12 thoughts on “Mauricio “Shogun” Rua Vs. Cyrille Diabate Pride Video”

  1. showgun is a huge bit#@h . pure loser. anyone can step on a persons face or soccar kick someone when they are on the ground. pure chesse. forrset griffen made him look like a little girl. without chesse face stomps and soccar kicks he will do nothing in the ufc. shotgun is overrated. and when he does bad in the ufc you will see that iam right

  2. iceman888 u need to shut the hell up..if u know anything about mma u would know that prior before the forest griffon fight he had not fought for 5 months..and he was sick.

  3. A well prepared Shogun would Griffin a way tougher fight.
    You can’t really say that he’s overrated from a loss, that was during the time he was getting married (No time to train). Also, he hasn’t really been the same since his injury he got against Mark Coleman. I just hope he’s back on track.

  4. That’s a very stupid thing to say it’s in the rules that you are allowed do it so, what’s your point? Shogun was hammering him even before the head kicks…

  5. iceman888 just got mad cause his bf chuck got KTFO soo hes taking out of some1 else and btw shogun fought once lol come on and he wasnt well prepared say some **** when he fight again then losses

  6. His boyfriend got KO’d. Awww how cute iceman888. As for the Shogun vs Griffin, he had a knee injury and couldn’t even do cardio. Have you seen a well prepared Shogun? He destroyed Rampage, Overeem, Arona, and Nogueira.

  7. Iceman apparently hasn’t seen Shogun fighting Kevin Randleman. Check that out soon b/c you’re comments are all over this site and you’re pretty much being disregarded now. So, either stop being an idiot or keep wasting space. Your choice.

  8. Can’t wait to have Shogun back.

    A 100% Shogun should do some serious damage in the UFC, even without his trademark super stomps.

  9. Lol I just rewatched this fight and read the comments, Iceman should change his name to I<3Shogun secretly before people keep hating on him.

  10. The fight of Shogun is purely exciting and entertaining, he really uses his brain and he really pushes hard. Hopefully he will challenge the title pretty soon.

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