Legendary Fighters In Muay Thai


Ramon “The Diamond” Dekkers


Dutchman Ramon Dekkers is probably one of the best known European Thai boxers of all time and the first foreigner to be awarded a prize “Muay Thai Fighter of the Year” in Thailand. He has faced in the fights against the best Muay Thai fighters, including Coban, against whom Dekkers fought twice, first time Coban e knocked out in the first round, the next match between the two, however, Coban knocked Dekkers.During his career as a Muay Thai fighter, Dekkers participated in numerous tournaments around the world, winning several championships. Known as an experienced fighter with powerful punches and kicks, with a tendency to constantly compete na their opponents, that’s what makes it one of the largest animals to Thai audiences. Dekkers is an outstanding fighter and one of the few who has won quite Muay Thai champions, including Nangpon Nongeeb Pahuyuth during World Muay Thai Championship in Holland.

Coban “The Cruncher” Lookchaomaesaithong


Coban around the world, representing Thailand in various tournaments in Muay Thai. The Cruncher won his first world title in 1985. In his 23 year career as a Muay Thai fighter, Coban has recorded more than 270 fights. His last fight took place in 2000 during the tournament Warrior’s Cup, held in California. Then Coban stand in fight against Danny Steele and won, although before this match, he has been for three years. The most difficult match of Coban is against Ramon Dekkers. They stand in the fight against each other four times, each of them recorded 2 wins and 2 losses. The Cruncher is one of the toughest Muay Thai fighters, noted for the strength and hardness of a shot with his foot. Coban may not be the most successful Muay Thai fighter of his time, but is certainly one of the most popular. He is knocking most of his opponents. This is a fighter willing to take risks.When Coban out of the ring, the crowd cheering his name, which is a sign of approval, which he won the world through the reputation of a ruthless and aggressive as their opponents fighter, chased their goals to end. Today, he is an instructor in the U.S. but maybe still capable to compete with many of today’s Muay Thai fighters.


Danny Bill


Danny Bill is a French Muay Thai fighter. His first match is made when 14 years old and at 16, Danny is a Muay Thai Champion of France in 1988. He was World Champion seven consecutive years – from 1993 to 1999, beating the best Muay Thai fighters in the world, Nokwee Devy, Pananonlek, Saimai Suk, Orono Por Muang U bon, Joel Cesar, Joe Prestia, Ramon Dekkers. Danny lost his title in 1999 by Sakmongkol.Shortly thereafter, he participated in the tournament King’s Birthday 2000 in Thailand, but lost again, this time against Kaolan Kaovichit. After that match, he retired from Muay Thai for 2 years before returning in 2003 against Aurelien Duarte. Unfortunately, during the second round, he injured his knee up and loses fight with TKO. With its slow and methodical style of play during the first few rounds, at the end of the match, Danny Bill starts to put his opponent through a bombed hit by knee. He is a favorite of many Muay Thai fans, mostly due to skill and technique in its implementation of numerous follow each other, hit by knee, which usually have disastrous consequences for his opponents.


Khaosai “The Galaxy” Wanghompu


The Galaxy is famous for hard and heavy blow with his left hand through which often earns failure and knocked out their opponents. He defended his title 19 times, with only three of them, shorten the distance. Galaxy is a national hero in his homeland of Thailand. Despite everything, however, it does not stand in the fight against one of the top fighters of his time. His best wins are over Willie ‘The Birdlegs “Jensen and later over Rafael Orono. Twin brother Khaosai, Khaokor, won the title of World Boxing Association (WBA) in category “cock”.



Pongsiri “The Rambo” Por Ruamrudee


Rambo is one of the most famous Thai Thai boxers. This is a fighter who is dealt the first to the last minute of the match. Rambo is one of the soldiers contributed to the promotion of Muay Thai, even among those not particularly big fans of the sport. He is among people who have contributed to the modernization of Lumpinni Stadium, as the audience who came to watch his fights, was too numerous for the stadium’s capacity.


Sagat “The Streetfighter” Petchyindee

Sagat Petchyindee is perhaps one of the greatest fighters that ever was born in Thailand’s history as a fighter who can not be compared with anything. In his career, Sagat has recorded more than 317 game, beating many of them and losing very little. The story of this fighter is really stunning. Sagat is a fighter, contributed significantly to the country and the history of Muay Thai.

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  1. The world muay thai champion s Jiu-Jitsu………………………….. …………………….Cosmo in blue trains with another muay thai ace Diego Sebastiao.

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