Jon Fitch MythBusters ‘Coffin Punch’ Episode (Video)

Jon Fitch attempts to prove or disprove the three inch punch as seen in the movie ‘Kill Bill 2′ in this MythBusters episode from earlier this week.

[dailymotion x7bq9r nolink]

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7 thoughts on “Jon Fitch MythBusters ‘Coffin Punch’ Episode (Video)”

  1. why do they keep calling him the fist? maybe that can be his nickname in the UFC……….Jon “The Fist” Fitch…..hmmm its alright

  2. wat george foreman would do is he would punch a peice of 2×4 in half just 3 inches away but that is simple if u know how to do it right and have weight to you then its no prob. lol to the kimbo fan hehe to let u know he cant deliver a punch let alone take a punch he should go back to the streets fighting high class bumms hehe.

  3. What style of kung fu are Fitch and the myth buster a master of? They should have gotten a guy who does breaking competitions instead. This show is so random, they put all of this work into the experiments but they are flawed from the beginning

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