12 thoughts on “Joe Riggs Vs. Kazuo Misaki Strikeforce Video”

  1. Gosh the fight was basically them playing patty cake, then FINALLY something interesting happens and the ref stops it. Going to the ground was the first action of the fight, jeez. Rosenthal ruined the main event so bad.

  2. Joe Riggs didn’t fight. He did nothing to press the action. When Riggs got hit he fell on his back and covered up, I really dont think thats “intelligently” defending himself. Joe Riggs did not throw any kicks, very few punches and did not attempt to take Misaki down. If Riggs wanted a different outcome he should have fought.

  3. I don’t really think he got cheated.

    I also don’t think he was that hurt by the punch either.

    What happened here, was after he was laid down by that punch, Yes, he was covering up, and yes punches weren’t getting though, but you can’t let the announcers make it seem like it shouldn’t have been stopped.

    The ref was telling him to fight back, or do something, and he didn’t. He just laid there. That’s why he lost the fight. Happens all the time. Eventually those punches would have gotten through.

  4. another premature stoppage, i thought Josh Rosenthal was not like DAmN Mirgliota and Steve Mazagatti, but im thankful that this fight was stopped, its one of the most boring fight i’ve seen

  5. they should implement “cards” into american mma, like pride. If you don’t press action you get yellow card and the red, 15% and then 30% purse reduction.

  6. Riggs didn’t fight back after getting tagged, but the fight should not have been stopped.

    He was defending himeself, he also made the fight horribly boring and deserved the loss.

  7. brutal, that was such a bad stoppage. riggs was intellgentely efending himself, elbows high, kept movement. riggs for sure got cheated.

  8. What do people NOT understand about the interpretive aspect of being a referee?

    I HATE Riggs as a fighter, but Rosenthal made one of the worst calls ever. Don’t you remember Shamrock getting beat on by Ortiz and opening up Shamrock then some ref stopped the fight because there was too much blood? Bad call. Hughes v GSP 2 was a bad call, too. That one was John McCarthy.

    The funniest part was when Riggs wanted to get up and Rosenthal prevented him. That tattooed idiot, Rosenthal should pay Riggs 15% of his purse.

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