10 thoughts on “Fedor Emelianenko Vs. Heath Herring Pride 23 Video”

  1. Imagine Fedor at 205 where he’d be bigger than some of the fighters. He’s already got amazing skills, he might actually dominate at LHW… but then again he dominates at HW.

  2. fedor has the best g&p ever seen since tito in the early to late 1990’s…..then again fedor is not human so its not fair to say tht

  3. Fedor’s capacity to adapt to any type of fighting is superb, almost superhuman. He is without any doubt the best figher in the world over 205 lb.

  4. Guys, if this fight went any longer, Fedor might have been in trouble. This is one of the only times I have seen him perhaps ‘in trouble’. The only two others…against Fujita and against Cro Cop when he slipped on the high kick and grazed Fedor’s scalp, as self professed by Cro Cop ‘I went for the sexy win’.

  5. Anderson Silva is etheir a ninja or a jedi. There’s no other explanation for how he could knock out Forrest Griffin with his left pinkie, or Vitor Belfort with his big toe.

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