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In the summer of 2009, after losing the first fight of his career, Gina Carano, a professional mixed martial arts, considered throwing in the towel. But at the insistence of his agent, the Texan 29-year-old agreed to meet with a director named Steven Soderbergh. “I had a black eye, and I want to see anyone,” he says. “Especially not a director, I am ashamed to say I had not heard before. I wanted to make a movie based on a woman of action persona’star” feels very strange to say, that would make the fights look Hollywood stage credible. ”


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Two days after their first meeting, Soderbergh, Oscar winning director of films like Erin Brockovich, Ocean’s Eleven and Traffic, asked the actor for the first time to star alongside Michael Fassbender Haywire, Channing Tatum, and Ewan McGregor . In the film, which Soderbergh wrote Carano in mind, she plays a black-ops super-soldier who seeks revenge after she has betrayed during one of his missions. “When I’m training for a fight, I hit all day,” he says. “Shooting a movie is draining differently. Every day I woke up and was in a kind of adrenalin, I was always high.” After the movie wrapped, Carano was hard to lose. “I came home after this incredible life changing experience and I had to think about who I was,” he says. “. I knew I had to return to the fight against” the MMA enthusiast, you have to thank Soderbergh: Carano will enter the ring on June 18.

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