28 thoughts on “Georges St. Pierre Vs. BJ Penn UFC 58 Video”

  1. ur right abt that fedor – IMAGINE… coz there’s no such thing as a penn w/ good cardio. goldie and joe are just too biased, stating that the fight was up for grabs and that its tough to call it even though gsp dominated the last 2 rounds. penn did not have any offense from the 2nd half of the very 1st round.

  2. BJ. Penn vs GSP 2? GSP all the way, the new GSP will rock him, first time they fought no one thought anything about GSP, now? hes evolved into an amazing fighter. If anyone is going to knock Bjs ego down is GSP.

  3. Yes Penn has a good cardio now, but hes still at the same fighting level, hes at his prime fight wise, BJ is a natural fighter but he cant get better than what he is now, the only thing lacking from Penn was a good cardio. GSP is a completely different fighter than he was back then, when everyone thought Penn would spank GSP. The GSP now, whos stronger, faster, better, more patient, smarter etc etc etc GSP is a complete overall fighter, he has gotten alot better since their 1st fight, alot better. BJ is in his prime, GSP just turned 27 in may and is still not in his prime, Jackson said GSP is getting better and better each day when he goes there to practice, and hes even blown away by how amazing GSP is now compared to when he was before he trained with Jackson. When GSP fought Serra 2 Florian said GSP was even stronger now than he was when he was first introduced into the UFC, GSP was throwing guys around like nothing, imagine now how strong and how much better he is, like Florian said “thats very scary” to know GSP is stronger. I bet you Florian was like “man I’m glad Im at 155lbs” jsut like Sherk did after he got spanked by GSP….. oops going down to 155lbs. I know Penn and GSP will happend b4 09, but I would really like to see Penn fight Florian, Huerta & Guida before he moves up to 170lbs. Either way it should be a good fight, but if I were to bet my money its all on GSP, hes sick.

    P.S Fitch your dead!!!

  4. Listen I love BJ just as much as the next guy and his cardio and his will to work hard has improved emensly, but the fact is that St Pierre is pound for pound(him & anderson silva)best in the world,and although he might put up a good fight St Pierre whould put him away…Period…..and we all might have a chance to see it considering what Penn said after his win overSean Sherk!!!!!

  5. The only recent win worth mentioning for GSP is the one over Josh Koscheck in which he wasnt that imperssive. The other fights against Matt H. and Mat S. showed that he still takes lots of punches.
    Look at this fight either BJ hits harder or GSP swells up easy. GSP took him down to win period it’s a good strat and it worked.
    To say BJ is in his prime and GSP can still get better doesn’t really men anything because no matter how much GSP practices he will never be as good as BJ is on the ground. The only thing GSP is bigger and stronger can BJ’s skill over come that well that’s what we are going to find out.
    I hope all of you bet on GSP cause I think BJ will be great value as a underdog.

  6. i would have to give it to bj penn now if they fought again, st. peirre still has a few things to learn. serra got a knockout on him when he made a mistake. the new Bj Penn doesn’t make mistakes. he’s more accurate and conditioned than ever. Penn cannot be stopped. i think it would be one hell of a fight though

  7. I think St. Pierre will technically and overpower BJ Penn. There is no way BJ Penn can go round for round with GSP. The conditioning is to much a factor. BJP is outclassed.

  8. do yall even know who bj penn is??? honestly the prodigy is on another level…GSP is the UFC poster boy now thats the difference between now and then…yall pull for who dana puts in front of you…GSP lost to Matt sera..not sera in his prime..sera the ultimate fighter..BJ is a better striker today then he was then…his ground game more than exceeds GSP…Penn wasn’t focused for **** back then hes so talented he didn’t try and still won this damn fight yes he lost in a split but penn went to party gsp went to the hospital who does the winner sound like there? GSP is much improved i give him that and his is a very good fighter in his own right..but penn is the best pound for pound fighter in the world he has been for quite awhile…his talent is natural giving ability flexibility like no other..GSP Vs Penn II either way you see it its gonna be a Awesome fight…

  9. First off BJ Penn does deserve his props..he is one of the best ever….but he is not better then GSP. Even IF Penn was a natural 170 fighter he couldnt beat GSP now. GSP is on the top of his game and on the top of the game. Both fighters are a lot better then they were when they first fight but i expect GSP to win 4 or 3 of the 5 rounds. He has learned that he must come well prepared to win in the fight game today…his stand up, wresteling and grapling are second to none….he dominates every where!

  10. The only reason Penn had won a round was the eye poke. Come on, it’s like when Matt Serra hit GSP in the back of the head…everyone said it didn’t matter, but look at the story in the second fight when little Serra wasn’t so lucky.

    BJ will get sincere *** whooping.

  11. Yo! If BJ and GSP meet up again my money is on GSP. Lately he has proven himself as a welterweight champ and he’s going to hold that title. Two reasons I say this: 1.)Matt Serra 2.)Jon Fitch.
    I rest my case…

  12. You never know who is gonna win a fight. sometimes two have equal effectiveness on their opponent. but as far as pierre vs penn, I have complete confidence in my fighter’s ability. if I had to guess st pierre will finish penn with a ko. either by his stand up or his elbow strikes while on the ground. Im sure thats penn’s a## when he trys to take a superior athlete and fighter like pierre. oh yea I would guess that ko by the first or second round. Then its lights out for mr. penn!

  13. Come on…. it would be Georges St pierre all the way!!! bj penn is a great fighter, i wll give him that but pierre is at the top of his game and he is definitely pound for pound the greaqtest fighter in the world right now!! I even think he would give anderson silva a good run for his money if not beat him!! pierre won the last fight when he wasnt even given a chance!! the only reason his face looked a lil bad is cause he was poked in the eye!! and u all talk about how bj is the best on the grond but thats how pierre beat him last time by ground and pound!! so how does the best wrestler in the world let that happen?? he definitely cant stand up with him either!! i dont c how anyone would put there money on someone like bj when he is weaker, has less stamina, smaller, and is topped both on ground game and standing up!! I got my money on georges st pierre no doubt…. either by a lopsided split decision or ko in the 3rd or 4th round!!

  14. I’ve got to agree with the last comment. GSP is by far hands and feet above the rest. He frustrates the **** outa guys cause he doesnt have a weakness and he is better than his oppenents in all their best areas. As far as him Beating Silva, hell yes. Silva may be able to better GSP on the feet but, GSP is no dumb ass, he would ground and pound the **** outa him and win a majority decision. Look at Travis Lutter, he almost beat Silva on the ground. Had he not gassed he prolly would have finished the job, and I would bet dollars to cents that GSP wouldnt make the same mistake.

  15. simply put GSP will knock the S**T out of BJ Penn – to think other wise, check your self into a mental hospital! did you forget that he nearly killed Matt Hughes, ran over Serra second time around. (I’ll admit maybe too comfortable or even Cocky first time) Remember he has beaten an expret wrestler at his own game (josh Koshcheck) and f*****- up and jon fitch ended up a victim too.
    We are talking about GSP not Kimbo Sclice

    now thats a fight I’d like to see.
    think GSP could finish him in less than 14 seconds??????

  16. To all you BJ doubters remember this bj dominated gsp in the first round then gassed he admitted he never trained or ate the way he should now he does it will be a totally dominated fight by bj penn he is finishing people gsp couldn’t even finish finch, koscheck, or sherk you do the math BJ Penn all the way

  17. Apparantly your math is slightly different than mine…. BJ was great but like Matt Hughes and Serra , He’s past his prime and probably won’t be able to compete with the athleticism and cardio of GSP. Of course I’m from Quebec (not french) , am probably Biased, but it’s hard for a good fighter to fight against a good fighter and superb athlete.

  18. I love listening to all the bj fanboys say this and say that. Simply put name 1 person that bj had beaten in the last 3years that was even close to being on top of their game? ……… As far as I’m concerned I don’t even think he deserves a title shot. It’s rediculous. Anderson silva didn’t even get a title shot when he moved up, so bj does? And for beating who? That reject from tuf and sherk who’s pretty much washed up…… Bj Penn is all hype and no substance, the proof is in his opponents.

  19. oh, and as for gsp not finishing koschek, he would have armbarred him if it wasn’t for koschek holding on to his shorts for dear life lol

  20. Half of what i’m reading here is ridiculous. Both these guys can easily be considered top ten fighters in the world. as for “the best pound for pound fighter” its stupid to say anyone is the best because there is no way to tell! I like both bj and pierre so i don’t care who wins, but to say one is definitely going to beat the other just just stupid. either could win because they are equally good. Thats why its gonna be a good fight.!

  21. first, I’m not saying Penn isn’t a good figter because he is. I’m just saying that in no way shape or form does he deserve a title shot. He hasn’t beaten the opponents to prove he deserves one. The only reason he’s getting one is because Dana knows it’ll get big money.

  22. Let’s face it…if you think either fighter has no chance against the other, you are biased…and that’s ok. Cheering for your favorite fighter/s is a great thing in MMA…makes it exciting. Either fighter could take this battle if they fight their fight and exploit mistakes. This is true of any fight with top level fighters. BJ Penn is outstanding on the ground…but GSP has some of, if not the best, submission defense. He’s spent the least amount of time on his back of all MMA fighters, and has the best takedown defense percentage…as well as takedown success percentage. He has some of the best cardio and is one of, if not the most, athletically gifted fighters in MMA history. His weakness came due to his meteoric rise to the top at a young age…he lost focus…but regained it and he’s better than ever and he’s only 27. He has a full arsenal of honed weapons and can go 5 hard rounds. BJ shot to the top, lost focus, and regained it as well…is just as talented a fighter, but has some weaknesses we have all seen…conditioning and training focus…as well as the fact that he hasn’t improved much in recent years. He can not last 5 rounds, nor could he ever…he’s never needed to. If he doesn’t finish GSP in the fist or second round, he will gas…and the new GSP will own him. BJ was gassed half way through the first round in their first fight. As they are two of my all time favorite fighters, I hope each one shows up in top form and mentally strong. This has the potential to be a great fight. If money were on the line, I’d have to go with GSP. I just can’t see BJ finishing him before he gasses. I know he has the skills, but GSP has the counters and defenses. Both have great stand up, but once you’re gassed, you have no power. One of the only things that can nullify great submissions is great wrestling and submission defense…both of which GSP posseses. He owns world class wrestlers at their own game. He’s just too well rounded for BJ to be able to effectively utilize his strengths. He does deserve a fight with GSP…he’s not new…he’s not up and coming…he’s BJ Penn. Either way, both fighters are champions and will evolve into legends. I’d say look for a referee stopage in the 2nd or 3rd round with an exhausted BJ Penn getting pounded by GSP.

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