3 thoughts on “Masakatsu Funaki Vs. Ikuhisa Minowa Dream.6 Video”

  1. She’d be great at UFC Japan! I’ve seen rumors of froemr Pride fighters being considered for the card (Shogun, Rampage, Wanderlei). Combined with the UFC’s own growing stable of Japanese fighters (which presumably would draw hometown supporters similar to the successful UK shows), they seem to have everything else needed for a successful Asian debut. As the UFC continues its global expansion, they’ll need to expand beyond their current presentation teams. Lenne’s skills, along with those of Frank Trigg and Michael Schiavello, could really be a great asset as they broaden their fan base. With the UFC adding a Featherweight division next year, a weight class heavy with talented Asian fighters, I think the UFC Japan show could be the first of many in the region.

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