7 thoughts on “KJ Noons Vs. Nick Diaz EliteXC Video”

  1. were you watching the same fight big e? nick diaz was getting worked he couldnt take noons down and he was getting beat standing up its cool to be a fan but damn being a stupid fan just sucks

  2. Noons is no slouch but he was spending energy with those hard hits, him taken down in the end alluded to the fact as well. Diaz landed some shots of his own that peppering style he always does which always add up telling from his other fights. More heavy strikes and having to deal with takedown d and KJ would’ve gassed and\or been more susceptible to a sub. Its good they stripped him of the title for not giving Diaz a rematch, especially after a cut win, what a little *****. Thought it sucked since it won’t let Diaz get his rematch and title legitimately, but who gives a **** about that scared little *****. If he were confident, he wouldn’t have been afraid of it and just taken care of business.

  3. they should make this fight happen regardless!!! Noon ‘s stop and think …….what do you have to lose now?? nothing !!they already took your belt!!!now man up! dont let them take you pride!!!

    THE SET UP!!!!!
    209 TILL I DIE!!

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