8 thoughts on “Heath Herring Vs. Mirko “Cro Cop” Filipovic Pride 26 Video”

  1. dam man, how many ppl has cro cop dropped with that left kick. im suprised at how well gonzaga took it, but he had a huge red mark where it hit.

  2. Kimbo is just a hard striker, at least Lesnar can strike and wrestle. He’s like White Kimbo 2.0. Both of their submission defense probably sucks though.

  3. Check that excellent sprawl by Cro Cop at 4:05. He drove Herring’s face into the canvas rather forcefully, I must say.

  4. how the **** is lesnar a white kimbo? hes an ncaa champ, ufc heavychamp, and just as popular/maybe even more popular than kimbo. kimbo can’t wrestle. he cant even outbox petruzelli. lesnar would take down kimbo and destroy him. If you beat randy couture, you’re no ******* kimbo.

    btw, I have never seen a video where heath actually won!

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