30 thoughts on “Jason Guida Vs. Mamed Khalidov ShoXC Video”

  1. I don’t know if the rules for ShoXC are different but that was a dumb stoppage if they have the same rules as the UFC. Of all the punches from that “flurry” at the end maybe 2 even touched his face with the rest on his arms / hands

  2. Elite XC is crazy!
    I can’t believe that ref. Cursing, giving Jason s*** & just plain losing the plot!! UNPROFESSIONAL!!
    Surely he could have liaised with his colleagues instead of asking Jason where his mouth gaurd was. ( or turned his mike off LOL! )
    No wonder Jason shoved him at the end. Hell the stoppage was a bad call! If holding up you’re guard is not intelligently defending yourself then what is? It’s not like Jason was gassed or knocked out?!
    Mamed should have dropped him with the punches at the end, but just seemed happy to punch at Jason’s guard all night long. Maybe it was the broken thumb and Mamed couldn’t throw down? who know’s?
    All i know is that Ref stoppage was to premature.
    Even the interview at the end was a joke.
    ” Um, what do you mean on the ropes exactly”?

  3. Guida had to go on an i.v. at the hospital when he couldn’t make weight fot the ultimate fighter and he comes in under 205 for Shoxc,wtf? They cheat by hiding his mouthpiece giving him a rest and then he still loses because the ref stops it for no reason! If his fights keep going like this he is going to have to go make Geico cave man commercials.

  4. 12:22 you can see the mouth piece roll across the mat, and as best I can tell around 12:25 Khalidov seems to unintentionally kick it stepping in.

  5. Mamed Khalidov is the best fighter in poland and he have the best fight technik!!he very good thinking on te octagon.. Peace from Oświęcim…

  6. First off, unless you have the guts to do what it takes to train and get in that cage to fight someone, no one has a right to call someone a loser or accuse someone of cheating. You can clearly see, if you pay attention to the fight, when the mouthpiece fell out. It landed on the floor then its hard to see it cause Jason’s knee is either on top of it or next to it but when they stand up, you can see the blue mouthguard right before Mamed stepped on it and kicked it. It’s clear as day that Jason had nothing to do with that. As far as the end of the fight…that’s the worst stoppage ever and anyone that knows this sport can clearly see that too. Watch Clay defend himself, he does the same thing when punches are coming at him that way. Those punches aren’t doing any damage and its a smart tactic to tire the guy out then throw a quick jab to catch him off guard. Obviously it’s how they train. Jason probably didn’t need to push the ref but I think he was just trying to prove, “look, I am fine – I am more than ok to fight.” And any good ref would also pay attention to the clock and see that there was 7 seconds left so unless Jason was dropped, he should have NEVER stopped that fight at that time!!!!

  7. Um, sorry krissy but you need to wake up, you don’t ever Push an official in any sport, thats called “unsportsmanlike” .. . . this event is on national Television and its disgraceful to the entire ShoXC organization for this idiot Clay Guida to make them look utterly stupid by pushing an official… I’m surprised he didn’t freaking punch him too … makes me look DOWN upon Shoxc having these types of people fighting there. And if it wasn’t “guidas fault” about the mouth piece, why wasn’t he just putting in the one they were giving him ?? Right then and there we all know he was buying himself time to recover, and the poor polish guy who can’t even speak english to protest it.. just stood by watching this clown american CHEAT (yes cheat, i said the S word), and then he comes out hurts his hand and still pounds that poor sport into the ground with endless unanswered punches. ANd if the ref HADNT stopped it, what do you think woulda happened? Guida woulda got one uppercut too many and fell down… Ref was protecting the fighter and ending the fight… it was OVER Guida got out matched. Sorry to burst your bubble tho.

  8. Can’t agree with you Adam on the stoppage or the cheating. You’re right about the shoving of the Ref because we don’t need that in any sport especially MMA. But the best Ref’s i’ve ever seen know when to let a fighter continue. Infact…………………………. because you can either verbally tapout/submit in MMA, the only time a ref should stop the fight is when a fighter isn’t intelligently defending themselves & a corner is always watching the fight incase they need to throw the towel in. Sheilding/Blocking or Guarding punches is a defence, &, in this case of this perticular fight was exactly what Jason was doing. If you watch again you’ll notice that at the end as soon as the Ref stepped in, Jason wasn’t badly hurt or knocked out. (Auctually he was pissed off about the bad stoppage) . Sure the fighters safety is most important & thats why these rules exist, because fighters want to fight.
    As far as the cheating is concerned that’s just up to your perspective. Mind you i heard someone mention that corners at this level, should have a back up mouth piece, & i agree, becuase i wouldn’t put just anybody’s mouth piece in my mouth these days!!!!

  9. 24 punches… roughly 18 landed not all really solidly but landed nonetheless. Guida stands there with his hands over his head… doing nothing for a large amount of the time. Not attempting to move the fight away from the side of the “ropes ;)” or much of anything. Fight was justifiably stopped. Fight was a freaking joke. Guida came in way out of shape, looked heavily winded at times, “loses” his mouthpiece when things are going quite badly, sits on the floor resting instead of really looking to get the fight back on track then slaps a new mouthpiece out of the refs hand… then again intentionally contacts the ref with a shove to the chest??? WTF? Almost looked as if he were going to throw the ref a cheap shot after that. Grow up Guida, get a job and quit riding Clays’ coattails. Guy blew his chance at TUF and now shows his true colors with Show XC- the TNA of MMA.

  10. Justifiable stoppage? 18 landed punches? Are you joking? If any fighter took 18 LANDED punches they would be knocked out or at least hurt!
    For a guy you describe as ‘way out of shape’ he didn’t look stopped to me?
    I wonder what his corner thought? Did they feel the need to throw in the towel?
    Araon have you ever worn a mouth piece? Becuase you seem to think you know what a ‘new’ one looks like via an internet vid.
    I’m sorry man but it sounds like you really don’t know what you’re talking about.

  11. adam his name is Jason Guida not Clay Guida, Clay is the guy that people actually know, and he’s also the one who doesn’t suck.

  12. Jason Guida doesn’t suck like some of you loosers say he does. He is an awesome big brother to Clay. The guida brothers stick together. Your right the ref shouldn’t have stopped the fight, all he was doing was protecting himself like all fighters do

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