33 thoughts on “Kenny Florian Vs. Joe Stevenson UFC 91 Video”

  1. These are both great fighters and I like them both and wasn’t sure who I wanted to see win.
    However, Kenny should have never been able to get away with grabbing the fence to avoid a hard slam takedown. Its possible Joe could have got full mount himself causing Kenny to give up his back. Kenny knows the rules about grabbing the fence and he cheated. He woulda landed on his back if he didn’t grab the fence like he did. I hope Kenny beats BJ in his next fight.

  2. It’s instinct to reach for something when you’re lifted against your will, knowing you’re going to be slammed. He probably didn’t even think about it.

  3. whooped that ass!!!! Kenny’s the ****. He beat everyone in Lightweight. But BJ is top tier **** like Hughes and GSP. Only a few fighters out there are like BJ….. Florian = no chance.

  4. Florian is a great fighter-he’ll definetly be the underdog against BJ. BJ is the best on the ground-he’ll win by TKO in the 2nd…Unless he wants to toy with him like Pulver. Either way-BJ gets what BJ wants.

  5. haha he finishes joe daddy in the first round… while bj finished him in the 2nd.. Hmm! I’ve always thought of kenny as the underdog, yet i always pick him to win (odd). but he’ll still be the underdog in his next fight -.-” wtf.

  6. easy paycheck for kenny
    i guess nobody thought he was worthy after the huerta fight
    im sure the doubters are thinking otherwise now

  7. OOOHHH boy… Yes, I like this guy. Florian is one of the smartest fighters I’ve seen in the UFC.
    His confidence doesn’t get the way of his focus…. very rare. Joe Daddy never really had my vote but has heart none the less. Florian vs. Penn GREAT MATCH UP…55/45 Penn.

  8. KFlo reprezentin Beantown, you fight the fight, I’ll kick the rhymes, we’ll set this world ablaze – good show kid – Gingerbreadman GRILL CHEEZ

  9. If St pierre beats BJ, then will Ken Flo have to take on Pierre for the title or is the Penn St Pierre fight only exibition? I thought it was going to be a title fight but I could have been mistaken.

  10. I think if BJ wins he gets the belt, if GSP wins nothing happens. And to whoever said about the fence thing, it’s 100% natural instinct. If I was about to fall I’d naturally grab something. It’s not his fault, it’s the fact that there is something to hold onto *the cage*, and that he was going to get slammed and out of pure instinct grabbed it. Joe grabbed it as well when Kenny had his back, it’s purely instinct, unless it’s like Tito who sees he is about to get slammed and holds onto it, same with Newton against Hughes.

  11. Yeah, if BJ wins he is not only the UFC Lightweight Champion, but also the Welterweight Champion. Since he moved up to GSP’s weight class, it’s for HIS championship. So it won’t affect his fight with KenFlo. Plus, GSP is going to anihilate him regardless.

  12. ****If St pierre beats BJ, then will Ken Flo have to take on Pierre for the title or is the Penn St Pierre fight only exibition? I thought it was going to be a title fight but I could have been mistaken.****

    Wow stop watching MMA lol

  13. WOW kenflo beats joe daddy n the 1st rd that says alot about where kenny stands in the ufc i say he’s n the top 3 of best fighters at 155lbs

  14. GSP and Penn… GSP in the second KO. Penn vs Florian is gonna be a great fight too. Im really impressed with Ken Flo that fight will go into the 4th where i think Florian wins by submission due to BJ’s lack of conditioning. And to whoever wrote the fence thing….it is instinct to grab the fence and if it was the other way around “Daddy” woulda grabbed the fence too. Thats why there are warnings each fight for cage grabbing because it is instinct, the last thing a fighter should be thinking about is to not grab a cage…there in a fight! lol….. once warned it is lodged back into your head and then a point taken off is totally acceptable.

  15. i have no idea why the ufc decided that florian had to prove himself as the number one contender against joe stevenson because he already did against roger. wat if joe won? that wouldnt have proved crap. i have no idea how the dang ufc pick its fights. worst then the bcs. please tell someone why the hell brock lesnar had a shot for the title? even if he won y the hell would the ufc go through all that trouble in naming a interum heavyweight and let a guy that lost to frank mir go to a title shot after beating a crappy fighter like herring. wat the hell!!! can someone show me the light?

  16. The UFC didn’t schedule any fights for Florian, he had his title shot for beating Huerta, but Florian ASKED for a top 5 fight because he didn’t want to wait until BJ was available. Plus he is proving that he deserves his shot at the gold for defeating all-comers, not falling into it because he’d be good ratings *cough*Lesnar*cough**

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