Mike Kyle vs Marcos Rogerio de Lima Fight Video Strikeforce Heavyweight Grandprix

Round 1: Kyle stick comes first, the jab. De Lima work suggests some good leg while Kyle blows fire on the straight line. De Lima’s face well, but Kyle could be landing the more effective strikes. Kyle with a leg kick of his own. De Lima start, eaten by the vaccine now. Kyle takes to kick another leg. De Lima throws a nice left hook-right leg kick combo, scoring on Kyle. Kyle keeps his chin high, but de Lima has not found anything of significance. Kyle de Lima back with some punches, to more than one occasion, however, see de Lima hurt and then apparently recovered, while firing shots. Playing possum, perhaps? Either way, Kyle is dotting him with straight punches, blood loss with repeated jabs.

Scores the round 10-9 for Kyle

pt 2

Round 2: De Lima some leg work suggests that knocking Kyle are out of balance. Kyle sits back in throwing straight punches. De Lima keeps him honest with two hard hooks counter. De Lima’s scoring with leg kicks, while Kyle is with one of two. De Lima lands a nice kick to the midsection and then chops in Kyle left leg with another kick. Both men back and forth, fighting with a measured and technical fight. Kyle goes for the clinch and briefly de Lima comes down. It looks like de Lima gets kneed low, but Kyle takes him before he can rest from him. Kyle works a little ground and pound, then stands over him at the end of the round.

Scores the round 10-9 for Mike Kyle

Round 3: Kyle bothers de Lima first attack with a straight punch. Kyle slipped almost to the middle of the mat, de Lima had the same thing earlier … De Lima landed two nice leg kicks and then another. De Lima receives another leg to kick. Kyle’s offense is down a little and de Lima is stalking him down, landing leg beats. De Lima lands a leg kick-left combination. Kyle drops under de Lima stamp and plants him on the mat with a double-leg. A minute and a half to go and guard Kyle is on the top side of Lima. He goes on to half guard. Kyle tries to pass, does not hit for much in the way of the ground. Kyle slips into an elbow, but de Lima keeps his posture broken and will remain safe until the bell.

Scores the round 10-10

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