89 thoughts on “Lyoto Machida Vs. Tito Ortiz UFC 84 Video”

  1. this is exactly how i saw this fight in my head. tito getting stuffed and pot-shotted for 3 rounds to a lyoto UD. watching him win decisions is pretty entertaining though

  2. I never really liked Tito Ortiz, but the five seconds he had Machida in that triangle was much more exciting to watch than the other 14:55 of Machida running away. Whatever happened to going toe to toe?

  3. Damn Clowns….Machida didnt run! He attacked better and more often then Tito. WHat sense does it make for him to just stand stationary & wait for Tito to hit him? Standing toe-2-toe is stupid, that isnt his style so why risk getting hit with a bomb Just to not be ‘boring’!?

  4. What a bunch of idiots. Machida wasnt running away. For the laments, ITS CALLED STRATEGY. Tito couldnt over come his strategy. Tito got frustrated. Tito didnt know what to do. Tito got rocked. All Tito could do was ground clinch so he wouldnt get knocked out. Lyoto won the match, PERIOD.

  5. Tito got what he deserved. Dana White knows his fighters and set Tito up to look stupid before he let Tito leave the house. Dana knew Machida would make Tito look slow and pitiful matched up against each other. He probably also counted on Tito crying like a baby during the match because Machida wasn’t playing by Tito’s rules. “Stand there and let me hit you damnit.” But of course this is Tito we are talking about, it’s to be expected.

    Tito is a joke. He said not to long ago that he won’t go into a fight and play the points game, finish a fight to quick, or basically do what he needs to do to win every fight. He wants to look good and “Give the fans a show.” All I heard was excuses for not being very good. Tito and Ken Shamrock needs to go on the road with a Harlem Globe Trotter routine, since that’s the only person Tito can seem to beat anymore.

  6. If you don’t admire how great Machida was in the fight, you should just go into a fight where both fighters stand stationary and deliver blows to see how much each other can take until one gets knocked out. There ARE fights like this in some parts of the world but it’s just not very interesting for viewing that’s all.

    That knee to the right flank of Tito could have easily broken ribs and lacerated the liver, as you can see the shockwave and depression of the thorax after the shot. Tito has lots of guts, determination and is a worthy fighter. He was just out-gunned by a faster, smarter and technically superior opponent.

  7. I knew the fight would turn out like this, Machida is an extremely cautious, smart technical fighter. It’s like watching a chess game when you see him fight, he sets things up to go along with his rules, and plays by his strengths always. He doesnt have a size or strength advantage so he played defensively, and took shots as he saw fit.

    Hes a great technical fighter.

  8. The people who think tito should have won that fight are people who just watch fights to be entertained. Yes machida is not a very entertaining fighter, he likes to make his opponents think and it usually takes time and the action of the fight is more mental that physical. As far as i am concerned, i find it even more entertaining, there s a mental pressure during the whole fight. Machida simply won that fight because he s a better fighter and his strategy was simply better (much better)

  9. first of all i watch fights to be entertained but also understand the technial and strategy aspect of the mma fight game. but in my oppion machida is another josh coshcheck except he doesnt lay on top of you for 15 minutes for the win he runs from you and throws them long leg kicks for the win. but a win is a win machida is not a warrior he is a stratgey fighter so that just means his fights will be boring untill he steps into the octagan with the iceman ands gets knocked the hell out

  10. Machida’s strategy worked…Tito cannot do anything, instead he should ‘ve been knocked out by Machida’s knee. But salute to Tito, he fight tough… Good Fight for both !!!

  11. machida has his own style of fighting.. and his style is very effective against tito/ thats it.. running around? its his strategy.. cant you see tito can even take him down on the ground. then tito is always chasing him but he is not trying to hit him.. thats y machida did well but akmost lost to that triangle choke heheheh

  12. Ever hear of Muhammad Ali? It was his strategy too to not stand there and get punched in the face. I know, kind of a weird though to not want to get punched in the face. Machida wasn’t running. He was moving out of the way of punches, usually to deliver his own attack to Tito.

  13. Machida won the fight and he did not run. It is called “stick and move” explain to me how you can open someone up and drop them by running. Look at Tito’s face.

  14. Tito should not be on the main card. He is not in the top 25 light heavyweights. Machida did what he needed to do.

  15. The last 30 seconds of the fight was the best, so tense, I almost believed Tito made that armbar, but hey, Lyoto is just better. They both get in the cage with same condition, and they both have great respect on each other. If you are the fan of Tito you should respect his opponent as he does instead of making ridiculous claims, that’s really an insult to the fighters when they give their best shot.

  16. If you can’t tell the difference between Starnes’ and Machida’s performances, a few things become clear:

    1) You have never trained, sparred, or fought MMA.
    2) You need to stop watching all the UFC’s before 28.
    3) You own far too much tapout and affliction gear.

  17. Good thing the bell stopped Machida from winning in round one. It was more fun to watch him dismantle Ortiz over three rounds.

    There are tons of fighters who like to just press forward and trade shots; people should appreciate the variety of having a few guys who have oddball standup styles (in this case, shotokan karate) and keep every fight from looking the same.

  18. This is what mma is about, this is what it has evolved to, technique and skill. We all know how Machida fights, we’ve seen it before, and still all fighters look the same when facing him, like amateurs.

    Don’t like it, watch some Kimbo street fighting videos.

  19. This was nothing like the Starnes/Quarry fight. Machida picked Tito apart. Takedown in the first round, bell saved Tito. Switch kicks, legs kicks, etc. Body shot with the knee in the third round to drop him. Elbows from mount.

    Come on, seriously. Tito was a bloodied fighter at the end, and some of you guys think that he won? What fight were you watching?

  20. Who would agree that a fight between Machida and Anderson Silva would be great. I think Machida could make 185 or Silva could make 205 fairly easy. As far as the fight last night, Machida proved that he is at an entirly different level than Tito. The fight wasn’t even close and the triangle at the end would never happen again, it was just a shock to Loyoto as well as the rest of the world that Tito went for it. Other than that 10 seconds of offense, Tito didn’t really touch Machida.

  21. you people saying machida was pulling a kaleb starnes are ignorant morons. if you noticed MACHIDA was the only one with any offense in this fight, hes an elusive guy, sure, but no one knows how to fight him, and thats definitely not his fault. he does very impressive things, even watching him win a decision is impressive, if you cant appreciate what machida brings to the sport then you arent really an MMA fan

  22. Did anyone see the way Wanderli was running from Jardine. The Axe Murderer is washed up folks. Tito’s the man. My girlfrinds misunderstood.

  23. Ortiz is nothing more than a little gorilla with a flea-size brain. He doesn’t do anything but try and charge in without using any intelligence at all.

    Machida showed his intelligence brilliantly, putting this dog down.

  24. Machida did very well against Tito but before I say he is going to take over the 205 lb. division, I would like to see him beat a very good striker. I honestly think by looking at him he is better suited for 185 but until someone can beat him I guess he can fight wherever he wants too.

  25. Starns was cut from the UFC for the same thing I just watched both fights in split screen and they are the same fight. I guess Starns was just being smart fighter as well? he did exicute his game plan he was just being elusive. Right! A fancy word for running.

  26. James you are a fool. There is a big difference in those two fights. Tito was taken down at the end of the 1 round and Machida opened him up in the second then dropped him in the third. If Tito was a better fighter he would have cut the cago off and forced his fight but he could not do it. Tito should fight OLD MAN SHAMROCK again because he can’t beat many of today’s UFC light heavy weights.

  27. yea dana white picked someone not famous yet who’d make tito look bad.

    in my books though it shows what a great fighter tito is. for surviving (franklin couldnt neither could soko)

    sokoudjou is going to be a part of the divisions future and machida REALLY made a fool out of him.

    machida is so exiting to watch, he’s got that float like a butterfly, sting lke a bee thing – he feints a bunch of times and the opponent never knows when or what is coming and it can be a knee, hand strike ten kids of kicks, single or in combo, to the same area that he hit last time – or not.

    Tito Ortiz was on hi guard (as he had to be) and survived (once by the bell) and again by going for the triangle- he’s a survivor -congrats to him even in defeat he fought great – a future hall of famer for sure.

  28. also dana white said he lacks the drive to be number one – funny there was quite a time when he was – so what’s up with that !!!!!!!!!!

  29. anderon silva vs machida – i 2nd the motion


    any 205er page shogun forrest wandy jardine would be great at thispoint – more likely


    lindland will beat spider
    hendo has fair chances in rematch

  30. I hate sherdoggers… Machida deserves respect.
    Though I do think they should turn the octagon into a hexagon.

  31. I didn’t know that running away can cause cuts and blood to appear on your opponent’s face. Wow you guys are smart.

  32. i am a machida fan but wow that traiangle was so close…he could have just mounted lyoto and finished it there with strikes, think he was too busy with the arm,…well for tito i think he will think that it wasn’t close enough (cos he didn’t get it )…but for us it’s really surprising he did something like that and nearly finished it.respect to tito.

  33. Machida won based on octagon rules by being the more effective striker and controlling the octagon by setting the “elusive” pace. Sure he could have been the aggressor, and gotten overpowered and beaten up, but he used a survial tactic (call it what you will lol) I can respect that, but i can enjoy my beers more when im entertained. Machida may have won the fight, but did he win any fans or Joe Silvas interest in promoting him in many more main cards? No one won this bad match-up. Pride may be dead, but one thing i miss are the yellow cards.

  34. I did not know that about Loyoto and the Spider (training partners) Maybe thats why i thought it looked like a good match up. Oh well, Silva has to find a challenge somewhere, I’ve heard GSP but i think that would be nothing more than GSP going to sleep quickly. I think it’s pretty much Silva and then everyone else from 205 down. Fedor would crush him but Fedor is the badest man on the planet.

  35. One of the most boring fights I’ve ever seen in any contact sport. If Machida is the future of UFC, I guess I’m going to have to go back to underground clips of real MMA (no gouging, hooking or small joint manipulation). Simply allowing headbutts (which were legal for many years in the UFC) would stop this nonsense. LAME!

  36. lawlzers, there was nothing boring about that fight. That’s what happens when and “A” level fighter fights a “B” level fighter. If the fight was boring it would be Tito’s fault, he let Loyoto pick his shots and didn’t cut the cage off. Machida is smaller so it was smart to be elusive. It’s called talent and inteligence.

  37. Funny…. when Tito is running away from Liddell, it’s playing smart. When someone is elusive with him, he’s running away. Doesn’t matter, both losses for the idiot who got rocked too many times in this match. His defenders make excuses when he holds the cage against Rashad Evans. Now they can defend him in another league….

  38. tito’s comments was as i took it, more of a frustration then a lack of respect for lyoto’s approach. to frustrate him more lyoto hit him with a decent 1-2 right after tito dropped his hands.

    neither is naive, tito probly was frustrated as well figured it was worth a shot to get lyoto to have a lapse in being impossible ti bloody hit!

    ton of respect for both athletes. though it was incredibly fighting. the suspensful parts were great for me cause you know both guys could get deadly any millisecond- ive watched enough mma to feel that that moment is worth the wait – and that’s it’s cool if it doesnt happen (that surprise KO) in every fight.

    SOME fans would rather watch a sport where guys were strapped in harnesses so as to give direct undefended blows to the face – until blood spurt an someone gets KTFO – maybe they hould have a live pay per view of atrocities around the f’n world and you morons could watch that instead

  39. actually, tito was being very careful himself. watch it again and notice thatalthough ito moved forward it was always a a carefull distance. so in a way the reason it didnt go toe to toe (i hate that BS expression anyway) is cause tito was too smart to do that with machida. (although the dudes who just wanna see blood spurting would say tito was ‘to blame’

    AGAIN they are both A level and I’d watch any fight with either.

    machida is a fav for sure and his next fights/opponents will be great.

    tito maybe can take on some of the great free agents now – cause here is some great HW LHW talent outside the UFC as we all know.


  40. hey first of all tito is one of the best fighters to fight in the ufc. also to say crap about ken shamrock, who is also a hall of fame fighter. just goes to so that all of couch potatoes have no clue what your saying.

  41. You can`t win if you can`t touch it, if you are a american WRESTLER and you can`t takedown your opponent….I`m sorry…not once in 3 rounds!!!!!!????????? I`m SORRY!!!!!!!! NOT ONCE??!!!!!!!! Go back to the BASICS or just say out loud MACHIDA WAS BETTER AND WON.

  42. WOW!!! How could anyone complain about this fight? Awesome takedown by Machida in round1. Tito doesn’t get taken down like that often. Awesome knee in rd 3, fierce gnp by Machida, exciting near finish by Tito. And beautiful style by Machida, great to watch.

  43. Anyone who trys to say Machida ran or that it was like the Kalib fight doesn’t know anything about fighting,

  44. Better yet,..i’d rather watch the guy who wants to fight, not run….if we wanted to watch boxing, we’d watch espn friday nights…let’s see some guys fight!!

  45. Tito is a dinosaur, he shouldnt be fighting anymore… time to retire. Machida is not really very good, but he did win this fight. He would get destroyed with any good 205ers like chuck, vanderlei, griffin, etc.

  46. Hahaha, It was funny. Tito took a knee so hard,
    did that ugly face, an fell down. It was almost a pitty.

    UFC should allow kicks to down opponents, if that was allowed
    tito would get ko’ed, and lots of fights would be extreme quick
    and wild.

  47. The only way tito was still alive is because he’s good at what he does. Machida would knock the wind outta any less of a fighter. Just to say how good of a fighter Machida is. “float like a butterfly sting like a bee” is what they say

  48. Wow!!! Great Fight!!! I’m sorry, but I have to disagree with anyone who did not get blown away by the sheer technical prowess shown in that fight. No disrespect to Tito, but he got beat because he couldn’t match the speed of Machida. That fight was 5 seconds from ending in the first by a nice Lyoto Machida ground and pound. (Did you see the way he trapped that arm under his leg??? Very Matt Hughes vs. BJ Penn esque.) Please don’t try to compare Kalib Starnes to Machida. Starnes never mounted a shred of offense in that fight. Machida was constantly on the offensive. Tito never knew what was coming next or when. Some fighters are so predictable that they develop a talent for getting caught. Watch any fight with Machida, and see how the other guy just cannot figure out how to approach him. Watching Machida is like watching Andersen Silva or GSP or Yushin Okami; so much skill and tactician and beautiful technique. I understand if you like the brawling and KO’s, but it’s too bad you can’t appreciate such an amazingly skilled and technical fighter.

  49. Elusive = Running = Boring

    Sure, Machida won the fight … no doubt … and I understand his game plan. Probably the smart route to go. Unfortunately, those guys are in the UFC to entertain … NOT just win by a decision. Anyone who watches The Ultimate Fighter knows that Dana White, (as well as the fans) want guys to stand in there and FIGHT … not run. Machida should have left his skirt back in the dressing room.
    Even Daniel Russo, the Karate Kid stood in there and duked it out. Machida should be ashamed of himself. haha

  50. For those interested in tactical martial arts – very interesting and entertaining match. Machida’s karate background shows in the way he denies his opponent an “even footing” – and pays a lot of attention to distancing. Despite not appearing to be the most ferocious fighter,Machida is very formidable – and may go on undefeated for some time. Ortiz has always been a moster of a MMArtist, and he has been in some of the best matches I have ever seen. I felt he was not at his peak though – not as aggressive. I was expecting him to charge in early in the third round – but thought his attempt to go low for the leg of Machida for a takedown, was slow and ill advised – as the result of getting a nice knee in the upper body testifies. So…… Hail to the new champion Machida….. and thank Tito Ortiz for his contribution to MMA…….

  51. Como Vanderlei Silva Falou, Tito tem medo de soco na cara, ele fecha os olhos quando o adversário parte pra cima! Lyoto mais fraco q seu adversário usou a tática certa e venceu!

  52. Tito nearly beat Lyoto, what are u ppl talking about? The fight could have gone either way, from what it looked to me Tito was on his way to winning the fight.

  53. All I can say is that I’m shocked, and it’s an honor for all the martial artists out there like myself to watch “True martial artist” like Lyoto Machida unlike most UFC fighters who are “ground and pound” This is an example of why other people in the world consider UFC to have the “worst technical” fighters in it. Machida’s skills were none that I have seen in my life, people who say he was boring have no idea how one must train to become his level…. I’m simply speechless of his graceful, lightning quick, unpredictable skills, how can any martial artists out there not enjoy this fight? his skills were simply amazing if you asked me….

  54. Lyoto simply has skills. To the untrained fighter, you might think he’s a wuss, but come to think about it; he’s smart. Anyone can just beat each others heads off and the strongest guy wins, but that requires no skill at all.

    If you want to watch those kinda matches, watch the Kimbo fights. Definitely a guy with a little above average fight skills, but his super strength gives him quite an advantage.

  55. i dont see why you people hate on tito. hes been in the ufc for soo long now giving amazing fights. yeah he lost, but like he said, that isnt the last of him. p.s. lyoto is a freakin cunt

  56. Esse japa é o cara! Deu uma tunda técnica no Tito Hortiz. Contudo, acho que a luta poderia ter tido mais ação por parte do Lyoto, mas valeu a vitória.

  57. matchida didnt run he was being a smart technical fighter..But alot of fans dont watch boxing any more for the same reason..They expect to watch mma and see a slugfest..To me that was great skill an technique by matchida but not a fan friendly fight so i agree with both sides..Good fight for matchida but a bad fight for the fans..

  58. lyoto should have won that fight alot easyer im dissapointed in this fight ya lyoto showd great skill but i feel he was not agressive enough for the ufc i feel the ufc is for worriors with a mind set of being the best lyoto just wants 2 win with little actual fighting the ufc is not a tecnical stickind karate match it is a prooving ground 4 champions tito didnt have a chance

  59. You are right 110%, Crocop is not like lelidl, Crocop’s way better. Its just stupid when his comparing Crocop with Lidell, makes me mad.

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