24 thoughts on “Gabriel Gonzaga Vs. Josh Hendricks UFC 91 Video”

  1. Gonzaga definitely is not ripped, but he is certainly built and deserved the win after getting beat twice. Hendricks just looks like a fatso, although he has some skills. This is MY opinion and not fact.

  2. Mike Goldberg is toooooo funny!!!! “2 biigggg stronnngg men fighting here” lmaoooo!!! Goldie popped a willie!

    good fight tho gonzagas just savage. He can beat Lesnar for sure.

  3. Yeah, but which Arlovsky? Half the time he shows up with dynamite and the other half he’s just fodder. But I agree the HW division needs a shot of something, I don’t see Brock being on top for long. This was a one sided fight, I’d like to see Brock go against Gonzaga, then we might see somthing different. But regardless, it may be a while before a HW dominates the division.

  4. Don’t be stupid wangcyang gonzaga got destroyed by randy couture b/c of couture’s wrestling. Lesnar is slightly better than couture in wrestling due to his size. Thus, Lesnar would destroy gonzaga

  5. I’m 52, 155 lbs., 5’7″ and I’d fight that fat piece of garbage Hendricks at the drop of a hat. He comes in w/ his head down every time! I’d hit him w/ a right uppercut, a left cross, and an overhand right to take his lard azs down; guaranteed. Or, better yet; side-step to the right, a left uppercut and a straight right to the cheek. What a bum!

  6. btw; as a welterweight and even a lightweight, I used to trash heavyweights all the time. It’s all about technique- and coupled w/ blazing speed it’s everything. Make ‘em miss, make ‘em pay. Footwork and positioning would wreck that bum hendricks. He doesn’t deserve to be in any ring or octagon/cage/whatever.

  7. Gonzaga has superb power in his hands. I keep forgetting, but am reminded every time I catch a fight of his. And MikeinMaine, you’re a weakass keyboard warrior douche, so silence.

  8. Gonzaga just raped that fool, but Brock would just rape him, Brock is bigger, stronger, and very good at holding people down and kneeing and hammer fisting fools, Ganzaga would have less of a chance then Couture and he lost…. So id put my money on Brock hands down

  9. Gonzaga deserves better fighter to fight with
    this was a joke

    josh, the couture who destroyed gonzaga was totally different than the couture we watched last saturday

  10. To Mikeinmaine – Put your money where your mouth is. If you really want a piece of Hendricks, let me know….I can make it happen. Cut the guy some slack. Here he is on the biggest stage in MMA fighting at the MGM Grand fighting his first UFC fight against the 7th ranked hw in the world. He got caught…just like Randy. Goes to show that you don’t know squat about the sport.

  11. i cant wait till Minotauro vs Mir and then it might be Minotauro vs Gonzaga. Minotauro is going to rule this Division. Unless Fedor or Barnett come to the UFC. OOOOO that would be the day

  12. Ok pretty much the HW division will never be ruled by one man till Fedor comes to UFC thats the bottom line…. Brock has a lot of strength and speed and has a chance to take anyone if he gets the right hits in, but Fedor i believe hits way harder has a higher hit % better on the ground takes out freaks daily, and would sumit Brock on the ground or be the first to knock Brocks ass out

  13. And if Minotauro beats Frank Mir which i think he will, cause he fought Fedor twice and put up a good fight the second time they went at it and showing an amazing chin and strikeing, but Frank Mir might be able to make him tap who knows its MMA, but you cant count Brock out against Minotauro even though hes an Elite MMA fighter and always has been with 100% more experience then Brock, Brock is still a freak and can still knock out any living soul lol

  14. Im sorry lesnar is a freak of nature and jus giving him more time 2 train and perfect his skills is not looking good 4 nobody n mma and i mean NOBODY like he wood b 3-0 if he didnt get trigger happy on frank mir…..the guy is only 31 im sorry wen he gets that jujitsu game goin the HW division is a rap ur not goin 2 stand with him he has a 81 inch reach and i bet his punches probably feel like f***** wrecking balls. U damn sure not goin 2 outwrestle him the best way 2 prolly get him rite now is 2 submit him frm ur back but like i said give him time and nothing is goin work on him…..NOBODY IS BEATING BROCK NO1

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