MSNBC MMA Fight Weekly Affliction Vs. UFC Discussion Video

Video of Tiffany Simons and Mike Chiappetta discussing the July 19th showdown between Affliction Banned and UFC Fight Night 14.

MMA Fight Weekly

4 thoughts on “MSNBC MMA Fight Weekly Affliction Vs. UFC Discussion Video”

  1. dont get it, affliction card doesnt excite me at all, u have a bunch of has beens fighting each other, except for fedor.

  2. no no no its a very good card . well ok card lol. there are too many fighters now a days there needs to be compation for the ufc . and more room for people to fight. unless the ufc has fight cards every 3 weeks or so

  3. wow, ryan obviously isn’t an mma fan and a “ufc” fangirl. how can u say those are has beens, arlovski’s sitll pwning, sylvias a goon, fedor, jashbarnett?!?! he whooped randy, i mean isn’t rothwell the heavyweight champ for something else? sobral, come on belfort “fastest hands ” sobral, matt the law! this is the most stacked heavyweight card in history, and they had 3 events this weekend, dream 5, affliction, and ufc,i watched all of them, ufcs pathetic for trying to take away true mma fans and stop people from learning about whats good fighting, howeve ri did enjoy, the credur, silva, and that awesome peruvian necktie by cb

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