18 thoughts on “Kazushi Sakuraba Vs. Igor Vovchanchyn Pride Video”

  1. clint ure garbage..sakuraba paved the way for fighters of our generation. He was one of the first to actually percieve and apply mma as a science and was considered the greatest pfp fighter at one point..(wat have you accomplished in your life?)..so show some respect.

  2. Hey stop trashing on him, I think Sakuraba is a badass. Yeah he’s old school but at one point he was one of the best fighters in the world. Age takes its toll you know.

  3. sakuraba is a joke? i guess thats why he beat 4 gracies and consistantly fought much larger and younger fighters, many of them heavywieghts when he should fight at 170. get your head out of your a** clint. and cashville, how long have you and clint been lovers? seeing how you have no opinion of your own and parrot clints. morons.

  4. Cool to see two of the greastest fighters go at it PRIDE style! Man i forgot how gruelling the rounds/time limits in Pride were back in the day. No wonder they paced themselves like they did.

    I remember seeing Igor Vovchanchyn (illegally) kneeing Mark ‘the Smashing Machine’ Kerr in the back of the head. Igor is scary!!

    By the way it sucks having to hear people talk **** about fighters. ( especially a fighter of Sakuraba’s caliber/legendary status) I mean they didn’t call him the Gracie Hunter for nothing.How about talking about the fight itself? I’d rather listen/read about what you liked about a fight or a fighter you know? …………………………mind you who wants to listen to someone who calls Sakuraba garbage?

  5. Think about it. Do you guys like him cause he’s a good fighter? Or because he is one of the originators. Cause it ain’t the same thing. I’ve seen him get caught by the same shoot or punch/kicks four or five times in every fight. Absolutely terrible reflex and instincts. I’ll give him one thing tho. He can take a helluva beating and keep on going. That makes him tough. Not a great fighter. Everybody is allowed their own opinions? I just love how ppl talk so reckless online.

  6. Clint – Everybody is allowed their own opinions.

    I respect & like Sakuraba because he’s a good fighter & legendary & one of the greatest originators.

    I mean is he one of the greatest originators or is he not?

    How can you be a Legend if you werent’ a GREAT FIGHTER to begin with?

    How many Originators are there out there?

    How many fighters in their pro career’s can say they have fought & beaten a Gracie fighter? Let alone 4 Gracie’s?

    Is this to reckless to ask?

  7. Why did his corner throw in the towel?! What makes Sakuraba so great is that time he got ktfo after attempting the “double shuto”,lol. I don’t know about Saku but the Gracies were the originators of the lay and pray. There was some nice groundwork in this fight. Igor really demonstrates his grappling and ground and pound skills when he isn’t stuck fighting a guy that is alot bigger than he is.

  8. Because he fought a two hour fight before of Royce Gracie and won! The sad thing is, you claim you know about the gracies, you don’t know jack.

  9. who gives a ****, you guys stay online too long, its a fight just watch the video and shut your punk a$$ up

  10. I saw this comment just earlier today after watching the Matt Hamil vs Seth Petruzelli fight. LOL!! I think this guy just started watching MMA yesterday. LMAO!!!!!

    Cashville Heavyweight on October 10th, 2008 1:23 am

    Seth actually isnt that bad, but whats up with Matt Hamill does he have fighters downsyndrome?

  11. clint and cashville are cunts. sakuraba is dope. sometimes he aint so exciting to watch but he got skillz and heart. peace out fools

  12. If you don’t like watching Sakuraba fight, no one is forcing you to. He was beating the Gracies when the Gracies were dominating the sport. Of course now he’s slow, but that’s what happens when you get older. The only old guy that’s successful nowadays is Randy.

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