Mauricio Shogun Rua vs. Forrest Griffin Fight Video UFC 134

Former light heavyweight champion of UFC, Mauricio Rua (19-5) will step into the octagon Saturday night in front of a packed Brazil HSBC Arena in Rio de Janeiro to fight Forrest Griffin (18-6 ) in a rematch of their UFC 76 event back in 2007. Griffin beat Rua by Rear Naked Choke with only fifteen seconds left in the fight after surviving a first cut of the former Pride champion in the previous meeting. Four years have passed, and the two will meet again in a confrontation that may have implications for the title image.

This is not a fight that has the same aura of their first meeting though. Griffin was still a mid-level fighter trying to force their way into the upper crust of the division when they met. He was not too technical on the feet or on the floor, and had no proof that his granite chin. Intangibles All that mattered was the size of its immense weight class and his courageous determination to succeed.



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