9 thoughts on “Fedor Emelianenko Vs. Kazuyuki Fujita Pride 26 Video”

  1. This video shows Fedor can be beaten…..Fujita needed to be more agressive in breaking the clench when Fedor was hurt, create distance, land a few more good shots, that would’ve been fight over. Fujita holding the belt…

  2. I’ll second what NLBD said, Fedor is just an android. His endurance is amazing, he can take hits and just keep going. I really would like to see Fedor vs Kimbo, just to see how that fight would turn out. I’m tired of them putting Kimbo against fighters that either arent very good, or well past their prime.

  3. lol, I’d like to see Kimbo vs Mark Hunt or Big Tim first…and then maybe Nogueira, if he can make those….wow then he maybe qualified to fight Fedor. Kimbo has a long way to go to fight Fedor…..

  4. Kimbo would be submitted long before he did any damage to Fedor…There are many good better, and best fighters…Fedor isn’t in their catagory…he’s the greatest ever. We won’t see another him until a young kid from nowhere studies everything about Fedor…his workout…his fighting transitions…everything…and then yes you’ll see the next greatest ever.

  5. I’m tired of all this talk of Kimbo fighting Fedor. Lets get real here, Kimbo is nowhere near ready enough to fight Fedor. He’s improved a lot from his streetfighting days (kudos to Bas) but still he needs a better pedigree than that to prove he’s worthy of Fedor.

  6. 1st of all kimbo sure gets alot of airtme 4 someone who has NEVER FAUGHT ANYBODY EVER! so please lets stick 2 mixed martial arts here. i think there a couple fighters who pose a real threat 2 fedor i think cotoure is capable of beating anybody but as of 2day i think barnett soon will b able 2 contend.i dont know if u saw the fedor linland fight but he cut fedor fast and was on the virge of slamming hsi ass when fedor held on 2 the rope until he got top position,fedor does not want 2 fight from his back.and matt went up in wieght 2 fight him.look if fedor keeps being very selective and calculating about who he fights then he wont b beat but if he takes on all comersHE WILL LOSE!just like everybody does inn mma GOD BLESS

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