Mirko “Cro Cop” Filipovic Vs. Wanderlei Silva #1 Pride 20 Video

Mirko “Cro Cop” Filipovic and Wanderlei Silva go at it in their first of two fights in this PRIDE 20 – Armed and Ready video from 2002.

9 thoughts on “Mirko “Cro Cop” Filipovic Vs. Wanderlei Silva #1 Pride 20 Video”

  1. i was never a fan of wande. i’m a big fan of crocop but i think wande got this one but i thought at the second fight they had crocop destroy wande. anyway if brandon dropdown to LH cause he get **** alil bit in HW crocop might try at 205 aswell i think he’ll be alright there

  2. Thanks for the vid & thank god there was PRIDE FC!!
    That stare down was intense!
    Just for the record, THIS FIGHT IS AWESOME! (just listen to the crowd during Silva’s ground & pound.)
    Wow?, big advantage to Cro Cop with the stand up rule, when in the ropes. In fact the changes to the rule’s, seem to be focused on beating you’re oponent as opposed to just winning the fight. Probably a good thing. But, a bit weird to change the rules just so Filipovic can Debut.?
    Man, Cro Cop’s kick’s to the body were sickning!
    AXE MURDER!! All the way!!
    I cant wait to see Wanderlei Silva’s next fight in the UFC!!!

  3. Dumbass rules. Make them stand if it goes to the ropes while on the ground. Thats retarded. They should restart it on the ground in the middle of the ring.

  4. Although Seagal IS crazy as hell, in the post-fight ivierntew, Anderson Silva did actually credit him with teaching him the kick… bizarre.

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