23 thoughts on “Jens Pulver Vs. Leonard Garcia WEC 36 Video”

  1. Except Liddell has the reach and he fought grapplers and got away with it. This was absolutely sloppy by Jens Pulver. Clearly MMA has evolved right past him without his notice. He didn’t even throw single jab and was headhunting with telegraphed haymakers with his left.

  2. Stick a fork in Jens Pulver cause he is done…

    Jens Pulver will be teaching yoga to 70 year old women from this point forward…

  3. I’d say that Garcia would own Brown but Faber and Garcia would be a mean fight. I think that Faber and Garcia both have speed and power. Also they both have a very fast tempo of fighting so that would make it a very interesting fight. Mike Brown is definitely over rated right now.

  4. Leonard, you looked absolutely spectacular tonight ! Excellent boxing and MMA clinic for everyone in attendence. We love you here in New Mexico, “Vato” Viva, los Amigo” Great performance!

  5. i see more resemblance to Ken Shamrock then Liddel, Pulver should definatley retire, obviously his body isn’t able to this anymore, continously being KO is a good indicater thats its time to hang up the gloves

  6. The ref stopped the fight after 3 unanswered punches? In that case, Rosholt should have lost when he was dazed earlier in the fight.

    Hahaha, this is only my opinion and not fact.

  7. Jens Pulver should fight matt hughes for the world Washed up championship

    God terrible keeps getting worse………WHAT? JOE LAUZON!??!

    Lenard Garcia is good tho…..decent fight

    Ps. I hate Jens Pulver

  8. jens isnt washed up he just chose the wrong gameplan. he hit garcia with some good shots and felt he could do more damage but he underestimated the guys chin and he got surprised. i find it hard to figure out how some of you could tear this guy down after he took uriah faber to the limit in his last fight. i guess you just want to say hateful stuff but that just speaks volumes about your character.

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