you who ask what Fedor has to do to prove himself. There is something he has not done and to me its the one thing he would have to do to be considered the best. He is a very strong fighter and yes one of the best in the world. However he has backed away from fighting the one fight in my mind he has to fight in order to prove he is the best. Randy Couture. He wont fight him and Dana White has tried, Randy even left the UFC and got into a huge legal battle LEAVING THE TITLE!!! in order to get the fight. Fedor in my mind is ducking this fight because he knows its the one that could undue all the hype surrounding him. Again nothing against how good of a fighter he is, but name someone he has beat that has had success in the UFC and i mean big success. Pride was a strong organization but the only member of pride who has done ANYTHING outstanding in the UFC has been rampage and he lost to forest griffin. So really we all know pride was not the true level of competition that the UFC is and has been. Even crocop who was dominant in pride and they gave hype to, look what happened now he cant win a fight in the UFC. Fedor will never be the best in my mind until he has beaten the best.

  9. Just so you can see these are his fights..all of them in order of most recent. Who can tell me that they are the calibar that Couture is and enables anyone to call him the best in the world. Even a Lidell in his prime pound for pound are better than these listed victories. The only fighter who has done anything really good in the UFC from these fighters is Sylvia and hes a joke and has always been overrated. Sylvia has a strong punch and can hit you hard. Thats all hes got. Sobral, good but not even close to top 3 caliber to sum up a victory as anything amazing. Same with herring hes just someone they throw people against which is even why Brock did well against him. Until I see Fedor getting some victories against real top caliber heavyweights not the middle class UFC dropouts then he can be considered the best in the world.

    Tim Sylvia Submission (Rear-naked choke)
    Hong Man Choi Submission (Armbar)
    Matt Lindland Submission (Armbar)
    Mark Hunt Submission (Kimura)
    Mark Coleman Submission (Armbar)
    Wagner da Conceicao Martins Submission (Punches)
    Mirko Filipovic Decision (Unaminous)
    Tsuyoshi Kohsaka TKO (Doctor Stoppage)
    Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira Decision (Unanimous)
    Naoya Ogawa Submission (Armbar)
    Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira No Contest – Accidental Cut
    Kevin Randleman Submission (Kimura)
    Mark Coleman Submission (Armbar)
    Yuji Nagata TKO (Punches)
    Gary Goodridge TKO (Soccer Kicks and Punches)
    Kazuyuki Fujita Submission (Rear Naked Choke)
    Egidijus Valavicius Submission (Kimura)
    Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira Decision (Unanimous)
    Heath Herring TKO (Cut)
    Semmy Schilt Decision (Unanimous)
    Chris Haseman TKO (Lost Points)
    Lee Hasdell Submission (Guillotine Choke)
    Ryushi Yanagisawa Decision (Unanimous)
    Renato Sobral Decision (Unanimous)
    Kerry Schall Submission (Armbar)
    Mihail Apostolov Submission (Rear Naked Choke)
    Ricardo Arona Decision (Unanimous)
    Tsuyoshi Kohsaka TKO (Cut)
    Hiroya Takada KO (Punches)
    Levon Lagvilava Submission (Choke)

  10. I want to see Fador beat Dana Whites ass, and then dominate the UFC. Dana White has a big mouth. He Thinks that his UFC has the best fighters in the world. Well he does not have all of them until he gets Fador. Send this to Dana’s phone.

  11. Darryl, you sir are mentally ill….Mirko Filipovic, Nog, Randleman, Semmy “7’1″ Schilt, mark coleman, mark hunt. All of these fighters are top competition, and these fights were when they were in there prime.

  12. don’t worry: Dana’s anti Fedor Rhetoric has found permanent residency in the minds(?) of those who seem to believe that UFC is the only MMA organisation out there.

  13. Darryl i have to say your an idiot….he’s the best and he would kill randy in a fight assuming randy doesnt die of a heart attack in the first round. No desrespect to Randy.

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