Mike Whitehead Vs. Mark Kerr IFL Video

Mike WhiteheadIFL – World Championship Semifinals fight video of Mike Whitehead Vs. Mark Kerr.

[youtube F2Gun0YCN9E Mike Whitehead Vs. Mark Kerr]

7 thoughts on “Mike Whitehead Vs. Mark Kerr IFL Video”

  1. what happened 2 Kerr the titan is no more. I remember him in the UFC and early Pride dude was amazing now well there isn’t a word 4 it.

  2. Kerr was on TUF.. He was coached by Matt Hughes. Kerr had his first fight and did nothing butt stand around. He lost and was kicked off. kerr the titan? Give me a break. Fat mess that has no stamina. He never was amazing and never will be.

  3. Kerr was only good when ppl didnt know what real MMa was about.. Now eveyone has to be well rounded and.. oh ya head but are now illigal, sorry Kerr

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