13 thoughts on “Manny Gamburyan Vs. Rob Emerson UFC 87 Video”

  1. I thought these two were a really good match up. I tipped Emerson to win. Although i thought it was gonna last a little longer, coz Manny is pretty good on the ground. Not good enough to take Rob down tho!!! Good work Emerson :-D

  2. Manny will be back to dominate very soon. He stems from a long breed of resilient top-notch warriors– he just got caught with an unlucky second.

    Philip and Hater are obviously the reason why people use condoms– where do they grow you losers? Obviously, you’re all accidents trying to irk and annoy Manny and “his people” which is further proof that “his people” will own and dispose your species.

  3. EVERYONE knows that and even Emerson is shocked that his one-lucky hit wonder finally landed because his chances were 1/10000. It is almost similar to Matt Serra’s KO over St. Pierre. How much do you racist and useless cretins want to bet that if there was a REMATCH for this fight, that Manny would dismantle Rob Emerson?

    Armenians are superbly strong folks that have endured and surmounted over a lot and they will profoundly topple those naysayers and prove em’ wrong as they have before.

    We need like a mandatory IQ score implemented here to remove Hater and Philip and that other species from polluting the post forums with their lame idiocy. Obviously some Armenian owned them and boned their moms.

  4. Im glad manny lost he doesnt need to be in ufc.. All the dude does is sit on top of people until he gets a decision. I hate fighters like that..

  5. The thing about required IQ testing, is you would obviously still get folks on here that will, through ignorance, read racial tones in every post because they are somewhat racist themselves…I don’t think hater implied the Armenian people with “his people” comment, he meant the crew that trolls around with those guys, they act like they are “made” or something.I find it humorous myself, it does not bother me. What bothers me are the guys turning a simple post into a racial dispute. Or the other clowns, that are not even fighters, but have the nerve to say a real fighter does not deserve to be in UFC or he “sucks”…Cage potato’s should keep themselves in check.

  6. manny has wack stand up, and by the looks of it a week chin as for comin from a long line of people that have endured a lot thats complete crap, wtf does that have to do with anythin? he has great judo and is strong and the ground the end, rob is a mediocre fighter and dealt with him easily… fact!

  7. This was a rediculous fight. Manny shouldnt be in the ufc and alot of you need to learn how to complete a sentence without a gramatical error.

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