37 thoughts on “Mirko “Cro Cop” Filipovic Vs. Alistair Overeem Dream.6 Video”

  1. Overeem, ball-kicking cunt. He was dominating this fight, why continually stike his balls when you are dominating?! hope they find that right testicle..

  2. Mirko has to elect what he wants. UFC or no UFC. He can’t train in an octagon, fight in the ring, become champion in Japan and then return to the UFC and **** up Nogueira, Lesnar etc…

    There are many fighters out of the UFC he can fight…Overeem, Arlovski, Sylvia, Kharitonov, Fedor, and Cheick Kongo will leave the UFC at some point, too.

  3. Crocop is another chuck liddell who thinks he will knock out anyone who stands with him and thats his only plan. needs to get new trainers

  4. CroCop may of not looked good in this fight, but I think he’s slowly going to make his way back to being a top contender again. As for Overeem, Mirko should of caught him in the parking lot and gave him 5-6 nut shots for being a cunt

  5. u guys are all bull**** overeem clearly wasnt aiming for his balls that how he fights knees to the body and **** he wasnt tryin to hit cro cop in the nuts why would he do that when he is smashing the **** outta mirko

  6. Cro Cop is finished.

    Before the ball kicks he was getting manhandled like a ragdoll, which is the main point. It was just a matter of time. The Cro Cop of 5 years ago wouldn’t have gotten tossed around like that. But then again Overeem is about 30 lbs larger than he used to be, and is constantly getting better.

    Also, Cro Cop looked like a shadow of his former self, physically. What happen to his massive thighs and ripped upper body? He even has a turkey neck now.

    Time to hang it up.

    Wonder whot’s next for Overeem. I’d hate to be that fighter.

  7. Not looking too good for Crocop nowadays. He looked slower and weaker but he is not stupid so he took advantage of Overeem’s wild knees by getting out of a fight he looked like losing. Hopefully he will train harder. If not, then he should maybe considering retiring before he loses to somebody who sucks. Good job for Overeem! I’ve noticed how much he has improved in the past year

  8. “His right testicle is inside his body” Let’s cut the guy some slack here… CroCop was losing the fight for sure but he got a couple ball shots within minutes. CroCop isn’t the fighter he was a couple years ago but i wouldn’t say he’s done, he just needs some re-tooling to find new ways to release the left high-kick. Everyone has the book on CroCop so new trainers would be a good choice for him at this point.

    As for Overeem, he looks like a new fighter recently, much more mature and looks ready to fight in his prime. I see good things this next couple years for Overeem… but he needs to work on those knees in the clinch, for the sake of mankind!!!

  9. Allistair took same strategy as Kongo
    they should have a new rule by which if fighter gets kicked or kneed in the nuts then another fighter must knee him in the nuts before they continue ‘
    this is bull**** it takes a lot from a fighter
    Overeem is son of the *****

  10. Alistair has proven himself that he’s not just a nut-kicking bastard. Those knees aren’t the easiest to hit on target and he’ll come back and prove himself. The answer to all of this is simple: Cro Cop obviously has nuts that hang too damn low. Overeem and Kongo will tell you that.

  11. Mirko was wearing knee braces, all that ridiculous kicking a foot over his head against a heavy bag has weakened the ligaments in his knees which was obvious from the way Overeem just caught that left high kick on his arm and walked right through it. I would have thought Cro Cop would have been wearing ankle supports instead from the way his ankle got folded back when he got ktfo by Gonzaga. Anyway Mirko was walking around with only a slight limp the day after that happened and if he really had a ball stuck up in his belly this time and still walked out of the ring on his own that means that he was built by the same scientists who created Fedor. Now they just have to reprogram him to retaliate against cheaters who foul him by biting off their ears Mike Tyson style and gouging out their eyes out with his thumbs in the clinch.

  12. “Mirko was wearing knee braces, all that ridiculous kicking a foot over his head against a heavy bag has weakened the ligaments in his knees which was obvious from the way Overeem just caught that left high kick on his arm and walked right through it”

    Might just be me but i think that is a bit of a sweeping comment. How the **** do you know?

    I presume jet li, cung li and also tony Jaa should stop kicking high as well just in case someone times it so that they catch it.

    Have a word.

  13. Crocop will be back and better than he was in this fight. As for overeem he just tries using his size and not his brain, people awe at the ground and pound, no **** hes heavier by 30 pounds, and thats alot in mma

  14. crocop es un grande una leyenda viviente,su fisico no esta como hace un par de años,por sus cirugias que ha tenido que rehabilitarse…
    su oponente claramente queria causarle daño,no importando los medios para hacerlo…creo que un combate revancha seria lo mejor
    go mirko!!!!!!!!!!!!!! the best

  15. Omg why does Cro Cop keep getting his nuts smashed? He should drop to LHW, he just can’t hang with the new breed of heavy heavyweights.

  16. K I just watched all of DREAM 6 on HDNet and…Overeem was annihilating Cro Cop. I don’t know how iceman888 comes out and apparently doesn’t watch a fight and says it was pure garbage when it was a damn good fight up until the accident(s). Don’t get me wrong, it was garbage that it ended this way but to say the fight was garbage..and to call Shogun a piece of sh** fighter..is pretty moronic.

  17. Cro Cop is just so passive. He didn’t throw any punches, kept clinching when hes no good at it, and threw two very obvious kicks. Its like he has no aggression or spite while fight anymore. Hes just lost it. He looked slow, weak and vulnerable against oveerm. Dam, on form and in his prime he was a animal. Good luck cro cop on what ever you do next. I will be a fan as always though, just a shame and painful to see you fall so far after the OWGP 2006 in pride.

  18. Guess we’ll never know. The nutshots by overeem totally nullify his performance in this fight. no matter how dominating it seemed to be.

  19. why do tall, large black men always seem to aim for mirko’s nuts? first Kongo now Overeem. is the knee to the nuts like some ancient jungle fighting technique?

  20. painfull to see mirko unable to handle second class mma fighter… in my own opinion, the guy should retire after one or two fights… the guy was an icon for me and i want to remember the mirko of the great years!!!

  21. Overeem is a 2nd class MMA fighter? In my opinion, Overeem is top 5 in the heavy weight division in all of the world. He’s fought with the best. As for Cro cop, he’s getting old and I think he has lost passion in fighting but that is just my opinion.

  22. Why does Cro Cop always get knee’d in the nuts? Is it the only way fighters know how to beat him…like Cheik Kongo??? I guess they’re not man enough to beat him fair & square. There’s no way anyone could have won after being hit in the family jewels like that over and over.

  23. crocop had control of that fight. he was just waiting for the right timing and then it was lights out for that guy. crocop trained for a long fight and he was gonna ko him at the end

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