264 thoughts on “Kimbo Slice Vs. Seth Petruzelli EliteXC Video”

  1. DAMN there goes ELITE XC’s superstar. Did anyone notice jared shaw when the ref stopped fight, HAHA CLASSIC FAIL!!!

  2. Dude, thanks for the quick turnaround..
    I was watching the video stream online because I cant use a TV at work and they killed the feed right before the Kimbo fight…I came here less than an hour after and you have it on.

    Thanks man… much appreciated.

    I dont need no bookmarks….mmaroot.com is in my mind..


  4. “The most incredible victory in the history of MMA”. Seriously? I wouldn’t even have billed Kimbo as the favorite in that fight.

  5. finally yall see the truth…
    aint got no proof
    mans career went poof
    got knocked out cold cause he act so bold let the truth be told ****** just got sold

    aint a rapper but goddamn that was some heavy drum beatz fo yo ghetto ass get back with that bull**** hype he cant stand up to true warriors..

    damned glass chin huh?

  6. rf6877; “The most incredible victory in the history of MMA” complete joke 2 nobodies!!! certanly aint no joe rogan!! does ne1 know what happend 2 ken?? i heard he got a cut somehow?? and apparently that Seth Petruzelli was sposed 2 b fighting on the undercard not even going 2 b shown on tv what a joke of a show

  7. kimbo got affirmative action with his mma carrer. he got put in a position he doesn’t deserve and when it comes time to deliver the good he doesn’t have the skills, just like most black people in any position of power in america haha . i hope elite goes bankrupt now.

  8. I’ve said it once and i’ll say it again Kimbo is not a true MMA fighter, its not always about the stand up. For God sakes learn ground defence before you think about stepping back into the cage. Shamrock would have won too. Will we see this one on Kimbo fights?

  9. bas rutten better smack himself. that was sooooo SAD. i though even kimbo was better than that. i would have taken that med to sm punch on the chin no prob. mabe thats why he has a big bread. GLASS JAW. whats next for him talk about failure. does this mean if rashawd evens punched kimbo like he punch liddel. he would kill kimbo. lol. that punch was nothing. 1 inch punch ko

  10. He hit the back of Kimbo’s head hard, after the initial short jab. Nobody called it. This kind of shot can affect an outcome …. right on the spinal cord. Anyway… Kimbo exposed!

  11. he was stunned as soon as that jab landed… he never covered up or really rolled into defense. Seemed knocked out and not professional.

    His defense is bad? glass jaw also?
    that wasnt a hard punch shamrock can take hard punches he would have killed kimbo.

    I saw that punch only one to the back of the head that was valid but not really.
    Not on purpose…. man talk about needing some training cover your ass up and roll out of it bigboy!

  12. “kimbo got affirmative action with his mma carrer. he got put in a position he doesn’t deserve and when it comes time to deliver the good he doesn’t have the skills, just like most black people in any position of power in america haha . i hope elite goes bankrupt now.”

    lolololololol i just wet myself

  13. it wasnt he eyebrow, it was stomach 5, a pressure point :). Trust me, studied for 4 years. Kimbo is a *****, i havent trained in a year and ill fight him now.

  14. It wasn’t the eyebrow, it was stomach 5, its a pressure point and when hit at that angle, you go to sleep. Kimbo is a joke in mma, i havent trained in a year and a half and id fight him right now. ;)

  15. Freaking fixed. That little fly squatter jab. My niece hits harder. Screw that crap, never watching another fight with either of these tools.

  16. if they put kimbo up agianst a big name next and he wins in strong fashion ill belive it was fixed i just punched myself that hard on the chin and i smiled . that does smell fishy. mabe they want people to step up to kimbo and think there gonnna kill him . i don’t no that might be fixed. theres know way he could drop from that punch

  17. All this fight does is prove what I have always stated ” You internet Kimbo haters are a bunch of *******” You wanted Kimbo to lose so bad you are accepting this bull**** I don’t care if he loses or not but this was fake from the injury to the fight to the call pellewhutevah landed like one punch, and missed everything else watch it in slow motion (still hate on Kimbo that part is cool) but you know this **** was fake to either please the haters and keep them watching or build some kind of Pelli(zuuzzi?) shocked the world rematch pay per view I’m not defending Kimbo but everything about this was fake.

  18. kimbo was beaten by a guy that didn’t even know how to punch so well.and this new dude wouldn’t last (with most average fighters)
    kimbo’s attitude after the fight was not the attitude of a fighter that will go very far, but that’s just me.

  19. roflcoptor……McCain is getting his ass handed to him and you guys are just goin all out huh? Some blacked guy banged your girl and you just gotta vent on the internet? Or was it your mom because you probably can’t even get girls.

  20. i mean it does suck.. but half of ya’ll talkin that ishhh, but i guarantee non of ya’ll would go Toe 2 Toe with Kimbo. beeeleeehdayT

  21. kimbo sucks a nobody beat him imagine if ken would of being in there he would of destroyed kimbo . stick to street fighting kim-blows you can’t cut it in the mma world old men **** you kim-blows

  22. The tape show kimbo fell into the guys extended arm.

    Simple mistake.
    Kimbo will train and demolish him.

    Meanwhile Kimbo is much richer.

    Can’t say the same for the losers here who would call him a bum.

    Lol at the pathetic internet boys.
    Go wank in your tube socks again.

  23. I don’t know what was worse, watching Kimbo get knocked out so fast or having to listen to the announcers super annoying lisp!

  24. Seth is no joke, he is a purple belt in BJJ, use to run American Top Team here in Orlando, and has a ton of experience. Kimbo had no idea what he was walking into. Just goes to show that a street fighter is not the same as a mixed martial artist.

  25. Chris Centers your comment demonstrates your lack of MMA or, for that matter, any knowledge of full contact fighting. On the 3rd video it clearly shows the short right to the left side of Dumbo’s chin. The head snap/twist is the cause of the interference with the neural flow to the head, resulting in a knockout.

    “Stomach 5″. You idiot.

  26. The ref stopped that fight to soon! I’ve seen Kimbo get pounded and still get up to fight more. That was bull****!!

  27. Douchebags, it wasn’t fake. Watch video 3. The short right snaps the head around quickly. That prompt twist is enough to momentarily stop the neural flow from the body to the brain- it pinches. It’s the most common cause of knockout and can also come from an impingement punch directly to the front of the jaw.

  28. dude, that girl fight with gina and …the ugly one, was so much better than that trash, Gina would have knocked his ass out with one of her elbows, i cant believe how trashy that fight was. ridiculous, is elitexc for real? did they just get on primetime network tv, and then scratch the main event, and have their stuperstar go down in like 12 seconds? Noe i appreciate dana white and his underpaid yet professional organization of athletes.

  29. I am glad to see Kimbo get beat and in such short order. He came on the seen making it seem like any backstreet brawler could come into MMA and win. The majority of MMA fighters are outstanding athletes with experience in more then one discipline. I believe the way they hyped him up was a discredit to the other fighters who have dedicated themselves to the sport. As for him ‘taking a dive’ or this ‘being fake’… no way. He is out cold with the one shot. His arms are stiffened up and he is like a board falling to the mat. At least he won’t be getting anymore air time on ESPN.

  30. You guys are insane! That was the luckiest fight ever. What Seth did took no skill to do..it was luck. Kimbo just happened to slip up. I guarantee if there was a rematch it would not go down like that. Oh and now that Kimbo lost ONE FIGHT he sucks? Im not saying that Kimbo Slice is the best fighter ever but considering that Seth Petruzelli and all the other mma fighters and ufc fighters have had years and years of training and Kimbo has had hardly ANY, hes pretty good. But if yall think he still sucks why dont yall get in the cage with Kimbo…im sure yall would get lucky like Seth did.

  31. The ref stopped the fight WAY too soon. give me a break, obviously he has no idea of what “ratings” mean. That was so dissapointing. I think Ken would have knocked the **** out of Bimbo Slice, too bad about the cut. either way, the ref screwed up this main event. hands down

  32. Why would the fight be fixed? Kimbo winning would have helped elite XC.
    Bottom line is Kimbo isn’t an MMA fighter. The second he steps into the ring with an actual fighter he gets pounded.


  34. I agree with Guy LaDouche :) I do believe this fight was fixed. Just look at all of KImbo’s other fights and then tell me if Seth could beat him…..

  35. whatever that was a hard punch on the intial takedown any mma fighter would have gone down, it was a straight punch as his head went down for the takedown. besides it was stopped to early the guy wasnt really landing anything til the very end but kimbo should have covered up and showed his ground game he has been working on. kimbo is alot better than peoplegive credit he works his butt off to try and make it. it was the kind of blow matt hughes suffered when alves gave him a knee except in kimbo’s case it was a straight punch.

  36. That was as phony as a three dollar bill. Petrulezzi? was pulling all his punches. The first punch was mediocre and that was it. Sad to see this go the way of boxing and wrestling. That fight for whatever reason was fixed. No doubt in my mind. Watch it in slow motion. Kimbo is barely getting touched. Disgusting.

  37. PLEASE OBSERVE AT 2:30, Petruzelli wanted to touch gloves with Kimbo , but Kimbo didnt touch gloves and instead just stared at him like an arrogant asshole to is opponent. Result, he gets TKO!!
    Serves the damn bastard right. Kimbo ****…

  38. damn i was expecting kimbo to destroy ken. i know kimbo is tough but not that good. no excuse for this fight. this is no fake nor fixed. why would elite-xc do that anyway? they build kimbo up feed him alot so that he’d look good. now they put kimbo against 6’0 205lb dude and think and hope kimbo will destroy him but kimbo got destroyed instead. no excuses kimbo is crap

  39. Looked at it again in slow motion. The other fighter was pulling his punched, barely even touching Kimbo. Absolutlely no reason to stop this fight other then Kimbo took a dive. Kimbo’s a bare knuckle street fighter. You could hit him with a sledge hammer and he wouldn’t go down. This was gonna bring him down? No way. Sad day for the sport.

  40. “Stomach 5!” “no, quick twist of the head!” “Stomach 5!” “Neural molecular flow was rerouted through the cerebral cortex!”
    I think Chris Centers and Chris Centers are BOTH douchebags. I’d like to see them fight. Theyd probably both take dives like there name was Kimbo, lol.


  41. I love watching videos like this. I have grown very tired of hearing about kimbo. I am so happy somebody put him in his place. Go back to beating up pricks with no fighting experience. I think youtube would love to have him back. Leave the MMA to the real fighters.

  42. I think I know what it is. His glass jaw can’t hold up that super-beard he has. Maybe if he shaves it, he’ll have a chance?

  43. Even if he did take a dive, i dont blame him. Im sure he got plenty for it. Its just one fight, who cares. Kimbos lost fights before.

  44. Can anyone say that this was unexpected. What a joke ! ! maybe he should go back to beating up old fat drunks in backyards. Brock Lesnar will be next ! ! ! Mark my words

  45. Wow, that might have been stopped a bit early but then again the ref was looking at Kimbos eyes that were rolling to the back of his head, so it prolly was stopped at the right time.

  46. hahahaha its fixed! its fixed hahahaha

    bad day to be a kimbo fan! hahaha

    you can’t except reality so you have to lie to yourselves

  47. The fight was fix… There is noway a hald **** punch put him down! He slipped and I guarantee you Kimbo knows how to get up! Must have been a lot of Vegas money on this one!

  48. Bag Tetley… I dont know where you come from, maybe you are just an occasional mma watcher, but you need to realize it was a good call. If you look closely at the video, Kimbo’s eyes are closed and he is taking shots to the face while is arms are to his side and you can tell at one point he is out by his body language. He goes stiff for a second. Kimbo was out.

    You should pay more attention to the fight and then not make stupid comments.

  49. Hey Dan,

    let me hit you just like that and i bet your dumb ass will go down as well.

    All these ass clowns saying that they can’t be knocked out. I dont give a **** who you are. If someone hits you flush on the chin your brain will rattle and your lights will go out.

    Hell, if fedor got hit in the sweet spot he would fold over like a sack of ****.

    Some of you people really need to get a grasp on how this works. It’s science

  50. If you watch the slow motion on this you will beable to see that the only head punch was the first one and the rest hit him on the shoulder.. Check it out!

  51. whoever says the ref was paid ur fckn retard. yeah the ref was paid whatd u want the ref to do stand there for another 30 seconds so kimbo would have been knocked unconscious some of you ppl that watch this **** should really watch other fights lol kimbo isnt a great fighter no suprise here he just got ktfo.

  52. Though I never liked Kimbo, ya’ll bash um like he ****** your girl or somethin.
    He never should of gotten into MMA. There too much skill involved. He talked allotta sheta but
    what fighter doesn’t. The tale of the tape says it all, ya’ll talk **** as much as you want.
    You never got to stand in the spot light and fight on one of the biggest stages in America.
    F the haters Kimbo get that money, get a house and live.

  53. “if you noticed 95% of the punches missed.

    that was fake.”

    Nah that wasnt fixed. EliteXC would never cripple their biggest star, it would be corporate suicide. They’re going to lose half their crowd now that Kimbo lost, exposing his credibility. Now when Shamrock pushed Kimbo at the press conference, THAT was undoubtebly staged. And him not being able to fight smelled a bit fishy

  54. FIRST! of all ALL u hattttters can blow kimbos nutzz…. i bet any1 of u wouldnt get in the ring wit him and if u did u would need a change of drawers…. SECOND! if u read the story it said since he wasnt gonna fight UNLESS he got paid a **** load of extra money… bottom line AND i cant blame him CHA-CHING… i will admit he did lay down for that loser (watch…were was the KO punch.. and no defending!!) and he probably wont fight anymore as he will be making a early retirement! THIRD! FIXED!!!

  55. You all know that hating Kimbo because he is a good black fighter isn’t getting you anywhere. He still has defeated Men who “knew” more about professional fighting then he did. Not one of you would be able to win a fight as a rookie against any of the men he beat. And you all just sound silly. Bitter and stuck in the pass. Get over it Chuck Lidell would have loss to Kimbo too. But you all are terrified to admit it. He isn’t going away. And the worse case scenario is he has 1 loss like every other MMA fighter. Brock comes to mind.

  56. kimbo slice got owned, exposed, destroyed, dismantled, and if you think that elitexc fixed that fight, you are truly a moron, why would elitexc want the one posterboy they have to lose in 14 seconds to a light heavywieght. check out the reaction of jared shaw …priceless

  57. and if he only got hit with one punch and all the others missed, then why was his eye cut and swollen after 14 seconds, cmon get off kimbos nut, quit making excuses

  58. yall acting like that guy out fought kimbo , he landed a lucky shot , it can happen to anyone , relax , kimbo will still eat alot of people…..

  59. Kimbo doesn’t have MMA talent. Period. Nothing was fixed, that’s how it was gonna happen. All I can say is: Finally. Finally. FINALLY SOMEONE SHUT THAT MOTHERFU**ER DOWN AND OUT!!

  60. You don’t need to punch a guy that hard to drop him if you jab while he is being bent over into it by a kick to the body retards. If it was fixed Kimbo would have let himself be submitted by a wrestler or bjj guy, he wouldn’t let his opponent damn near put his eye out with punches on the ground. Getting tapped would have been much more beleivable/acceptable to all the lame ass u-tube fan boys who think Kimbo is invicible in stand up and they could justify his defeat by the fact that he just started training mma.

  61. someone said “gina vs the ugly girl” lol i found the other chick hot in a strange white trash kind of way haha (not her gap teeth) i guess i like familiarity…. especially some of her video before the fight haha i’d bang her

  62. He got f*****g ripped off. Ken shamrock is a p***y. he prepared himself to fight shamrock not this idiot! thats a shame Ken was scared, because i actually thought he had a chance. All i know is i called off work to see this bull****, and i’m extremly disapointed that EliteXC would even stoop to this level WOW!!!!

  63. sure he won 3 fights vs nobodys and washed up fighter who is dumb enough to stand in the pocket and throw punches. Obvisouly he has that one punch power but after that his skills are lacking. You put him against anyone with talent and he has nothing. He needs alot of work and until then he’ll wont be beating anyone of signifigance. Especailly now that Arloskis signed up, kimbo has nothin on him.

  64. That was a fixed fight. i don’t care what none of you p***ys say, It’s just funny how Shamrock b***hed out. All you kimbo haters S**K It.

  65. LOL. **Real** MMA fans know that Kimbo has always been garbage.

    Props to Seth for showing him up to be exactly what he is.

  66. It was pure luck. He was trying to go in and wrestle him and got jabbed end of story.
    Kimbo is still a beast. And will destroy Brock

  67. anyone who saw this fight on TV can see that it was a shot to the base of the spine that really finished Kimbo. It was the jab that dropped him, but it looked like Kimbo was about to make an atempt to get up when he was hit with the blow to the back of the neck, which really stopped him from fighting on.

  68. I saw the fight, that right hand by Seth stunned him and brought him to his knees. Even though a few punches after that missed, quite a few landed once Seth mounted Kimbo. When a man gets hit with over 10 punches that are unsawered or not even attempted to be blocked… the referee did his job perfect this time. Kimbo had major impact damage to his face for getting hit less than 5 seconds. If it went on any longer, it’s no longer MMA, it becomes a beat down!

  69. Wow, the level of intelligence of the average MMA fan is pathetically low. From this site, it would seem you are all racist, unable to complete a full sentence, much less actually type it out in normal English. I come to a site, as a newcomer to MMA, looking to see some intelligent discussion on how such a big dude gets KO’d so quickly by a replacement, and I have to read the rantings of moron teenage boys? To the few guys trying to explain this and those with something to add to the discussion, this is not for you.

    Is being a dumbass a prerequisite for MMA fans or is it a result?

  70. For those who think it was setup… obviously have never been in a real contact fight. When you are a trained fighter no matter how good or bad you are, a direct hit to the head obviously stunned him and he dropped to his knees. The next devistating punch to Kimbo was the right power punch he got hit with when he was on his hands and knees. The punch was so hard it rolled him over on his back where he continued to get hit. So if you weigh 225 lb of muscle or fat, the one thing everyone has in common is the brain located in the head… it can’t take to many shots…hence the word KNOCKED OUT…. Someone without training would have been KO’d by Kimbo in 5 sec… Good kick blocking by Seth and pulling the combo with kick and right punch did the trick. Seth may not be an overall better fighter than Kimbo Slice, but tonight he was and that’s what MMA is all about boys and girls!

  71. ahha funny that kimbo didnt want to touch gloves, then gets his ass handed to him.

    itll be hilarious how jared shaw tries to get out of this mess. it was gonna happen someday.

    sad though to see kimbo go down when he has so much potential.

  72. OKay guys watch the ending in slow motion. I mean really watch it , put your biases aside and you might notice how the punch that made kimbo take one the worst acting jobs ever in taking dive occur was a punch that traveled maybe less than three inches. We all saw him take some pretty hard shots from the clossus in his last fight and he brushed them off . But yet here a two or three inch punch does this much damage and with no weight behind it whatsover . If you notice Kimbo falls face down like it was choregraphed and even more suspect why was petruzelli then hitting him with not his fist but the side of his hand and his hand backwards at that . Then on the ground he is aiming at KImbo’s chest wiht his swats? Also its highly agianst the rules to hit the back of the head wouldnt petruzelli have been disqualfied or at least the fight would have been stopped and he would have lost a point in any other fight .

    Elite xc was dissing kimbo from the start , even predicting the outcome saying that if he could beat slice he would be the next Rocky . Well now they got their undderdog shocks the world and there will be the rematch good vs. bad , and rocky vs. clubber lang .

    No one lost any money on planned fight cause it was canceled. So Vegas doesnt get pissed cause very few probalby bet on this one .

  73. The guy he fought was a karate master you dumbasses, thats pretty hard to change from about to fight a ground guy like ken. The guy wasnt washed up, karate MASTER, Kimbo dosent deserve all the hate.

  74. Plus one more point , all of you are on here debating what really happened . Betcha money when they announce the rematch which they will soon mark my words, most of you will tune in. Kimbo doesn’t care he has said from the very beginning he is only in this for the money , so I dont he cares as long as he gets paid win or lose . Well if KIMbo wins next one which he probably will guess it’l be a big I Told you so .

  75. LOL, that ref who looks like Sloth form the movie “Goonies” put his hands on Seth to stop the fight but then Sloth realized that Kimbo was supposed to win so Sloth let Kimbo get hit a few more times before finally breaking it up. Hahaha look at big top heavy Kimbo’s little chicken legs sticking staight out all rigid like (:-P}}}

  76. oh yeah, why the **** would you say kimbo has a glass jaw? He didnt get hit on his jaw, it was his left eye. FROM A KARATE MASTER

  77. kimbo should not have took the fight.

    he knows he is just a beginner. and bas was picking his fights carefully to slowly try and build him up. there is way too much pressure on him to perform. he needs about 2 more years of easy fights then make a rush for some sort of tittle.

    take it easy haters, try standing in the mans shoes.

  78. Yes, I agree that after he got rocked with that jab and went down, then seth missed alot with his pounches, but then again, the ref blocked the camera and we couldent se the other pounches, the probably landed and it was all over. To all of you that say this fight was fixed ? Are just angry because Kimbo lost, Dont be losers and accept that your boy Slice got OWNED by a middleweight LOL.

  79. Let’s not forget that Brock Lesnar has also lost a fight, albeit to a better opponent in Frank Mir. Brock Lesnar will get a title shot against Randy Couture. Kimbo needs a new fight quickly against a big name. Heath Herring would be a good option, or even Arlovski.

  80. I hope Kimbo doesn’t accept a rematch with this guy. He just got clean cut and was unlucky. He can’t hide anymore, he needs to call out Chuck Liddell or even Wanderlei Silva. These lads would probably have him for toast but it’d give him a chance to redeem himself. Even Rasheed Evans should be considered. Kimbo is 3-1 and Lesnar is 2-1, some say 3-1 too. Everyone can lose guys. Lay off Kimbo, he still has a future in MMA.

  81. I bet you that Petruzelli wont even have a chance if theres a rematch because he wont by pure luck.Thats pure luck…….

  82. Kimbo rose from streetfighter to mma trainee
    Bas Ruten is a greatness, and showed kimbo some basics.
    None of this could save him with that glass jaw of his !
    One half of a jab rocked him !
    Seth, from season 2 TUF failed to win.
    comes over to elite xc and beats their ‘best’ guy

    Shamrock apparently ducked out with an eye injury

    still…..kimbo’s career is crap now, losing to an undercard!
    seth was 205 (light heavyweight
    and kimbo was full heavyweight.
    so it was a catchweight match, short notice, and he ROCKED kimbo in 14 seconds.
    nuff said, kimbo is all hype
    kimbo vs gannon rematch is a good idea,
    but kimbo vs lesnar would destroy kimbo
    kimbo has no ground game, and no jaw…
    his mma story is over

    funny thing is, he could have beat ken shamrock!
    but that noob toasted him instead.
    best win for seth in his career
    worst lost for a headline ticket ever in mma history
    upset by the lower weight sub in
    kimbo is crap – all hype
    arlovski, silvia, fedor, nogiera, coture, even lesnar! …all could roast him
    he is poop
    had his hands down the whole 14 seconds of the fight. cocky and overconfident.
    deserves the loss

  83. That fight was bull****.. EliteXC is just like WWF. Its all about the rating, they build someone up to be amazing, then set them up to get beat. Its called an upset and it attracts ratings. if u watch Seth’s hits.. they dont even connect, they slide right off Kimbo’s dome. Kimbo is a sell out, went from a true street brawler to playing as an acter in a wanna be UFC, WWF like show. Bull****!

  84. Sawitall are u dumb bro? those kicks by Seth weren’t good defence.. He was scared ****less and running backwords trying not to die.. the punch he threw that layed kimbo to the ground had no power behind it.. traveled maybe 3 inches, and didnt even make kimbos head move backwards.. this was a set up.. read hunterrose’s comment, he nailed it.

  85. you guys are out your damn mind if you really think kimbo got knocked out by that female punch. that was so damn fake its not even funny.. now watch he will fight in another month or so and watch how many viewers come to watch this one now.. to see how he will beat the living **** out of the next dude… did you guys see tha last fight kimbo doesnt have no damn glass jaw…. point blank


  86. But what’s worse is when people write that Fedor has lost. I watched that ‘loss’ and, had he not had his eye cut, he’d have whooped that guy’s butt. Fedor, in my eyes, is still undefeated.

    How about a Kimbo Vs Tim Sylvia fight btw?

  87. ou guys are out your damn mind if you really think kimbo got knocked out by that female punch. that was so damn fake its not even funny.. now watch he will fight in another month or so and watch how many viewers come to watch this one now.. to see how he will beat the living s**T out of the next dude… did you guys see tha last fight kimbo doesnt have no damn glass jaw…. point blank

  88. “kimbosucks” you say Ken would have beat Kimbo? yea thats why he got himself a little baby eye wound.. he wanted to get the F outta that ring. Shamrock is a *****.. probably payed someone to poke his dumb ass in the eye just to get away from Kimbo

  89. The guy he fought in the back yard, Big D I think, was around 220lbs and could probably throw a bigger punch than this Petruzelli guy. Kimbo was inviting him to hit him and actually took a blow to the jaw. Kimbo just walked onto this one. I can’t imagine how fixing the fight would benefit anyone. He needed to build up his rep as invincible, I fear now that he may be invisible.

    Losing to a jumped up kid ain’t good for publicity. I think the ideal next opponent is Keith Jardine. OK, he lost to Wanderlei but he has beaten the Iceman and is a tough slugger. I’ve just watched Kimbo Vs Gannon again. I’d put money on Jardine beating Gannon inside the octagon. Dana White needs to get this fight on, I think Jardine would beat Kimbo.

  90. the 17th poster using the name “me”: don’t ******* talk **** you pathetic racism. You kind of people are just jealous about people and feel depressed about the truth how useless yourself is. “just like most black people in any position of power in america haha” how could you say so with people like Anderson Silva and Rampage Jackson existing in the world? In my opinion, mostly white people are even more likely to be overrated because their impression, reputation, outlook…..etc.

  91. It wasn’t fixed you douchebag, you don’t know nothing about fighting.


    Seth Petruzelli got knocked out by Bob Sapp 4 years ago.
    So much to the comparisons between Kimbo Slice and Bob Sapp.
    Even Bob Sapp seems to be better than Slice.

  92. Ever hear of the phrase … ‘right on the button’ ? … Kimbo’s just got pressed.

    Good fight … but don’t think that’s Kimbo’s career over :)

  93. white boys are too happy to see a black man loosing, the fight wasnt fair ..refree was not suppose to stop the fight..

  94. whateverrrr man, that is the biggest pile of bull**** I’ve heard in a while. It has nothing to do with the colour of the fighter…I think most people wanted Kimbo to kick his ass, not because the colour of anyones skin but the pink highlights in Seth’s hair (what the **** was that?)

    Good luck living life with such a great complex pal!


    why wouldn’t the res stop the fight? Kimbo didn’t even know where he was

  95. ya just let the fight go on, like old school ufc dont stop it till kimbos eye socket cracks and his eye ball falls out. lol what was it. about 15 un answered swings? Shazyb race is not the reason people hate kimbo, plenty of other great black fighters in mma. its the fact the guy has more popularity than Fedor and is getting fat checks when everybody knew he was all hype with nothing but out of shape second rate has beens fighting him. like the people i watched his first fight with expected more from tank abbot?! come on. ******* people are clueless.

  96. This is a useless discussion, this isn’t a suprise at all. Kimbo is the ****, period, but that doesn’t mean he is invincible. Watch that jab in slow mo. It was precision placed, directly after a gut kick, watch in slow mo as the punch runs down his face with the pointer and middle knuckle leading the way.
    Now add Kimbo’s body weight lurching forward, and the fact that Seths shoulder and back were supported by the cage, and what you have is essentially Kimbo face jumping into an immoveable object. Seth could have just held his fist there and the same would have happened.
    I don’t care who you are, if you run face first into a wall, you go down. Then watch closely after the punch, you see Kimbo’s arms go limp and he falls to the ground like a sac of potatoes and stops all 235 lbs with his face again.
    Now, to further block neuro’s he gets a neck punch and then a couple more head/face punches. He was almost out, not completely, but almost. If the ref hadn’t stopped the fight, he would have allowed Kimbo’s face to be re-arranged, which in turn would make the ref not well liked by many.
    I am a Kimbo fan, but this was a great fight to watch because it showed how a simple error in judgement can lead to failure.
    And then to boot, Kimbo now knows how it feels to be “Kimbo’d”

  97. Elite XC was trying to make Kimbo look good by setting him up against old has-beens like shamrock and abbott. Haha sucks for him he had to fight a real fighter. It may have been called to early, but Kimbo wasnt even defending at all. The ref should have let the other guy wail on him for 5 more seconds to be sure

  98. I think they just picked the wrong guy to throw in the cage with Slice. Lets be honest okay. Shamrock gets disqualified a few hours ago they need a kid that is there and who would look competent in there for a main event match. The get this guy who is 2-2 which in reality was preparing for an undercard fighter not kimbo. Kimbo was preparing for shamrock and studying him most likely. If you are a pro fighter shouldn’t you say no way to a fight when you don’t know who the hell he is. Slice is their star and they were promising ratings and so they thought this would be another slice beats the nobody night. If you lean into a punch to the eye even if it is not a powerpunch you will get hurt. Your head has now way to buffer the blow but to move snapping back and boom you are dazed. I watched a thing on sports science where they showed the forces involved and they ufc guys and just a punch from one of those guys unguarded can really do damage so even a skidding hit would be damaging. This is for the little internet geeks to understand. If you think this was a fix you are just going to have to go back on your little yellow bus and stop embarassing yourself. For the other mature fans sorry for the oversimplified statement it was for the peewees around here.

  99. kimbo vs. arvloski….no andrei would KO him in 30 secs…….kimbo rematch with petruzelli…..no seth is a nobody and losing 2 him again would only make kimbo retire……kimbo vs. tim sylvia…..hell no tim sylvia’s last lost was against king fedor not seth “the silverback”petruzelli…..but kimbo vs. tito ortiz now thats 2 overrated fighters trying 2 get back 2 the top i would rather watch that fight then anyother kimbo fight

  100. Kimbo Slice is a joke! Just because he’s a big black dude fighting in the ghetto doesn’t mean he can fight! He scares the little white kids online but he don’t scare the real fighters in MMA!

  101. Once again, the White Man keeping a brother down..!!

    Good job!

    The pink hair was the best touch.

    Kimbo-Limbo got owned by someone with pink hair. Tell that to your homies on the street..HAHA

  102. it looked like he got stunned. kimbo was throwing a hard full power body blow and moving toward seth, but seth hit him with a good right first. kimbo’s head did indeed jolt -especially from the side view. anyway it was enough to stun him. seth didnt give more than a 1/2 sec to kimbo to recover.

    shamrock will fight kimbo if kimbo wins he’ll get a rematch with seth

  103. most of the following punches were grazing or off the mark but one in the middle was solid and another near the end.

  104. There was a lot of talk of Brock Lesnar getting a rematch with Frank Mir in the immediate aftermath of his loss. That died down. Fighting Seth again would just be a waste of time. I agree with the poster above, Kimbo needs to take on the Randlemans and Colemans of the UFC. A couple of wins there would put him on a higher standing.

    What’s the word on Kimbo’s next fight? He needs to move on from Shamrock and Petruzelli

  105. Kimbo Slice is a disrespectful lout and he got just what he was asking for! He got beat down just like the no skill animal he is! As far as people meeting him out side the ring, what are you crazy! The ring is the best place for all too see Kimbo is a looser with a loud mouth! Go home kimbo you don’t belong among skilled men in any MMA event. Go box where fighters bite ears, shout obscenities and act like the scum they are!

  106. F*$# all you people out there. I’m the real deal. Get at me on myspace if any of you would ever throw down and think you could take on a true N$99@. I laught at you people who think I’m nothing but a joke. Look at my track record in street fighting. And last night was unexpected so I didn’t even prepare to fight that cat. You all don’t understand a thing about fighting period.

  107. slice is not a skilled fighter yet, and at his age by the time he is , if he made it to the top it would be for a short time, why did shamrock not fight, seth is a karate full contact grand champion, kimbo does well against fighters that would try to throw with him, shamrock was the best fighter for kimbo now, seth whipped him i think brock would be a good fight if kimbo could keep him standing up but brock would beat him handlely on the ground, nothing good for elite can come from this , i believe they will gone within a year

  108. I don’t understand all of the Kimbo haters. He’s only had about a year of professional training and is taking on guys that have years of professional experience. People should be impressed with what he’s accomplished for being self-taught.

    As for Petruzelli, I think people got caught up in the excitement and ignored the fact Petruzelli landed a solid illegal blow to the back of Kimbo’s head when he went down. If it wasn’t for that blow, Kimbo may have been able to recover.

    A lot of people question whether MMA is a real sport. I want to see it succeed. If illegal blows are allowed, it’s nothing more than a street fight. Fact is, if Kimbo wants to be a professional fighter, he shouldn’t have taken this fight. There’s a reason fighters have a training camp. They train for a specific style and fighter. Ken is known for his ground game, I’m sure Kimbo has spent the last 8+ weeks focusing on improving his ground game. Having to fight a karate specialist on national tv last minute, in the “professional” sport of MMA, was wrong. I think CBS was nervous to lose their main event pay day and sacraficed professionlism for greed.

  109. obviously most of you have never been in a cage, that first jab was landed perfectly anyone on here who says they could take it, shouldnt be chatting online but getting in the cage. one of my friends actually trained with petruzelli in orlando and he is a crazy mfer. kimbo is a joke though

  110. hmm kimbo making a comment on this site wtf
    better go to the drawing board and stop posting comments
    If you are that good why did you accept to take a fight with a wash up fighters like ken , tank and bo
    seth was not that good anyway .
    you better keep on trainning

    I can belive you have time to loose like that
    go take some jiujit-su class

  111. you know im glad he lost becuz i dont really like him as a mma fighter hes a street thug turned pro mma fighter this is a game for thugs if he goes and trains for real he might be ok but other then that ha ha

  112. you are all haters it was fixed fight no way shamrock woulda been out for a minor cut on his eye and u dont only get a little cut like tht from a headbutt your whole eye will be messed up. All these people have been training since they were kids and kimbo started mma training only like 2 years ago and has won fights so all of you shut your mouths cuz kimbo was pumped for shamrock then somebody thts never truely has been heard of comes in clearly kimbo dosent know what to do against this guy he hasent trained for it… we all know it was fixed and dana white had something to do with it.

  113. you are all haters it was fixed fight no way shamrock woulda been out for a minor cut on his eye and u dont only get a little cut like tht from a headbutt your whole eye will be messed up. All these people have been training since they were kids and kimbo started mma training only like 2 years ago and has won fights so all of you shut your mouths cuz kimbo was pumped for shamrock then somebody thts never truely has been heard of comes in clearly kimbo dosent know what to do against this guy he hasent trained for it… we all know it was fixed and dana white had something to do with it.

  114. first off, kimbo sucks and should go back to workin wit bang bros. second, bas rutten should take kimbo to kfc and leave him there. and third, besides benji raddich, gina carano, and andrei arlovski, that show was terrible. elite xc is a joke. did you see there champion jake shields’ ground and pound? i slap my gf in the face with my **** harder..

  115. ok im glad im never on this site cause all you guys are idiots….first off…SHAMROCK DIDNT B*TCH out you morons. The athletic comission didnt clear him to fight I dont know if you kimbo nut huggers know ne thing about real fighting or you just like to watch his lame backyard brawls vs nobodys but in REAL fights theres REAL doctors and if you have a bad cut with stitches in it they can not clear you to fight which is exactly what happend. As for the fight being fixed…WHY IN THE WORLD WOULD THE COMPANY FIX A FIGHT THATS NOT GOING TO BENEFIT THEM YOU IDIOTS. I swear to god all of you kimbo lovers i wana smack you all your all idiots.

  116. sjp925 do u realize tht elitexc just hosted the biggest upset of the year of course they will fix it if its gunna create alot of hype cuz kimbo is elite xc’s poster boy

  117. shamrock was fighting like a wosy and got a lucky hit in… look at him he tries to kick him and misses, and then kinda punches him… lousy way to win and a lousy way to loose

  118. there is way to many kimbo fans on this site its unreal. carl above me doesnt even realize that shamrock wasnt even fighting kimbo jesus. Is there ne body here with me that realizes that seth one this fight fair and square and that kimbo is not a good fighter like somebody help me out here.

  119. kimbo was never tested in mma before. he is only a street brawler and should stay there. every hitter has a chance to win any fight. it’s called striker’s chance. so for those of you talking **** on bas rutten’s training you’re completely stupid. his training has nothing to do with kimbo getting hit with a quick jab and getting stunned. ken would have beat kimbo anyways.

  120. i agree that seth won his fight fair and square and yes he deserved his win but thts not fair to kimbo who has been training on the ground and for submissions for the last while for his fight against shamrock and then all of a sudden he is put up against a fighter with good striking ability its not fair the fight should have just been rescheduled

  121. I’m not exactly a Kimbo fan, but I’m not gonna hate on the man. Lol! All these posts about “ghetto” and “affirmative action” and all these sly racist remarks. LMAO!! LMAO FOR REAL I CAN BARELY TYPE! This is so damn TYPICAL and so damn FUNNY and soooooo damn KKKowrdly! Lol! How many of you so-called MMA “warriors” would be willing to go head up like a man, no weapons,friends,law enforcement with Kimbo on a Saturday night in a Wal-Mart parking lot? You’re happy the man lost right? That “uppity” big black buck got his, right? But how many of you are the same guys that walk around the mall in “Tap Out” shirts, knowing that you’re praying nobody steps to you? Lol! How many of you just a YEAR ago were on youtube on this man’s JOCK? Now that he’s lost, it’s something else. Hell, tell me one top MMA guy who HASN’T lost at least ONE fight? Hell even one of my heroes Rickson Gracie’s record is in question. Now how many of you “warriors” would be willing to step in a cage with THAT man. As for who would have one between Kimbo and Ken. I can’t say Ken would’ve won or lost. When was the last time he actually had a VICTORY? When was the last time he wasn’t helping Mr. Ortiz feel good about his own skills. Ken has a lot to offer. Just NOT as a FIGHTER anymore. But I still respect him as I respect Kimbo,Seth and anybvody who has the courage to step through that gate or through those ropes. I don’t kick a man when he’s down. No matter who he is.

  122. first off seth petruzelli is pretty seasoned he is not just some nobody hes got some pretty impressive fights under his belt like Prides Bob Sapp, UFC’s Dan Severn and Matt Hamill
    who is doing great in the UFC right now, and as for illegal shot to the back of the head, if you watch the slow mo recap vids that 1 shot to the back of the head was glancing it was the right cross that did it. Kimbo looked like he barely caught himself before hitting the ground. And i highly doubt
    Ken Shamrock ducked out the Kimbo fight seeing as how he fought Tito again knowing damn good and well Tito was gonna whoop his ass. Doctors can deem someone unable to fight even with small face cuts if it looks like it will open up. I don’t think this fight really means any thing for either fighter except that Kimbo needs alot more training to become a great fighter (which im sure he will train more and harder and come back stronger) and that Seth has a pretty mean right hand

  123. Damn, Kimbo Lost! In the 1st Round to a ***** ass jab, o’well! i guess what goes around comes around. o yeah that fight was fixed Kimbo didn’t even swing. u can tell slice was mad before the fight because he had to throw it. lets b real. now

  124. The problem wasn’t the fight being rigged. The problem is they forgot to rig the fight. Maybe Kimbo had a puncher’s chance, but nothing more. He was out of his league, he’s still entry level to MMA, let along professional MMA.

  125. Kimbo threw his weight into his punch and Seth started to throw one. It connected to Kimbo’s left eye. NO GLASS JAW HERE. He was cut buy it, eye got bloodied from it, didn’t defend himself. You can claim he threw the fight or it was fixed, but he did not protect himself from the punches which forces a ref to stop fights due to the safety of the fighter. Oh and also, Shamrock didn’t duck the fight. He had a previous laceration above his left eye that was opened up again during training. It happens, but again the safety commission cannot allow people to fight with major wounds as such. There are rules to this sport to keep it legal.

  126. I think no one’s giving that seth guy enough credit. He did fight in the ufc which i would think has to mean something. Kimbo is for sure an incomplete fighter but there is worse people to lose to than seth.

  127. If you look at that its a combination of the front push kick and the punch that brought him down. if It wasnt for the kick aswell he would have just been stunned on his feet for a couple of seconds, but once he went down he just tried to keep gettin up without covering up at all , poor defence . Everything about his performance was wrong. He reaches in for his punch with no defence at all leaning foreward presenting his chin. Basically i reckon he thought this guy would be easy because of the size differnce and also he looks like a weak poof with that hair, and in doing so he resorted back to his boat yard days where he could just unload with zero defence, and in doing so paid the price. Maybe he thinks its ***** to cover up on the ground but its allot better than getting KOed so next time he must learn he cant just try and get up like that while someones waitin there to smash ya head in. Im a fan of kimbo but not a massive fan of his mma ability so dont write me off as a brainwashed kimbo fan who thinks hes the best fighter around when i say i think there will be a rematch and this time kimbo will take his time and not rush in presenting his chin and he will smash Petruzzelli to bits.

  128. god people on here are stupid. 1. Shamrock didnt whuss out. 2. IT wasnt ******* fixed. 3. people that say kimbo shouldnt fight because he is a street fighter should get serous. OVer Half of the best UFC fighters are former ****** street fighters they just didnt have the great idea of filming em and putting em on youtube. Chuck LIddel has stated many times about the street fights he had growing up , So has Rampage, So has BJ Penn so stop with that ****. Kimbos fights on youtube actaully had rules it was bare knuckle boxing anyways not street fighting , much safer and less thuggy when its organized like that.

  129. PETRUZELLI is no chump as Slice found out fairly quick. Kimbo is still a rookie in the MMA world and needs more training but this won’t kill his career, it will only help him. Now he can settle down and train and only get better. We believe Kimbo advanced to fast and would have been embarrassed even more by Shamrock. I bet Ken was shaking his head in disgust after seeing this! Slice is not in the same league… YET. He is a skilled fighter no doubt but will need much more training to ever win against a proven fighter. We saw a great example of that last night.


  130. Dam Kimbo…. I thought i was gonna see a Liddel vs Evans fight and see Petruzelli’s head go flying across the ring..But **** happens and everyone knows you are human just like the rest of us.

  131. Kimbo… an elite fighter/Legend (with many years of experience) that strictly fights for money.. and out of the no where shamrock got “injured” for fight preperation. And some pink headed loser comes in his place basically out of no where to fight slice. If you noticed… Kimbo Slice came into the ring with a disappointed *yet sad* look on his face acting like he somewhat knew what was gonna happen. Kimbo runs up to Seth, throws a blunt punch and gets hit in the jaw fairly hard with a padded fist. Kimbo falls and starts to act like he is trying to recover… Seth continuously hits Slice on the head, until the referee pulls Seth off of Slice. *This all happening in a arounious amount of time ” 14 seconds”. And Slice walks away with the same face he entered with. I believe that Seth fixed it -_-.

  132. It is funny that no one, including the ref pointed out that he hit Kimbo in the back of the head after the jab that put him down, which is an illegal blow. Aside from that if Shamrock didn’t show it should have been a canceled fight, or forfeit on his behalf since that were his scheduled opponent.
    Aside from that you cant really call someone with an 11-4 record a nobody. He has proven his worth on over half of his fights. And for anyone who talks **** on behalf of either fighter, I’m pretty sure you’d get your face torn of pretty quickly.


  134. EVERYBODY STOP!!!!!

    look, if kimbo was got KO’d because he was training for Ken, then, who was Seth training for? Kimbo is an underground “legend” especially for his knockouts. What, 8 weeks of training ground made him forget how to knock people out or defend himself?

    And Seth is actually good fighter. Look at his record before you guys post. Kimbo is getting what is comming to him finally. Any educated person who trains themselves and who has been following MMA for a while knows that Kimbo is just a hype. They are using Kimbo to convert internet video watchers to watching MMA. When kimbo fights again (against somebody decent) he will loose again and finally he will go back to the backyards and internet videos.

  135. I think everyone here needs to becareful of what they say,because anyone who believes that that fight wasnt fixed,they are idiots….
    think about it ,it wasnt shame that allowed kimbo to avoid the camera after interview. he has nothing to say because he dont wanna get questioned about if he threw fight…
    yall have seen the videos and if you watch nendo917 video on you tube.. and it is in slow motion and you can see that he clearly didnt throw anything that shoudlhave caused kimbo to fall and even his following punches didnt have any power behind it, the video showed me kimbo as a fake actor.. if we are going to beleive anything we can beleive that kimbo is a failed actorrather than a defeated fighter. and if you dont beleieve just stay tuned as a rematch will follow and now that this lil white guy stuposedly beat kimbo. now everyone is going to think that they have what it takes to beat him, and this is exactly what the media wants you to think , as this event will bring more people who will say i can beat kimbo…
    i wont be that idiot,, kimbo is a beast, before this fixed debatchale every fighter was scared to face kimbo,and this hurts his availability of opponents,but now he has lost to someone he wasnt supposed to fight anyway.. oooo
    think about it if a 16 year old beat kimbo every wanna be fighter would think they had a chance…

  136. everybody clap it up for big rob for being another idiot kimbo nut hugger. dumbest quote out of all the posts right here from him… “before this fixed debatchale every fighter was scared to face kimbo,and this hurts his availability of opponents,but now he has lost to someone he wasnt supposed to fight anyway” you think people are ducking kimbo??? frank shamrock just said he would whoop his ass fighters have been on youtube dying to fight him. Look at jeff monson hes an amazing mma fighter and he was dying for a shot at kimbo the people who are scared to see kimbo vs an actually decent mma fighter is elite xc they know hes not good and they know all he is a moneymaker to him and once he loses to someone else again thats probably it for kimbo unless he starts training harder and takes it more serious. if a fighters gona throw fight im pretty sure they dont say yeah ill do it just knock me out. think about it idiot….

  137. you guys dont know about mma, he was hit in the back of the head 2 times and he should of been given 5 mins to recover… and thats that… kimbo is the boss and he will be the champ very soon… this would not have happend if he was in the ufc… he would porbly be the champ right now…

  138. kimbo never was suppose to win that fight against that alien ear guy!! that was truly fixed and sad for that alien ear guy cuz he won the fight but the elite xc cant prevent a loss on kimbo this time cuz he got knocked the f**k out!!! hahaha curla!!!!!

  139. A thrown fight on a “gymnastics floor mat” with weak punches. Its like a pillow fight at a pajama party. Kimbo lost before it even started, notice the post media hype and his reluctance to interview. Put mixed martial artist and street fighters in a real setting and level the playing field.

  140. tell kimbo to listen to his coaches a bit more and be a fighter and not a brawler!! u can be tough on the streets but in the mma its a whole different neighborhood and all the guys aint scared, they are there to fight not look tough!! just fight!! man if kimbo had a 5 min rest time for a hit in the back you already know elite xc is helping kimbo out just like is help from that ref in that fight with the guy with the big alienated ear and the way premature ref stopage or when the ref didnt stop the fight when kimbo was being pounded out. its true elite doesnt want they true superstar to go down in flames but u cant prevent someone from getting knocked the fu*k out. haha kimbo curla!!!!

  141. Don’t fighters get a chance to recovery? The punches stunned him but the ref had to put all his weight on kimbo to keep Kimbo down. The announcers are calling the fight on the first punch. Did kimbo tap? I’ve seen guys being pounded for longer. Seth is a ****** who was given the fight so kimbo would seem beatable. 1 loss and his career is over? yeah right There are so called greats with 3+ losses. How many of you would fight kimbo? thought so

  142. man i dont know what i was thinking one thing is fighting thugs in the street that are high on weed all day but this is another level….im retiring as off today….

  143. Ha it was about time slice got sliced. Like Chuck Liddell said he was no real fighter. What? he beat up people on the street and old fighters like Tank Abbott? How does that give anybody a name in MMA. He’s actually an embarrassment to the sport. The only future he has is in the backyards. Good luck with your future Limbo Slice.

  144. what a dissapointment…me in the other hand im the god of martial arts i can use planet earth like a soccer ball if i wanted to muahahahaha

  145. alot of of ppl say i hit kimbo in the back of the head illegaly,maybe i did so what! ill hit you in the back of your spine and swing a metal bat to your kidneys so what is worst?

  146. The announcer called it the biggest upset in MMA history? Gimme a break! Anyone who follows MMA knows that Seth Petrazelli is a decent fighter with heavy hands & 7 KOs. If someone like that connects, he can KO ANYONE! Thats MMA. That being said, Kimbo IS an overhyped spectical. Just when MMA is starting to get respect as a legit sport, CBS & Elite, (intheir search for $$) have succeeded in making a farce of it.

  147. A lot of you people are either uneducated or just idiots when it comes to MMA. Maybe you should learn a bit about what you’re talking about first. Its not ALWAYS the hardest punch that KOs people, Its WHERE it lands! If you really think that was fixed, you’re IDIOTS. Take you’re “consperacy thoeries” elsewhere. Seth “caught” him…. plain & simple…. It happens to everyone. It doesnt necessarly mean Kimbo is finished, only time will tell.

  148. So, what are all you nay sayers gonna say after the rematch. If you step in the ring…EVERYBODY takes a chance of getting beat! This was Kimbo’s night…that’s all. Not taking anything away from Seth…he did what he was suppose to do, and, was the better man that night. ANYONE that’s ever been in the ring understands that…wouldn’t be saying silly s–t like the league was finished, Kimbo’s a fraud, etc. If he still has it in him (and my bet is that he does), Kimbo will be in a different mindset for the rematch completely…he’ll go back to what got him where he was.

  149. He clearly was kicked in the groin by a low blow..Petruzelli tagged him ( out of the 14-15 shots he attempted to hit Kimbo with) 2 or 3 times with no substantial finishing punch/kick. This is what you call an industry sham/scam—-a fixed fight for viewing pleasure….Simple people—knock the big dog off in the least painful and obvious way—-hype the comeback up beyond belief—-then sell the pitch to the public…..Marketing genius!!!

  150. all of yall shutup kimbo got his *** beat end of story it wasent his night i mean come on what about rampage jackson he lost to forest griffen nobody said nothin everybody got there losses last night was kimbo go to youtube.com and go to kimbo slice yall gone see how beasti he is so check that mother *******

  151. It looks to me like he kicked him in the nuts first. Then Kimbo went down. Is that legal? If I had to fight Kimbo, I’d certainly aim for the nuts too.

  152. Ok a few things

    1) Kimbo is no fighter, say what you will about Bas Rutten training him, but he has only been in the sport for a little while now. Besides maybe connecting with a powerful punch, he has very little technique or skill against other trained fighters.

    2) Kimbo was hit fair and square, be it in the chin or in the eye. If you view his other fights, (underground fight with that cop, or against Alien Ear) you’ll see that once kimbo is on the ground, he DOES NOT protect himself.

    3) For those of you who claim that this was “rigged”, this was the last contract event with CBS and they desperately needed to prove that they have staying power. I don’t think making your prized fighter take a dive is a smart business move. The promotion is hinging on Kimbo being an unstoppable beast.

    4) I find the Ken Shamrock situation a little suspect. Especially since he did not sit in the audience. To conspire for a moment, Part of me thinks that Ken was approached to take a dive, and Ken being a proud fighter would not do it. Ken has class, but not much fighting power anymore.

    5) Seth Petruzelli is a half decent fighter. If you watch what Seth was doing, I’m sure he was instructed to keep Kimbo at a distance with leg kicks, knowing he would charge like a bull. It was a great strategy, it forced Kimbo to lead his head forward to connect on the punch, and subsequently showed he beautiful face. The jab was by no means a power shot, but it stunned him, and the rest is history.

    6) I give EliteXC some credit. A few of the fights were UFC quality in entertainment at least. The skill level… well that is another story. The Benji Radach Match was exciting. Carano & Co. are proving that UFC should seriously consider putting women in the mix ( although Mr. Dana White is vehemently opposed) and the Arlovski fight was pretty decent. Kimbo fight was awesome for the fact that I was rooting for Kimbo to lose. The bubble needed to burst.

    7) As happy as I was for Kimbo to get KOed and quickly too, I also feel bad for the guy. He is trying to make due with what has been given to him. Much like Sarah Palin is, she isn’t qualified for the job, but it’s not her fault she was picked.

  153. What now Kimbo? Have to give Seth credit… he cut a bunch of weight thinking he was fighting someone else…. He said he walks around on the street at 233 and he cut to 205. They threw him in the ring with Kimbo.. Thinking there would be no way Seth would win. LMAO ELITE XC AND YOUR PRIDE AND JOY….. Kimbo is a poor sport *****. Doesn’t tap gloves at the start and no respect after he loses a fight. Gives no respect to his opponents! Also in the press conferences he was talking down to Ken Shammrock and he is pioneer in MMA and has been with the sport a very long time… Get the **** out of MMA you disrespectful piece of ****. He is some dumb ass street thug with a huge ego. This will totally hurt his career… Probably even his street rep. Everyone will want to fight Kimbo now. Kimbo’s days are numbered in MMA. **** Bas Rutten should get some self respect and walk away from him.
    Dana White is probably laughing his ass off. He knows Elite XC is going downhill. At least we will never see this disrespectful embarrassment to MMA in UFC.

  154. kimbo who? it s one thing to fight on the street, in back yards, or in alleys. this is MMA. nobody in MMA is a joke. these guys train for years to get where they are. this joke kimbo slice comes out on some stupid back yard brawl on you-tube and people think he can hang. this is even worst then when brock lesnar made his UFC debute and tapped out and some how he still won the fight. i know he s old but it s a good thing kimbo “peach” slice didn t fight shamrock cause he would have been on the mat looking up trying to figure out how to defend a ground and pound from the godfather of MMA.

  155. thank you mike p at least somebody on here is smart. how are people saying seth was scared of kimbo hes fought much tougher bigger stronger scarier opponents then kimbo. he fought freaking bob sapp in k-1 gimme a break he wasnt scared. I congragulate seth he did a good job and finally proved a point that kimbo is not some unstoppable monster.


  157. Elite XC is a joke, so is Afliction, unless you fight in the UFC you are a nobody. Affliction’s first pay per view was a joke, and so was this one.

  158. every body thats ever been somebody has been beet at some point in there career this night was kimbos , he will be back i can see it in him, he loves this stuff

  159. @ retard Muhamud Ali above, that’s the dumbest comment I’ve ever read in my entire life. Go back to punjab land a find yourself a clue. Kimbo has never made 500 grand for a fight and never will.. They wouldn’t pay that loser more than $5000 for one fight. You are the looser my hairy friend.

  160. All you people that think he took a dive are ******* stupid.. Give me a break. Kimbo brings in alot of fans. They didn’t think some white guy that cut a 30 pounds to fight a different guy would win. Elite XC ****** up… Thats the bottom line.

  161. Kimbo is ghetto trash and not a professional at all. He tried to look hard and not shake hands before the fight, and then got put on his face. He was so stunned he tried to take down the ref. I guess he has a beard to cushion his glass chin but it apparently doesn’t work.

  162. He big guy, Kimbo Slice. He know whoopie fart big time fighter. Seth he got no class, ’cause he beat Kimbo, not wait to get punch in the face like a man. Kimbo no baby, he big guy, cry like little girl, Seth-boy.

  163. Keeembo … what the matter? Seth little pokie right hand slap beeach knock you down, okay? Get up and fight like a dog, not like baby girl, oh my. He no fighter, he big fart-man, farting acroos the beach and back to mama’s lap.

  164. yo anyone that rags on kimbo for losing 1 fight in his just beginning pro career is a moron.
    its not un-natural for him to go down, he leaned in on a punch and then when he went down petruzelli gives him a hammer punch to the back of the head. and barely any of his shots while kimbo was on the floor connected. and the ref just stopped the fight.

    that doesnt make kimbo a bad fighter or make him “Weak jawed” cause the shot that brought him down was to the temple/eyebrow area. people just talk **** cause they dont have enough balls to fight themselves.

    not taking away from seth, guy has skill and power aswell, and hes quick with the hits, you gotta be to knock a dude the size of kimbo down. so all in all, the fight woulda been amazing if it was longer, i think a rematch on that fight would be amazing to watch. and for sure wouldnt go down the same as the last one.

  165. Honestly, if you genuinely believe that CBS would jeopardize competing with the UFC by allowing EliteXC to have Kimbo take a dive, you’re nuts. There is absolutely no reason why fixing a fight would benefit the organization. After Kimbo’s fight with James Thompson (which was clearly fixed in order to let Kimbo win), why would they want their headliner to be perceived as a bad fighter? It’s painful to watch EliteXC events because of the terrible fighter quality and knowing that Kimbo is easily beatable only makes MMA fans avoid watching. I can tell you that I’ll never watch EliteXC again because I feel that it’s shameful that such a poor organization gets as much exposure as they do.

    Seriously though, to say that Kimbo was told to take a dive is a moronic comment. Just think about it…

  166. Also, those of you who are defending Kimbo by saying “you’ze r ****** an id lyke to see u get into da ring wit kimbo. u wuldnt cuz ur a ***** n he’d mess u up”, obviously Kimbo would crush all of us but he’s supposed to be an elite athlete and he’s clearly not.

    Why are so many of the commenters here so dumb?

  167. JC-Right about that one hammer fist (that alone justifies a subsequent rematch), but after seeing him rush in like a dummy without blocking as if invincible, I was just eager to see a quick downfall, well deserved in terms of that fight itself. Not career wise though, its not his fault they fed him, a guy new to the mma game, to the wolves and gave him main even status after 1 showing, I honestly would have loved to see this guy come up the ranks a not as rushed pace like everybody else and also I believe purists would have respected him more for that. Idk wtf happened, he should have stuck with that boxing stance with his hands up inside tight like he usually had in his street fights even though this is mma, it would’ve made all the difference.

  168. Kimbo was not knocked out at first. if you watch he falls from the extended leg tripping him along with the short jab. If he was knocked out why did he catch himself?
    He goes down to all fours and gets a hammer fist to the back of the head That is the hit that knocked him out…a illegal hit.
    Once the hammer blow lands he is unable to recover. you can see him catch himself after falling…a knocked out fighter does not do that. he is barely down when he receives a massive hit to the back of his head.
    But hey, I’m still saying he lost. Was it a legitimate kill..not really, it looked as lucky as George St Pierre getting knocked out by a 20-1 underdog. I’m still a Kimbo fan and I still want to watch to see if there is someone who I believe truly knocks the Big-Dawg down.
    By the way taking a blow to the back of the head is illegal because of the serious damage it can do to the brain. hopefully Kimbo does not get the knock-out syndrome that poor Chuck has been suffering from.

  169. Jack be nimble,
    jack be quick,
    Kimbo got his ass kicked.

    Petruzelli is a bad ass!! I look forward to seeing more of him!!

    Kimbo didn’t/doesn’t deserve to be MMA, because he is only a thug street-fighter….. On the same page, Brock Lesner doesn’t deserve to fight Randy Couture!!!! I hope Randy ***** this choreographed, ballerina/wrestling meathead up!! Otherwise, I think the UFC is going to look pretty lame!!!

  170. lol buddy from above he got stunned from the hit which means he never got knocked out but almost and he was lost in space and didnt know wat was going on and he never hit him directly behind the head and they werent that hard of a shot either he just was lost in space due to lack of experience when u get knocked down like that he never even attempted to protect himself and the trainner and kimbo said him self that the shot that stunned him so shut up kimbo lover he has a glass jaw and thats all there is to say and he is a chump and always will be and if he faces anouther top fighter hopefully the same thing happens to show u kimbo lovers that he just a street bumm that should go back to fighting for scraps.

  171. also if the shot to the back of the head happened why didnt the reff stop it and warn petru hmmm which will happen if it did happen and the camera angle there was u cant see for sure if he hits the back of the head but in fact it was the ear or temple so quit trying to protect your glass jaw bumm.and also this guy wasnt even suppose to face kimbo that night so he went in there with no prior notice or trianing to get rdy for this big fight and kimbo was working his ass off so just right there proves


  173. Kimbo was never a fighter to begin with, he fought nobody bouncers who have zero fight experience as you can see from those pathetic street fighting videos. I thought James Thompson would prove that he was a nothing fighter, but either way Kimbo got his 15 minutes of fame and he will never set foot inside a UFC octagon with real fighters.

  174. Man that was the weakest KO ive ever saw in my entire life, and that was the weakest jaw iv ever saw too…..
    U KNOW WHY?………

  175. That fight was set up Kimbo is da man he knows how to fight yall r just haters…THEY PAID THE FIGHT OFF!!!!!!! He didnt get knocked out he was tryin to get up and the ref was on top of him its a set up

  176. Dude Kimbo didnt even get hit that hard Ive seen Kimbo get hit harder then that and not go down. I still think Kimbo is one of the best fighters out there.And I would love to see a rematch with these two but Seth doesnt want to and I know why bc he is scared it was luck pure luck. and i think if kimbo could have another rematch he would kill him…. Keep it up slice!!! prove all these mother ******* wrong.

  177. dude i dont care what any of you haters say kimbo is still a bad ass this is his what 5th fight in the ring it takes time to adapt from back yards to rings besides not a single person talng **** would even last a round with that big mother ****** hate to say it but its true.

  178. That white dude is afraid of Kimbo you can see it. He run away and when hi win you can see that hi don’t understand that hi got Kimbo hi jump lake a lilte girl. That was not a fight that prove that Kimbo can’t handling that white kid. That guy was lucky.

  179. Aye you win some you lose some but i bet there isnt any body on this page thats talking all dis bull about kimbo that can beat him…. TEAM KIMBO STAND UP ALL HATERS KILL YA SELF STR8 LIKE DAT

  180. Man kimbo got knock out ok. When you get punch by a well train fighter even though it look light jab on tv. It like getting hit by a sled hammer.

  181. Kimbo is the sh** he’s out there just tryin to get money and thats what he is doing. He might have lost that fight but you know he got paid and thats why everyone hates on him. he’s not the best but if he keeps training he’ll be up at the top. Anyone can get caught by a jab and go down, but not everyone can get back up and start talkin about the after party right away…….HE LOVES THAT PEOPLE HATE CAUSE IT MAKES HIM MORE MONEY …… so go buy tickets to his next fight or just watch him on T.V. so you can see him get his a** kicked cause all that is doing is making him more money .. C.R.E.A.M

    peace out haters

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