Matt Hughes Talks GSP Vs. Fitch Video

Video of Hughes discussing what he thought of the UFC 87 fight between Georges St. Pierre and Jon Fitch.

22 thoughts on “Matt Hughes Talks GSP Vs. Fitch Video”

  1. Matt Hughes seems to have a little rage in there for GSP still. “Not exciting?” … Was he REALLY AT the UFC? lol What a guy I tell ya. He was great, however his attitude now isn’t the best.

  2. LMAO Matt hughes is a jack*** left during the third round and the gsp/fight took gsp out of p4p this guy is a sour loser i bet if gsp was losing he would have stayed for the whole fight and enjoyed it after this i wish i could c gsp whoop matt one more time

  3. now matt is a stupid idiot for sayin that…he is jus pissd he cant win a fight in the UFC jus like will never be the champ again matt..your to old get over it moron!

  4. Lol he preferred the Lesnar Herring fight? He said he liked it because Lesnar is a wrestler who dominated Herring. What bout GSP? He out wrestled Fitch and made him look like a 5 year old. Also he was striking with Fitch, so I don’t see how that fight was more boring than the Lesnar fight. IMO Lesnar was boring, never trying to finish the fight. Matt Hughes is probably just saying all those negative things bout GSP because he’s mad at how badly GSP destroyed him. Out of the P4P race? Why, because Fitch has a steel chin and great recovery? GSP dominated Fitch, but I think he dominated Hughes alot worse.

  5. hughes is a joke! the guy’s career is done and he can’t stand the fact that another wrestler (fitch, who I like) got beat to a pulp by a guy who doesn’t have a wrestling pedigree. hughes is GSP ***** and wouldn’t last one round with fitch. retire matt, your the most boring fighter ever – except when you’re getting your *** kicked – that’s when I watch… and laugh!!!!!!!

  6. man this guy is total trash to be talking about a fighter like gsp who embodies the future and past of martial arts, gsp shows nothing but class to every opponent he faces, he is sometimes mentally unstable with concern to the serra but his been in good hands ever since. gsp best p4p i want to see him vs a. silva. besides brock’s fight was more boring than gsp/ i’d like to see brock face a guy like fedor and get his clock cleaned or even by kimbo lol.

  7. lol i guess it must say alot about Mat who is more entertained to see Brock Lesnar lye ontop of Heath Herring for 15 mins then watch a real mma match where we saw a great display of striking, wrestling and grappling, i really dont know what that fight could’ve been missing, or how you could walk out in the middle of the 3rd when it was such an intense atmosphere where you never knew when it was gonna end, there’s alot to admire about that fight, through GSP great display of what a real MMA fighter is, and Fitches show of tremendous heart, but in Mats case it was just made it more clear how the division evolved, and that there was a level displayed that night, in which Mat hughes is no where near

  8. I wonder if Matt deep down actually believes some of the stuff he says. GSP boring? He’s one of the most exciting fighters out there, always pushing the pace, with phenomenal athleticism and great skill in every aspect of MMA. How could that be boring? And if Hughes considers that boring, what could he possibly consider himself, being pretty one dimensional? I wonder if Matt was bored by the TWO absolute ***-whippings GSP handed him… I gotta say, Hughes comes off as a **** a lot, but there were some parts of him I had to respect. Those parts are getting smaller and smaller…

  9. What a ****. I expected Matt to say some stupid crap about GSP and sure enough he did. Not an exciting fight? GSP not in the top 5 bc of that fight? What an idiot. GSP whooped your ***!!!!

  10. Not only Matt Hughes arrogant, he is so overrated! He has virtually no standup game and he’s an incomplete mma fighter.

  11. Matt man what happened,, i loved you once, and now all i have to say is go harvest your corn bud, i mean wtf..You speak such dung i can barely understand it.. You get dominated twice by GSP but u still downplay…I understand your pride, but i don’t respect it. GSP outta the rung for p4p cuz of the Fitch fight!? That’s absolutely absurd man, GSP bloodied him up and gave him the mustard on his hotdog, including yourself, and you still talk trash… My man either step up for a fourth or damn well retire cuz your embarassing as a glorified hall of famer with your one sided style. Best outta 3, you lost, get over it…

  12. Mike Goldberg said GSP looked bigger, Hughes said the opposite.

    Only GSP and his trainers know.

    It seems like Hughes is diminishing the awesomeness of GSP. Perhaps Hughes is jealous and/or doesn’t want to acknowledge the building greatness that is GSP. GSP is treading on Hughes’ 7 time (5 time consecutive) defending Welterweight Champion.

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