7 thoughts on “Matt Hamill Vs. Seth Petruzelli UFC Video”

  1. Fighters down syndrome? Are you ignorant? If you watch MMA or UFC at all (or watch this video) you would know he is legally deaf.

  2. Seth sure loves to start his fights with that front kick. At 09:20 Hamil messed up Seth’s eye with the seam of his glove. He slashed at him with it like a razor blade and then he just kept on doing it. Cheap, this type of fight is the reason the fighters should have to wear head gear with a face mask.

  3. If fighters wore head gear and a mask in MMA then no one would watch it at all. The American people live to see bloody fights, vicious KO’s, and technical submissions. The fact that this kid thinks that head gear should be worn is ridiculous to me because if they did wear head gear, they’d be faced with a bunch of problems with the head gear staying on, piled onto the already existing problems of the gloves and the tape issues. MMA fighters should wear head gear during their training sessions before the fight so that they don’t get cuts and have to have the fight cancelled (i.E. Ken the *** shamrock) My final thoughts are wear head gear before the fight, not during the fight, and if you want to wear head gear, be an amateur boxer.

    Fedor forever.

  4. I’m not a hater, but Kimbo ovoubisly slipped. It was a very lucky coincidence. I mean, when Kimbo was on the ground, the dude wasn’t even connecting on most of the punches. It didn’t have to be stopped IMO… But I guess he still loss the bout. Another One Bites the Dust.This Honestly shouldn’t hurt his career tho. If so, MMA is a bunch of crap and just a fad.

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