3 thoughts on “Fedor Emelianenko Vs. Lee Hasdell Rings Video”

  1. WTF!! No head or face punches on the ground? what did over protective mothers start this organization? Add the face punches and I think it would have ended way faster.

  2. I think MIR personally is a beettr fighter than Brock, i mean Brock how what won 3 fights now 2 against sub standard oponnents. I dont understand how ever all these fan boys claiming Mir took Nogueira apart? was it just me or did Nogueira look uninterested and almost as if he threw the fight. He just recently had a fight and looked in amazing shape and back to his old self. Which leads me to beleive that MIR/Brock was a set up fight from the start, i mean Randy didnt even try in there fight. Sounds like some old fighters trying to get that last fight out of there contract so they can move on out of the UFC.

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