10 thoughts on “Marcus Hicks Vs. Jamie Varner WEC 35 Video”

  1. I was really pulling for Hicks in this fight; both guys did very well but Varner is really proving how much he deserves to be up in the UFC with the big boys.

  2. I was itching to see Hicks go down ever since Sergio Gomez was thrashing him and got stuck in a Guillotine. He’s a one trick pony although a very good trick. In all honesty that was a sloppy game plan in that plodding ahead into on-coming fire is not the best strategy.

  3. I think he’s talkin bout Josh rosenthal the referee. It’f their job to protect the fighters. In my opinion the ref did let hicks take more of a beating then he should. there’s a few fights i’ve seen steve mazzagati ref that i would’ve stoppped earlier then he did!!!

  4. So what if hicks is a ” one trick pony” If you think he’s the only “one trick pony” look at Liddell. He’s a one trick pony also. His one trick is to knock you out. He’s afraid to go to the ground with anyone.

  5. liddell is also a wrestler that most people dont know. y should he go to the ground and risk it when he can just knock u out

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