3 thoughts on “Josh Barnett Vs. Kazuhiro Nakamura Pride 31 Video”

  1. Man it took Barnett that long to defeat a guy that should be fighting at MW? UFC LHW’s and Shogun which is now in UFC also made short work of Nakamura. Just goes to show how stacked the LHW division is in the UFC, I think rankings has all the top 10 LHW in the UFC. That means the HW division is indeed in need of talent cause Barnett is one of the top of the list for top 10 HW.

  2. Looked like barnett was putting on a solid show, …..not that Barnett would beat Fedor, …..but one day Fedor will get beaten down, ….everyone gets old in the ring, and it happens in a heart beat..

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