67 thoughts on “Michael Bisping Vs. Chris Leben UFC 89 Video”

  1. Bisping fought like a *****! Sure he fought like you would want to in a street fight, but when you are paid lots of money to entertain you should be gung ho and go out there to give it your all every time! I’m getting tired of watching these chumps just trying to survive instead of trying to win! You would think Dana White would start getting this crap straightened out, as if the bad calls weren’t enough, now we have lazy fighters!

  2. great fight . bisping was very smart . and chris leden is tuff tuff tuff . leban is bad ass i wish i had that chin lets give it up for him . bisping 30 27 all day long. happy with a weak main card. ufc you rock. mma you rock. way to go mark davis. luix cain look amazing same gos for socdujoe good card

  3. as far as im concerned as long as bisping fights in the uk they will baby his ass…..he so was not good enough to win this fight……just like he wasnt good enough to win the matt hamell fight but i guess nothing beat a good ole fashion judge suck off

  4. come on bisping wins by judging hands down . but he is a little girl net to leban . chris put his face out there showing he has no punching power . leban needs to shapin up his pin point stricking

  5. What is it with you yanks that you cant admit defeat, you have to put the winner down if he is not from the usa?? This is a hard sport, they both fought well but Bisping won it on Unanimous decision, accept it stop saying that it was because he was on home soil and shut up. He has proved himself time and time again, yes the matt hammel fight was a dodgy one but look against rashard evens, the man who took out your great Chuck!! He stood and fought and proved what a fighter he is!! Jelousy is a nasty thing!!!!

  6. Bisping ran away the whole fight. Some of you call is smart, I call it scared. If he fights in the UK and it goes to a decision he will win. He should have 2 losses (Hammel, Leben) but instead the biased judges gave him 2 wins that he didn’t earn.

  7. Bisping fights like Mayweather. Sure he won and he is good however he isnt worth 40 bucks. This is why he isnt on a pay per view card.

  8. I like’d Bisping on the show, but he does not take enough risks to be great. Forrest would beat him with heart and The Spider would just plain destroy him. If he wants to get better he needs to fight hard, this isn’t Golden Gloves…

  9. dissapointment …. leben needs to get a serious management plan — and a good manager, who can provide a good gameplan, offer some counterintel on his opponnents; and he needs to listen to the manager and execute a better plan — cannot afford to get taken in like this again, or his career will go for nothing ….turned into wasted energy and a lost fight — shame. he better get it together.

  10. Good tactical battle by Bisping, but he really needs to get in the game and not be afraid to swing some hammers. I can see why Leben was frustrated and putting his hands down at the end of rounds 2 and 3 cause Bisping was obviously afraid to get too close to him(with exception of the clinch)
    These fights remind me of why I like fighters like Wandy. Sure he doesn’t win every fight.. but man.. his are always exciting to watch.

  11. I dont care what anybody says, what you seen from Bisping was just a perfect example of a true mixed martial artist, I really cant understand peoples mentallity when it comes to fights like this, has someone gotta get ko’d and put in a coma for it to be a good fight??? Well done Bisping!!!

  12. u americans have no clue!! admit defeat the aim is to win the fight !!
    bisping outclassed leben counter punched his head off !!
    leben has an iron jaw not much chance of anyone knocking him out again
    just watch bisbing will win a title when the time is right
    and as for pavlik v hopkins ha ha and pavlik wanted calzaghe yeah right

  13. I like Bisping as a person, but he is extremely boring to watch as a fighter. He has good footwork, jabs, and leg kicks, but none of his strikes have much power.

  14. i understand if you hate bisping cause he’s pushing backward instead of forward. but i just dont understand the fact when people say bisping didnt win this one. i meant what the fact are you blind or just stupid?

  15. Come on .. how can some of you say Leben won? Bisping won every round by fighting smart and not getting in a brawl. MMA is about tactics not just running in and swinging big punches and kicks

  16. its funny that there are so many people saying bisping won this fight cause he fought smart. but when forrest griffin beat rampage by fighting smart, nobody believed forrest deserved the win
    damn hypocrites
    well i wont take anything away from bisping cause he fought well but leben is clearly the better fighter. but to be honest i think this conserved style of bisping’s might be better suited to face anderson silva rather than a chris leben style.

  17. that was such a popularity fight…….
    bisbing running away the whole time with little jabs because he knows he win in decision, exspecially when he’s in the UK

  18. Some people have no idea. The name of the game is to WIN by using the skills at your disposal.

    When the great Matt Hughes used to shoot, take people down, roll around on the floor and choke them out was that boring?

    It’s MMA not a pub fight.

  19. Bisping IS the most over rated fighter in all of the UFC and can suck my left nut he LOST that fight no doubt i watched it twice. Leben got more take downs bigger hits and held the center of the ring the hole fight. Just because Leben has more SCAR TISSUE that can be esaily cut dosnt mean Bisping was the better fighter.

    Really i dont like both of these fighters but Bisping is such a tool…

  20. All of u say Bisping was the “SMARTER FIGHTER” know nothing and should just go watch boxing or somthing ur so dumb.

    Watch the first round then ask yourself if it was judged fairly……… 30-27 U GOT TO BE F**KING KIDDING

  21. I agree with the Americans. Bisping is not a good fighter. He totally lost the Hamil fight, we all saw that, but for whatever reason he won. Then he had the gull to brag that he knew he won that fight. Terrible sport he is.. I can’t wait to see him get beat, a lot of us in the UK can’t wait. :)

  22. While I do think the judges made the right decision, Bisping does get special treatment in the UK. You cant argue with that. Just the fact alone that he is on the card EVERY SINGLE TIME that there is an event in England and usually the main event and has repeatedly won fights by close and controversial decisions proves my point. I dont think its a bad thing necessarily, because Dana White is smart and knows thats what the fans over there want to see. That doesnt mean that is a set-up for him to win. But he will get the benefit of the doubt if its close on the cards. Its home field advantage.
    Having said that I dont want to hear anymore Brits talking trash about “you yanks cant accept defeat.” First of all, this a forum for people to express their opinions and people always disagree. It’s not about where someone is from, its about what he shows in the octagon. You all need to have more respect for the country that created the UFC (not MMA, but the UFC) and realize that is you all who are biased. Maybe if your little golden boy would actually step his game up and finish fights there would be no controversy.

  23. Honestly, I loved both of the fighters in this fight but, I’d never pay for anything bisping headlined unless it was in the states. No I am not a yank but I do know good fights, Lyoto Machida is a good martial artist Michael Bisping is just a guy that fights like a sissy in his hometown and before you try to defend him let’s look at factual fights in his past any fight in the ufc TUF contests included Bisping fights ACTUAL fights as in contesting throwing great strikes and engaging the other fighter ie trying to win not just trying to survive… style fights on US soil not UK soil.

    So not to take anything away from The Count but, he fights like a fraud in the UK(then again who wants to lose infront of 10k strong?) ;]


  25. It seems to me you Americans are just very bitter about your guy losing . Bisping fought a very smart fight. Why the hell would Bisping want to stand there and trade blow for blow with one of the UFC’s toughest ( not skillfull) fighters , Anderson silva didnt even do that , he did exactly what Bisping did , kept moving and picking him off , Just Bisping doesnt have the same knock out power that Silva has.

    Fact is most fighters that lose to Leben lose because they cant handle his relentlessness , Bisping picked him apart like any boxer would there oponent or Muay Thai fighter.

    After watching that fight it proves that Leben has no skill what so ever , he litterally only has a tuff chin , and thats exactly why he had the fudge beaten out of him by Bisping………….because he actually has skill.

    Any of you that think Bisping sucks are very pathetic , hes quite clearly a very talented and were yet to see the best of him in the middleweight division. Give him Ricardo almeida or Yushin Okami, then we will see what he’s really made of.

    If you cant handle that then stop watching mma , its obviously not the sport for you if your gonna cry when your guy doesnt win.

  26. I think people easily forget what these fights are judged on. They are judged on aggression, octagon control, and of course damage.

    Obviously octagon control and aggression have to go to Leben. Leben scored more leg kicks, and also got a takedown. He didn’t land as many punches but he probably did more damage. Leben has a ton of scar tissue on his face and so he opens up easily. He stunned Bisping a couple times and Bisping literally ran away for 10 seconds or so.

    If you look at the rules of the UFC one of them is “must fight, not run away” and Bisping was definitely breaking that one.

    I would say the only aspect that Bisping won at was landing more punches. But as far as overall strikes, including leg kicks, takedowns, octagon control and aggression you must give it to Leben.

    As a side note, I have been competing in MMA for a couple years and I do know a thing or two about it, I didn’t just pick this thing up in the past month.

  27. Awesome fight, that is true MMA, whoever says its not, you should go back to watching Bodog or something, UFC is true, that is why it is where it is now, whoever paid to see that event got there moneys worth thats for sure, Bisping and Leben were both amazing in that fight, they did what they went in there to do, and I enjoy watching every second of it, good victory for Bisping.

  28. Bisping fought like a b***h. He ran the whole time. Because he fights in the UK he gets the win either way. It’s pretty much a fixed match. I’m disappointed in the UFC, taking a few pages out of boxing. Bisping should have lost to Leben and Hamil.

  29. I don’t know what you call running, but that was not running, thats what you call counter striking, If you expect him to just stand there and take blows by Leben your wrong, every fighter has there style and gameplan, and that was smart playing by Bisping, If you were in that octagon against Leben, would you honestly stand there and take shots from him, that is what you call sloppy fighting, you will last 10 seconds in the ring with Leben if you go head to head with him and take blows, that is what he does, that is how he wins fights, Bispings gameplan was obviously to let leben make the moves, and Bisping picked him apart, I have nothing against Leben I like both fighters, but Bisping had a better gameplan for that fight and thats what one him the fight, argue with me all you want, thats just my opinion on the whole thing.

  30. hahaha are you yanks blind? leben got his face smashed – or did you just ignore the all those full contact blows to his face??

    he got completely out classed by bisping

    a laugh at how pathetic you lot are when you just see only what you want to see

  31. Leban had bisping more hurt (although leban looked bloody). Bisping couldnt knock Chris out if Chris let him take a free punch on him, Oh wait, He did, like 3. Bispings a *****. Andersons gonna ***** slap him like a 2 dollar hooker gets slapped by her 75 year old transvestite pimp.

  32. I’m glad i pick this one right.
    Should’ve been a split desicion though, I don’t think it was that one sided. I’m gonna watch the fight again today, so i can study the rounds, but Bisping won the fight. Just listen to Leben @ the end. He clearly states he came there to knock Bisping out. HE DIDN’T!!
    Even Leben admitted Bisping won.
    I think some of you so called MMA fans have forgotten this isn’t boxing.There’s no knock down rule. You can’t afford to get knocked down in MMA because it can all be over in a matter of second’s.
    Liddell vs Evans anyone?
    You don’t go in the Octagon to get knocked out!

    Actually apart from that, does anyone think Brandon Vera got robbed?
    I could’ve sworn he was winning that fight!!??

  33. BISPING SUCKS i seen the white spots on his mouth but yea chris won and bisping couldent knock out a bird sleeping he would proble hide

  34. i dont think bisping was ready for the main event.. he does not deserve to even fight liben.. liben was trying to keep the game interesting during the end of the second round but, f#@% bisping.. he is so f#@$in’ boring.. Bisping fans im sorry, but he su#@@ked

  35. UFC is known for having the most-exciting fights. People pays good money to see or watch an UFC events. If i payed to see this fight. I’ll fight through H*ll and back to get my money back. Yeah!! Yeah!! Bisping won in all, but I don’t see him headlining a Main Event within the U.S. Winning is good in all, but you gotta be considered to the fans who pay good money to watch these events. We Want a Bang! for our buck.

  36. All you Bisping haters out there need to watch where Bisping & Leben go from here. I mean i can’t even remember who Leben was fighting?
    Bisping however is going from strength to strength. Bisping’s moving up the Middleweight ladder.
    The results speak for themselves.
    Leben couldn’t even win TUF after being brought back & given a second chance! Josh Coscheck ( a welterweight) sent him home!
    Bisping is a TUF winner!!
    Wake up!!

  37. First off I’m from Portland Oregon USA, where Leben is fighting from. I’m a big fan of Leben’s because of the work he’s put in to making himself sober and a better fighter. But SERIOUSLY he needs to work on his pin-point punches, More than 5 times i saw his power left hand not connect when it should have.
    GOOD FIGHT Bisping, that’s something we haven’t seen from Bisping in the past (Him Waiting). LOOK to all you Idiots and Haters out there, STFU. Both of these fighters said they loved the fight, both of them tried their best, and not all fights end in a brutal knockout.

    Leben’s looking healthier then ever fo sho.
    I love England… but the beer in Portland is better sorry.

  38. “I dont care what anybody says, what you seen from Bisping was just a perfect example of a true mixed martial artist, I really cant understand peoples mentallity when it comes to fights like this, has someone gotta get ko’d and put in a coma for it to be a good fight??? Well done Bisping!!!”

    Exactamondo! good comment from Wardimus83 on October 19th, 2008 5:19 am

  39. There’s a reason the UK UFC’s are free. Dana White knows they always have craptastic fights there. Also American’s aren’t anti all non Americans. GSP and Silva are just two non Americans whole people love to watch.

  40. i can’t believe that Bisping won, i think he fought good but not that good to win, the other guy was better he took good punches and did a good takedown. i think Chris deserved to win.

  41. For those who thought this fight was boring go back to watching your wrestling and take Leben with you. He is a predictable, slow, lazy and one-dimesional fighter. The reason some may view this fight as bad was Leben didn’t even do enough to make Bisping consider changing tactics. Lets see, this guy keeps running at me waving his arms and letting me hit him every time while he doesn’t connect. Hmmm, should I change my tactics. Nah, I will just keep hitting this guy and see if he is dumb enough to keep doing the same thing. Guess what. Leben was that dumb. MMA is about adapting to the style of others and disrupting your opponent (or fighting in other words) using skill, speed, power and prescision.Bisping won that fight easily because Leben handed it to him. I mean, if someone offers you a real easy day at work you don’t say no do you? As for people talking about running away, its called using the octagon. RC done the exact same with Tim Sylvia. IN then OUT. Bisping is not that great but Leben is awful. I thought it was a great technical fight.

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