14 thoughts on “Fedor Emelianenko Talks Kimbo Slice (Video)”

  1. “Not refering to a top 10 fighter” Excellent point…His name should not even be brought up to Fedor.

  2. kimbo would smash fedors shull in. his punchs WILL NOT hurt kimbo and he is to small to deal with kimbo after a few more wins….the strenghth of kimbo will be notice. bas rutten will teach kimbo trust me

  3. Iceman… Kimbo didn’t even win his last fight. If it was in any other MMA league that fight would have been called in the second round.. EliteXC wouldn’t want there little internet street fighting star to lose against some no name. Plus Kimbo is 32+ years old he won’t amount to nothing in the MMA world. He needs to go back to street fighting.

  4. i agree with crymore, kimbo should go back 2 the internet fighting bums in his back yard. I hope Brett rogers kicks his ***

  5. I crinch at the thought of anyone giving Kimbo MMA credence. And now he has a 46 year old punching bag in his next fight, because Elite XC is too scared to give him to Fred Rogers. Wise up guys, Kimbo is bad for the sport and a bad fighter

  6. HA HA HA! I wonder if all these Kimbo fans are watching his full fight video, or just his highlight reel. (My opinion,he’s overrated and one dimentional.)

  7. hahaha. i can’t believe the idiot who put kimbo would smash fedor. that’s just beyond stupidity. fedor would break kimbo’s arm and have him wishing he was back fighting overweight and unathletic street bums back in florida. FEDOR WOULD KILL KIMBO!

  8. I agree with everyone after the ****wad who said Kimbo would beat Fedor. Minotauro couldnt beat Fedor and Big Nog would **** UP Kimbo within the first minute. Fedor would win via Apocolpse on Kimbos face.

  9. LOL are u kidding me Fedors taken way bigger guys than Kimbo 7’5 hong man choi..semi schults..and kimbo can barely take no name fighters..whoever is a fan of kimbo just doesnt know anything about MMA..the guy can only beat normal people on the street..and really old washed up MMA fighters like tank abbot..no matter what you say Kimbo isnt even top 100 especially in heavyweights..and plus he fights in the ********* MMa organization Elite XC…99% of those fighters are garbage..except for probably robby lawler..who is just Ok…if Kimbo really wants to prove he’s a good fighter..he needs to fight someone in the UFC,Dream,Affliction..but as of now KImbo is ****

  10. You have to be stupid, even retarded, if you think that kimbo can kick fedors ass!!!!
    you dont know the background that fedor has if you said that!! (sorry but my english isnt too good)
    Tendrias que ser estupido, incluso retardado si piensas que kimbo puede ganarle a fedor, si dices eso es porque no conoces todo lo que fedor ha hecho por este deporte!
    c ya

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