6 thoughts on “Kim Couture Vs. Lina Kvokov Strikeforce Video”

  1. HAHA Great Nickname cant wait to see any one of the Coutures back in action. Kind of a sloppy fight but when your opponent turns her back so many times what can you do….. Good job Kim

  2. Shes a good fighter, but alot of girls that have just a bit of expirience would expose her quickly like Gina Carano, you can just see it in her striking.

  3. That was awful. This is why most people will not ever take women’s mma seriously.

    Kvokov didn’t want to fight from the beginning and you have a name like Couture on the bill, swinging wildly and coordinately; ending in a standing referee rescue. It’s tough to defend women’s mma when you see a fight like that.

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