James Irvin Talks Loss To Anderson Silva And More Video

James IrvinVideo of The Sandman talking about his UFC Fight Night 14 loss to Anderson “The Spider” Silva and where he’s headed from here.

10 thoughts on “James Irvin Talks Loss To Anderson Silva And More Video”

  1. I always thought the Sandman was a pretty good fighter-but he is not at the top level yet. James “Sandbag” Irwin needs to get back to the gym!

  2. he s so humble… almost too much, he should have more confidence… but anyways, he s the one fighting in there, i m not. He looks like a great guy and i like his style, he s a very strong striker with really heavy hands, he just needs to get more experience.

  3. I also think he looks like a great guy I the win over houston alexander showed that he has power and good striking, but he needs some hard inteligent training. I would love to see the sandman breaking the Iceman’s face.

  4. One thing about Irvin is that he is does interviews really well. Very articulate and very PC when it comes to talking about the UFC and other fighters. I just hope he continues to improve and that he gets compensated for all the work he does. There seems to be a lot of background rumblings about fighter salaries and such, you just hope these guys get paid the money they deserve.

  5. irvin is a catch artst, and i give him respect for admitting that he was out of his league, saying he was a step down from dan henderson!

  6. I’m also impressed with how well he speaks for a fighter. I knew that was a bad cut, but did he say you could see his cheek bone ?? Yikes!

  7. When I first sttared watching the show I was Joey and Dawson fan, but after when they kept going on and off I was like ughhh they suck….. and I always thought maybe one day she’ll end up dating Pacey. When they srarted dating I was like yesssss this is the couple that’s gonna end up together, and it came true….. I was only a Joey and Dawson fan for a little while, but Joey and Pacey fan foreverrrr even thought she’s married to that thing people call Tom Cruise…..

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