41 thoughts on “Georges St. Pierre Vs. Matt Serra #2 UFC 83 Video”

  1. haha man who are you talking to? man e-thugs are hilarious. what a riot. “i smash guys like you chumps on a regular” haha wtf man enjoy the rest of 9th grade

  2. Pouhahaha, I loved GSP!!!

    «Je veux juste dire quelque chose à mes fans avant de parler. Merci tout le monde d’être venu ici ce soir. Ce soir venez célébrer avec moi ce soir à la cage aux sport du centre Bell, c’est ouvert jusqu’à 5h00 du matin et on est pas coucher avant cette heure…»

    «Thank you everybody for coming here tonight. Tonight, come everybody to celebrate with me at the “cage aux sport” restaurant of the Bell Center . It is open until 5 am and we are not gonna sleep before…»

    Congrat GSP!!! Nice clean and always spectacular victory as usual

    A Fan

  3. GPS last night have prove the world that he is now to be consider one of the best MMA in the world. he not only win the fight he completly dominate the fight. he really give a good demonstration of his talent and potential to be one of the best fighter p4p in the world, he is really a complete fighter, he can dominate his opposant on his foot and on the floor.

    Bravo GSP vraiment un des meilleur combatant du monde aujourd’hui.

    Who’s Next!!!

  4. No one, no one will beat GSP again, he is just the best, pound for pound, fighter in the world….. just waiting for his next RUSH


  5. BJ Penn has said that he wants to fight GSP. Would be great if they grant him his wish. I respect GSP a lot, but BJ and Henderson remain my favourite fighters.

    RULE N° 41=> It’s better to get wet than to be seen in a plastic poncho.

  6. any of you guys who questioned GSP are morons, who don’t know what true superior talent is, maybe cause you guys have none..lol..GSP will not lose again, only when he fights a heavyweight..mark my words ” he will beat anderson silva and the LHW champ” wait and see!

  7. lmao… serra got lucky the first fight… but he is definetly no match for gsp…

    and it was proven… GSP keeps getting better and better.

  8. This is Georges St. Pierre. I want to say thank you to all of my fans. I really enjoyed handing Serra his own balls in a paper bag. I think he fought hard and am actually suprised he lasted as long as he did. I want Anderson Silva!!!!!


  9. After the skill GSP showed in his previous fight with Matt Hughes i was not expecting anything else ALL HAIL GSP!!!!!!!!


  11. I just wanna let everyone know that GSP is the best fighter in the world ….plus he’s hott!!! Matt Serra got lucky the first time…and he proved it last night!!!! He showed no effort last night DID NOT LOOK LIKE A CHAMPION WHAT SO EVER!!! LOOKED SCARED TO ME!!!

  12. GSP already beat BJ penn. I knew he was gonna beat serra no problem first was VERY lucky but who knows maby he’ll get lucky again.

  13. serra did real well to avoid a lot of damage in that fight. GSP was the better fighter but that fight should not have been called when it was, serra could have easily made it out of that round

  14. first off thank you to whoever posted that video, its awesome to be able to see it without spending 40 bucks. first off Matt Serra is a loud mouth a$$hole who talks to much, but he has great BJJ, he’s an alright striker, he throws too many wild punches. whoever said that they’d like to see gsp stand more with serra is an idiot, if serra is such a good fighter he would have adapted to it, like gsp always does. and if i am not mistaken isn’t serra known for his ground game, but yet again gsp own’s all. damn some of you need to not talk cause you don’t know anything at all, but some of you really know what your talking about as well so it balances out right. gps is the best pound for pound fighter, he’d beat silva, and he has already beaten bj penn, although penn is my second favorite fighter along with gsp. thank you gsp for beating serra.

  15. GSP is the ultimate fighter. If I would pick one guy to take out a dozen dudes in the back of an alley with me it would be Rampage jackson, though. Mean vs. gifted…. GSP has dominated his division. How about he gains about 25 lbs and heads into the heavyweigh division. Now that would be something to see.

  16. What that fight showed was preparation! GSP came in with a plan, and executed it to the fullest extent. I’m inclined to think that Serra was hoping for a stand-up fight… like the last time, and as we heard from his corner after round one, I think they hoped so as well… but the reality is, I don’t think that would have helped much. Take a look at the video before GSP takes him down the last time. Serra is dead on his feat. He gets tagged by GSP and he’s dead on his feet, after that he tries to get himself free of GSP ground game… but can’t do it.

    For those of you wanting to see a stand up fight… it’s called MMA, not street fighting. I applaud GSP for having a plan, and hammering it home. Serra wasn’t prepared for that strong a ground game from GSP and it showed. I also think the ref was right to stop the fight. Serra was in defensive mode… without the defense! Any more of those knees and that man would have been carried out of that ring on a stretcher with a ton of broken ribs!

    GSP demonstrates what it is to be a professional athlete… and not just some brawler. Technique and conditioning. Great fight!

  17. i noticed alot of people on here saying serra got lucky it wasnt even luck he was on ‘roids by the way GSP will not lose to anyone but a heavy weight what an outstandind fight this was though!

  18. Guaranteed steroid use on the part of these athletes. Dana should check them more closely and he will see as many have, that athltetes cannot bulk up so extremely and so extensively from just MMA training. The word is that Serra’s gym is Juiced up as it is.

  19. What a brilliant fight! George St. Pierre dominated Serra… just like it should be!

    Now! ALL IS RIGHT!

    Serra is very good fighter, but GSP is one of the BEST fighters in MMA!!!

    Fu_K yes!

    Go GSP!

  20. GSP is the MAN! Hell yes! GSP is at the top of his game! MMA at it’s best! Serra is a stand up fighter and GSP is a well rounded MMA fighter! Serra has a blackbelt in BJJ but it didn’t help him in this fight against a determined George St. Pierre.

    GSP is also a freaking funny guy.. every time he opens his mouth he makes me laugh… GSP makes MMA more exciting and entertaining!

    GO GSP!

  21. Damn that was a victory for GSP even before he stepped in the ring…man they crack on him for being purely technical…but daaamn…he had an answer for everything…standup fighting, punches his head in…on the ground….half guard, full guard, got Serra’s back, soften Serra’s head up, went for the choke three times, Serra gave up midway second round…then those knees to the ribs….Serra you can kiss your liver goodbye! ;)…the last 3 seconds before the ref stopped….Serra stopped resisting..hahahha…i feel bad for Serra..total domination by GSP no doubt!… Pound for pound…i’ll go with GSP

  22. woohoo I dont know what I was expecting from that fight but damn, GSP dominated Serra… The title is now back where it belongs, around the waist of a real champion.

    GSP is the man!!

  23. HAHAHA… what a fight. Man GSP would of went all the way with him if he had to. He has such amazing skills and hes so adorable. everytime he talks it makes me giggle:)

  24. Gsp is good but he only won because Serra was fat and out of shape in this match. Gsp looked great he really worked hard for this fight, serra was sagging in the middle, he was ready to pass out after the first 2 mins.

  25. GSP won because he is the better fighter. If Matt Serra wanted to keep his title he would have trained harder to win against Rush. GSP is going to be winning for a long time…

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