Gina Carano on the Late Late Show 09/30/08 (Video)

Gina Carano made a guest appearance on the Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson to promote her October 4th fight against Kelly Kobald.

13 thoughts on “Gina Carano on the Late Late Show 09/30/08 (Video)”

  1. I love when Gina mentions sex in her interviews that makes me want her even more, hoochie mama :)

    and the host is so damn annoying he’s not worthy

  2. @ Felipe:

    I’m pretty sure she’s the unworthy one in this clip… not to be on his show, but to be able to form proper sentences in general. She’s so stupid it’s astounding.

  3. well tim w.
    nobody exactly likes gina for her mind…and she was probably i will give her the benefit of doubt…but whats going on with all these english teachers on boards…always trying to say people are not using proper sentences and grammer…i hope mine didnt follow me on here..because he would not be impressed

  4. lol that was funny when he said that could kill me… thats awesome. Lol if Gina is choking u, every guy and some girls would be like don’t let go keep on going. Gina lol i wont mind if u choke me.

  5. such a sick, violent, pointless sport. Even Gina said it, its about “fighting, two people going at it”. not like most of the mma idiots say, “oh its not about fighting, its about balance, concentration, focus, discipline”. lmao, what a joke.

  6. I think she was nervous and couldn’t really articulate her view of MMA. And even still, ItsGina Carano saying it. Who the hell made her the be all end all of MMA.

    Bottom line: there is more to MMA than “two people going at it”

  7. She is lookin good for a female fighter….

    Chris, this sport is great! I dunno why you despise it…it finally allows people to train in a fighting art, and then see how they can use it in *real* fights..instead of a rehearsed boring Kata…and theoretical “in your head” fights.

    Any person who is any kind of athletics, can appreciate it, even if they don’t follow it much.
    It shows discipline and mental strength to fight like that.

    You’re not one of those guys who rather watch fashion television are you?
    What a joke…..

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