3 thoughts on “Jon Fitch Vs. Josh Burkman UFC Ultimate Fight Night 4 Video”

  1. honestly i really really dont see Josh Burkman as a “competitor” and personally hes lost his last 6 bouts. zuffa should just drop his ass

  2. Burkman may not be a “Contender” at 170lbs but to say he’s not a “Competitor” is retarded. If he could only learn to control himself and not gas out he would have won a lot of his last fights. He dominated Pete Sell in first round but gassed out quick then Sell was playing target practice at the end.
    Josh needs to reinvent himself and stop gassing out cuz he still has a lot left in the game.

  3. burkman not even close to a contender. i agree i am done seeing him in the ufc. there are too many promising young competitors in the ufc to be wasting money paying someone who will never even break the top twenty welterweights in the ufc. Now on the other hand jon fitch is rumored to fight again at ufc 94. fitch vs karo would be huge but i believe karo is already slatted to fight dong hyun kim. I smell another decision victory for karo. what happened to him? Go for broke…i hate watching fighters that play it too safe. ex. Michael Bisping, Kalib Starnes, karo parisyan, and even though i hate to say it because he will be champion soon….LYOTO MACHIDA. if you have ever seen the destruction of rich franklin to machida, you would want to see more than he has been doing in the ufc.

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