15 thoughts on “Kimbo Slice Vs. Sean Gannon Street Fight Video”

  1. The more I watch Kimbo the less impress I get. His boys came in to save him a few times even making up new rules as they went along. LMAO.

  2. Kimbo = ratings. That’s all. All he cares about is money. Go figure, he’s a street thug. Will they set up Nelson/Arlovski vs. Kimbo for the title if Kimbo wins?? No. Too much talent, he’d get slaughtered. B. Rogers? No. He’d get KTFO. Thing is..that’s Kimbo now. Ppl don’t realize that he IS training with Bas, has been for a year or so, and soon he will have a substancial amount of experience to defend takedowns, execute subs, etc. Just not now, prolly not for another 2 fights. Expect Kimbo vs. Frye early next year.

  3. What a joke of a fight. Even back when he was a YouTube star… His people were protecting him from losing.. That *** black dude with the long dreads should have got his face smashed in for stepping in like that.
    Elite XC is a joke. Only chance old washed up Ken Shammrock has is getting him in some kind of choke or submission. I wouldn’t put it past Elite XC paying off Ken to take a dive and lose to Kimbo.

  4. Damn, ran out of steam.

    He does have some serious potential though. Strong, big punches, and from watching his street fights he seems to have an iron chin.

  5. haha, Cop gets him in a standing Guillotine and dreadlock dude breaks it up.
    But it’s perfectly fine for kimbo to go for takedowns and do ground n pound?

    This must be the only fight Mccain has watched…

  6. Why does Kimbo shave his chest except for that strip between his man boobs? Wtf, shave that homeless man’s/ hurricane Katrina/ New Orleans flood victim survivor’s beard off if you are going to take the time to shave something there Donkey Kong!

  7. lol,kimbo goes for a take down and ends up getting choked out. kimbo lost right there, in fact he lost three times in one fight. lol

  8. Kimbo may be a good back yard fighter when he’s up against untraned street fighters but it’s clear that he lacks the stamina needed to fight in an MMA fight , he has no ground skills, and if he goes up against some one with a strong chin and Jujitsu Kimbo is toast. The only way he is able to beet people is if they get KO’d in the first minute or two.

  9. Kimbo is definitely for rating and a sad attempt to attract more people to the MMA world, u kno who im talking about, that uneducated moron that enjoys a good knock out and boo’s a good ground battle, thats all the attracts, the mindless bloodthirsty dinks that crave the moment of a knockout, that beings said i like a good KO but i love all aspects of the sport

    I’m just surprised gun fire didnt break out and the white guy didnt serve time in jail for a laydown beatdown Hate CRIME he did to kimbo……..terrible fight

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