6 thoughts on “Kenny Florian Vs. Joe Lauzon UFC Video”

  1. big fan of ken flo great 2c him take care of business. relentless with his attack & would love 2c him smash sean sherk. awesome site thanks for ufc fight night 13

  2. Really disappoint that Joe did not win. Kenny Florian is a garbage fighter and was getting ready for a pumbling but had to pull his cheap dirty way of fighting with 10 or more illegal elbows to the head. This guy will meet his maker soon enough and I hope he is put out of the UFC for good.

  3. Good fight!

    I thought it would end this way before the fight, kenny was to experienced for Joe in this fight, better at almost everything.
    But i didn´t like those elbows to joe´s head earlie in the first round, Kenny should have been more careful at what he was doing there.
    In otherwise i think the fight was good, ken flo dominated it more than i thought he would.

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