8 thoughts on “Hidehiko Yoshida Vs. David “Tank” Abbott Pride Video”

  1. Thanks for the vid!
    Yoshida’s pretty slick.
    Getting all caught up in the ropes in PRIDE is anoying to watch after you’ve been watch the UFC all you’re life. At least in the cage the action can continue with the least amount of interuption’s or outside infulence possible. Watching all these Japanese dude’s touching, pushing & proding the fighters because their getting to close to the ropes is retarded!!
    And reposition after reposition ………………………hell, even the audience (probably the most well behaved in the world) were getting sick of the lets just lie here & wait for my oponent to make a mistake. Man if there’s a stalemate on the ground stand them up & leave the stupid yellow cards to the soccer refs.
    BTW – did anyone tell Tank he could throw knee’s to the head/body on the ground becuase he had ample opportunities LOL?!?

  2. LOL, only against Tank would a judo guy be able to use the gi to his advantage in a mma fight instead of being grabbed by it and getting his face smashed in during th stand up!

  3. Hope that suck arse Abbott doesn’t make a great living because I think he really blows.He probably is just practice for the other competitors. If you get beat by Kimbo, you should train a lot more before you fight again unless you suck like Tank.

  4. Yojimbo – You’re the suck arse!
    All you idiot’s that call fighters derogatory names need to take a look at yourselves. The fact is, you’re probably arm chair warriors & would never have the guts to step into a cage/ring. Yet you act like you’ve been fighting (pro) all you’re lives.
    I respect fighters.
    Especially those who have been involved in the history of the sport.
    David ‘Tank’ Abbott has been fighting for over 13yrs professionally. His first UFC fight was back in 1995, when they used to fight in tournaments (UFC 6). He would usually face 3-4 oppoinents in one night, and he kicked a bit of arse back in the day.
    Can i please ask when you started watching MMA?
    That fact that you say you hope he dosen’t make a good living makes you a hater!
    In fact i can just tell by what you wrote that you havn’t been watching MMA very long. How about paying you’re dues & learning a bit of history?

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