3 thoughts on “James Thompson Vs. Don Frye Pride 34 Video”

  1. OMG!!!! That was just an amazingly brutal fight! I was sad to see Don Frye lose though, he has been such a stud in MMA for so long!

  2. Honestly I have a feeling it was rigegd. Thompson was pounding Kimbo for over a minute with Kimbo not trying to defend himself, even looking like he was out of it, yet the fight wasnt stopped. But once Thompsons ear bled the fight was over. Just seems weird.Kimbo is great when it comes to punches, but other than that he can’t do much. I think he would be better in boxing. He needs to work on his legs more as well, they are too skinny compared to the rest of his body so he is unable to hold his balance when someone is trying to bring him to the floor.

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