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  1. Mixing Christianity with Magic. -Don’t worry, not a Christ-Witch question Not extcaly, anyways.?I’ve been studying the subject for a while, and I AM Christian.I have studied Magic, and Magick, and their differences.I have found a possibility that one Christian can truly practice magic .*has a grim satisfactory look on her face* explains idea Magic is merely something called Stage Magic, where they perform magic TRICKS, and not the BEGONE, FOUL FIEND ONTO THE BLACKEST PIT OF ONCE HE CAME!’ aspect of magic.But MAGICK, is the kind that the Wiccans and Witches use, as I’ve heard. >>And to those people who say they worship the devil, THEY DO NOT!>>And it’s the kind where they worship nature, and gods and goddesses Though it’d be cool if they COULD ride on broomsticks and do Harry Potter magic..k And a Christian who is REALLY interested in becoming a witch, but still wants to be a Christian, perhaps they should become a Herbalist, like me. I’m obsessed with herbs now x_X. And that isn’t a sin at all! Well, at least I hope it isn’t And besides, most witches and wiccans don’t wear black dresses! We can! And we’ll look 50% cooler! How cool is that?! I’m thinking that us people who will actually do this, should have a simpler practice name (i.e.: Witchcraft for Witches) than:I’m a herbalist who does magic tricks, NOT magick’ with a K like witches and such, and I wear black dresses I look so cool, black ftw!!! AND I’m a Christian! I can read the Bible like it’s no problem! Oh, and I can SO wear makeup I’m thinking of making a name for this.. (the makeup part was a joke, by the way,) All the good names are taken.Well, I need your help for this, fellow Yahoo!ers,on the following:1. Is this a sin? I haven’t read the complete Bible yet(Hoping to, though!), and I’m hoping for those who have, should answer the simple 4 words! Is this a sin?2. What name should this have, if it isn’t a sin? (It probably IS, though. Most of my ideas came out of the testing room with failure. Why not this one?) 3. What more arts should I add into this? I’m thinking this:_____***Don’t have a name for it yet***, is a mix of The knowledge of herbs,EXTREME talent in wearing black(optional),Being a Christian(Or any other religion that doesn’t allow witchcraft, if any.),Does magic TRICKS,Can read the Bible like it’s no problem at all(Also optional),And I’m thinking of adding:Can hypnotize someone(Who DOESN’T want to hypnotize someone? Besides, anyone can, if their victim is willing to be hypnotized..),Can help cure a relative’s/friend’s sickness,Can do MAJOR karate on somebody IN a DRESS! Then again- maybe all this should be OPTIONAL Since some people may erm, be resistant to some ideas from the above. Any ideas?Oh! And the person who can answer my questions the best, gets the 10 points!(And I’m also getting ready for some MAJORLY disappointing answers like- No. You can’t do that. You can’t be a witch and a Christian at the same time. – That’s not what I’m aiming for, if that’s what you actually think. THIS IS NOT A Can I be a Christian and a Witch at the same time? QUESTION It’s a way that a Christian who WANTS to be one, can be close enough! Or an idea of a way, anyways!)Thanks! YES I KNOW THIS IS A VERY LONG IDEA x)Lauren- I respect your opinion, and I have a great respect for wiccans and witches. =)This is not for flair, it’s for Christians who want to have fun. Or whatever they want to do, anyways Thanks for the nice comments, everybody No one’s bashing me yet! *feels proud of herself*Thanks, Maiden, that’s one person who applauds me. =)And for some reason I kept on feeling sleepy after a while of reading I’m almost done with that Bible! *twitches* Too many.. Small.. Words. Over 1000 Pages 100 pages Left. Must speak In small Sentences And just for those other people (Too many additional details. My head’s spinning )I’m not asking other guys for belief for my religion. I’m asking for something fun for us Christians and other people as well to do. sides, basically all I want to know is if it’s a sin or not. x)Currently- Bashing answers- 20%.Keep em coming, I want your opinions no matter what. =3

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