6 thoughts on “Gray Maynard Vs. Rich Clementi UFC 90 Video”

  1. This referee got on my nerves. the was constantly working on the ground and the reff kept saying come on guys you got to do something, the whole time they ws working thier _ _ _ off.

  2. the refs was speakin for the audience i guess… for some reason, they buy tickets to an MMA fight and boo people for MMA fighting…doesn’t make sense, but you know, whatever pays the bills

  3. Both fighters need to work more on their combo punches. I agreed with the fight being boring since both guys were just trying to get control. Hopefully they will learn from this and be a better entertaining fighter next time.

  4. These refs for the entire card were complete dipshiiiits.. Felt like smacking them everytime they kept saying “come on guys do something” as a guy is in side control working for a sumission. I hope Dana picked up on this and boycots these refs from ever doing a UFC match again..

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