12 thoughts on “Kenny Florian Vs. Din Thomas UFC Fight Night 11 Video”

  1. Regardless of the ‘punch in the head’ (which is what the ref is there to regulate), and the ‘kick to the balls’ (which the ref did regulate), I look at KFlo’s skinny *** and know 100%, he aint on steroids!

  2. it did look like there were strikes on the back of the head but i think it was the neck
    either way, good finish by ken flo

  3. Fan of florian but hits to the back of the head? UFC should really take control of the situation and call it all the time or not call it at all…

  4. good old kennth ken flo . the punchs were more to the neck trap area . good finish. kenny is a great fighter. and i hope he become lw champ

  5. I’ve noticed that referee mario what’s his name incompetence in a lot of fights now. In this particular one I think he let his personal emotion interfere with his judgement in that he didnt like the way Din Thomas mocked ran away and allowed those illegal hits.

  6. Kenflo dominates once again. His fight with Lauzon was nothing but amazing either. When he beats Stevenson his fight with BJ will be nuts.

  7. yeah a lot of those were to the back of the head. one of the last ones was even on the neck too. but hey, theres no question that kenny won that fight, so you cant really complain.

  8. interesting lesnar hits someone in back of the head 2 times it gets stood up…ken-flo does it i don’t know how many number of times…its ok interesting

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