Johnny Eduardo Vs. Raphael Assuncao Fight Video – UFC 134 Prelim

ROUND 1 – Assuncao comes out with a quick kick that lands in the shin on the inside of Eduardo. Assuncao press forward and take a right hand lead. Eduardo lands a big right, but Assuncao shakes. Both fighters test their range in the center of the cage. Eduardo gets a takedown, but it led to the fence. Assuncao Eduardo sweeps and takes the floor. Assuncao be active from the top, working the ground and pound. Assuncao lands an elbow hard top, but Goddard is the backup of the combatants. Eduardo misses a spinning back kick wild. Thirty seconds in the assault. Assuncao is released into the right hand with a loop, but Eduardo is away. Eduardo lost again with a spinning kick, and the couple near the distance as the round ends.

ROUND 2 – Assuncao land to the left lead, but Eduardo closes the distance and work on the ground fighting. Assuncao Eduardo is back and pressed against the fence. Eduardo turns away and the fighters square in the center of the cage. Eduardo throws a leg kick to lead Assuncao. Assuncao Eduardo shoots in but gets shot down. Assuncao used the momentum to press against the fence Eduardo. Eduardo is still patient and slowly walks away. Assuncao misses a combination presses wild striker Eduardo. Assuncao called Edward in the clinch and a takedown encoding. Thirty seconds left. The two fell to the ground, but Eduardo has Assuncao around. Assuncao becomes Eduardo and looking to get their hooks in the round ends.

Part 2

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